The following land and rights of way transfers were filed Aug. 19-27 in the Wilkes County Register of Deeds office.

Bobby Church, trustee, and Wilma Church trustee, to John Payne and Myra Reinhardt, 22.43 acres in Jobs Cabin Township.

Daniel Holbrook and Melissa Holbrook to Roger Long and Janet Long, 3.42 acres in Traphill Township.

Susan Haskett, deceased, and Joshua Haskett, executor, to Marsha Jennings and Darrell Jennings, lot five in Gail and Mae Anderson Family Division Plat.

Joseph Gardner and Dawn Gardner to Kristen Lingo and Joseph Gardner, lot 32 and part of lot 31 in Oakwoods Country Club.

Blake Family Partnership, Tommy Blake, James Blake, Gregory Blake and Gary Blake to Chesley Blake, Laura Blake, Dusty Blake and Amy Blake, 20.400 acres and right of way in Traphill Township.

James and Rebecca Blake to Kristen Blake, 6.17 acres and right of way in Traphill Township.

Kent Caudill, Jill Caudill and Zachary Caudill to Timothy Cobb and Brenda Cobb, lots A and B in map book 12, page 418 in Boomer Township.

Joshua Brown and Chelsea Brown to Teramore Development Inc., 3.162 acres on the lands of Joshua T. and Chelsea B. Brown for Teramore Development LLC, plat book 12, page 418.

Randall West, Michael West and Frances West to Dash Holdings LLC, four tracts and right of way in Boomer.

Town of Wilkesboro to Wilkes Gordon Group LLC, 34,066 square feet in Wilkesboro Township.

Effie Parker to Kutina Jordan, 21.398 acres in Antioch Township.

Steven White and Charlotte White to Canesian Theory Holdings Inc., three parcels in Elkin and Edwards townships of Wilkes and Surry counties.

Robert Shumate and Tammie Shumate to Katherine Roten, two tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Nathan Gregory to Joseph Gelet and Liudmila Gelet, 2.857 acres in Edwards Township.

Mickey Stamper and Vera Stamper to Mickey Stamper, Vera Stamper and Dean Stamper, 28.17 acres.

Mickey Stamper and Vera Stamper to Mickey Stamper, Vera Stamper and Dean Stamper, 5.084 acres.

Mickey Stamper and Vera Stamper to Mickey Stamper, Vera Stamper and Dean Stamper, 2.4 acres.

Kenetta Bailey to Jesse Hayes and Julie Hayes, two tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Matthew Andrews and Robert Andrews to Robert Perry and Vertie Perry, 10.08 acres and right of way in Reddies River Township.

Ruby Johnson to Jason Johnson, 2.23 acres in Reddies River Township.

David Triplett and Marilyn Triplett to Cassidy Mathis and Cody Mathis, two tracts in New Castle Township.

Margaret Swisher and James Swisher to Alexis Lester, 2.135 acres in Edwards Township.

Margaret Swisher and James Swisher to Ricky Myers and Sheila Myers, 4.899 acres and right of way in Edwards Township.

Margaret Swisher and James Swisher to James Lester, one acre in Edwards Township.

Gary Baucom and Anita Baucom to Larry Witt and Gayle Witt, lot eight in Cabin Cove of West Meadows subdivision and right away.

Erin Billing to Pedro Otzoy, 20,160 square feet and easement in Reddies River Township.

Martha Pierce and Sally Ward to Martha Pierce and Lewis Pierce, lots 27-30 in block one of T.W. Ferguson development.

Dash Holdings Inc. to Richard Osborne, .90 of an acre in Traphill Township.

James Brown, deceased, and Danny Brown, executor, to Danny Brown and Hannah Brown, 12.968 acres and right of way.

Shirley Ferguson to Belinda Anderson, three tracts in Beaver Creek Township.

Patricia Hall to Jacob Beall and Destiny Beall, .788 of an acre.

Amanda O’Shany to Jonathan Jarvis, 2.22 acres and water easement in Lewis Fork Township.

Johnny Brown and Vickie Brown to Bryant Church and Bobbie Church, 21.872 acres in Lewis Fork Township.

Pamela Lackey to Tony Lackey, three acres and water easement in Mulberry Township.

Douglas Coffey and Nancy Coffey to Ruben Garza and Belinda Garza, lots one to four in plat book 12, page 401 in Moravian Falls Township.

Mary Warren and Billy Warren to Josh Berman, 1.50 acres and right of way in Rock Creek Township.

Benny Weaver and Linda Weaver to Katarzyna Jakubowski and Marcin Jakubowski, lot 101 in Greenstreet Mountain Resorts R.V. Park section two.

Phillip Curry and Linda Curry to Alan Brown, 2.413 acres in Antioch Township.

Alan Brown and Sheena Brown to Jeffrey Rhoades and Janelle Rhoades, two tracts in Antioch Township.

Joseph Woods, Suzanne Woods, Sara Woods, Susan Brindle, Larry Brindle and L.A. Brindle to Dash Holdings Inc. LLC, 30 acres in Elk Township.

Zoltan Mitru and Denise Mitru to Adam Darnell and Tina Darnell, 44.511 acres, right of way, easement and water rights in Brushy Mountain Township.

Gin Thang and Biak Mawi to Juan Rodriguez, two parcels, easements and rights of way in Reddies River Township.

James Sloop to Norma Sloop, 15,000 square feet in North Wilkesboro Township.

Jason Ratliff and Angela Ratliff to William Price and Olivia Price, lot 136 in Greenstreet Mountain Resorts R.V. Park section three.

VanYperen Family LLC to Gary Sanderson, lot one and septic easement in Falcon Ridge subdivision in Moravian Falls Township.

Judy Ashley to Clarice Colburn, .591 of an acre and easement in Wilkesboro Township.

Bryant Church, William Church and Bobby Church to Johnny Brown and Vickie Brown, 9.39 acres in Lewis Fork Township.

James Anderson and Erica Anderson to Courtney Eller and Jonas Eller, 1.32 acres in Mulberry Township.

Reber Investments LLC, Dana Reber and Chris Reber to Carol Jenkins and Carolyn Jenkins, tracts nine and 10 in Deer Run subdivision phase one.

Michal Cummings to NC Country Land LLC, 33.32 acres in Edwards Township.

William Smith and Debra Smith to Nafe Family Holdings LLC, unit 2-H in Key City Condominiums.

Joseph Shepherd and Megan Brookshire-Shepherd to Meleah Daniels, 10.19 acres in New Castle Township.

William Hamilton and Emily Hamilton to Jamel Allen, 0.667 of an acre in Lewis Fork Township.

Judy Triplett to Mark Triplett, John Triplett and Matthew Triplett, three tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

Gladys Cooper, Joseph Cooper and Amy Cooper to Gladys Cooper and Joseph Cooper, lot 14 in Mimosa Park.

Ralph Broyhill and Malinda Broyhill to Mary Tucker, 2.37 acres.

Larry Greer and Evelyn Greer to Tonya Watson, two tracts.

Caroline Walker to Caleb Billings, two tracts and rights of way in Moravian Falls Township.

Shirley Williams to Charles Williams, Shelia Earp, Ricky Williams, Annette West and Janet Pardue, 26,813 square feet.

Northwest Land & Home Inc. and P&W Enterprises Inc. to Kimberly Kovach, lot 13 and part of lot 14 in Holland Woods subdivision in North Wilkesboro Township.

Victoria Murdoch to David Nance and Tammy Nance, lot 62 in block F of Fox Run subdivision in Wilkesboro Township.

Janet Crump, Janet Fowler and Janet Long to Larry Kennedy and Sarah Kennedy, 3.06 acres and right of way in Reddies River Township.

Renee Dills, Daniel Dills, Russell McLean, trustee, Trina McLean, Rita Smitty and Robert McLean to Robert McLean and Michelle Hamby, lots 78-85 in Hillcrest subdivision.

Lisa Cline and Larry Cline to Fall Creek Land & Timber, LLC, Summit Land & Timber LLC, Lisa Cline and Larry Cline, 1,159.336 acres and right of way in Jobs Cabin Township.

Stephen Lyerly and Brenda Lyerly, lot 39 in Greenstreet Mountain Resorts R.V. Park section one.

R.C. Holbrook LLC to Charles Wilson and Kelli Wilson, lots 13-15 and 34-36, G.W. Wellborn.

Landmark of Wilkes LLC to Cecil Holbrook and Patricia Holbrook, lot four in Landmark Acres.

Clint Taylor and Jennifer Taylor to Jacob Dancy, lots 87-89 in H.D. Caudill subdivision.

Douglas Marion, executor, Wilma Marion, deceased, Rebecca Marion and Michael Marion to Taylor Kolhage and Jaclyn Kolhage, two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

Gambill Aldridge, Amy Aldridge, William Aldridge and Donald Fish to Matthew Deputy, six acres in Traphill Township.

James Andrews and Rose Andrews to Joseph Kelly, Sherry Kelly and Melinda Wermuth, lot 12 and part of lot 11 in Oakwoods Country Club, section one in Wilkesboro Township.

CMH Homes Inc. to Shannon Bowlin and Michelle Bowlin, 2.96 acres and right of way in Boomer Township.

Ricky Mosley and Ramona Mosley to Jennifer Ballard, 10.05 acres and right of way in Elk Township.

Scott Waugh and Misty Waugh to Victoria Murdock, lots one and two in Victoria Jane Murdock Plat.

Kelly Black, executor, Grady Black, deceased, Ernie Black, James Greer, Meleah Greer, Kathy Gragg, Deborah Stikes and James Stikes to Kevin Cain, two tracts in Reddies River Township.

Terry Sherman and Nancy Sherman to Barbara Seamster and J.T. Seamster, lot 15 and part of lot 14 in Kensington Heights in North Wilkesboro Township.

Christie Collins and James Collins to Taylor Wyatt and Dylan Wyatt, lot 20 in Brown family lands.

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