The following land and rights of way were filed June 4-10 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Allen Presnell and Rose Presnell to Clark O’Neill, lots 78 and 79 in Greenstreet Mountain Resorts Inc. residential section, phase one, section V in Traphill Township.

Tara Shepherd to William Nast, 20,421 square feet in North Wilkesboro Township.

Sherry Michael to John Rogers and Lucia Rogers, two tracts.

Barbara Wright and Walton Wright (deceased) to Gregory Klecker and Julie Klecker, 1.44 acres in Lovelace Township.

Robert Padgett and Kelly Padgett to James Johnston and Barbara Johnston, 15.32 acres and right of way in Lovelace Township.

Deborah Avery, Roger Avery, Steve Sheets and Tracy Sheets to Steve Sheets and Tracy Sheets, lots nine to 15 in V.M. Baker subdivision on Congo Road.

Thomas Weatherwax, trustee, Phillip Weatherwax Revocable Trust and Phillip Weatherwax to Ann Weatherwax, three parcels in North Wilkesboro Township.

Allen Riddle, Michael Rocone and Dorrie Roncone to Allen Riddle, five tracts and right of way in Rock Creek Township.

George Porter and Martha Porter to Gary Porter and Gregory Porter 63.77 acres in Walnut Grove Township

Diane Buono and Elizabeth Buono to Elizabeth Harris, 4.78 acres and rights of way in Moravian Falls Township.

Elizabeth Harris to George McCarter and June McCarter, 4.78 acres and rights of way in Moravian Falls Township.

Alice Brunner to Reto Brunner, tract 17 in Range Branch, Grandview Development Corp.

Anthony Nichols and Pamela Nichols to Justin Laws, two tracts in Somers Township.

B. Lovette Family LLC to Rocket Wash Express Foothills Inc., two tracts in Reddies River Township.

Spicoli Enterprises LLC to Pedro Hernandez and Alexis Edsel, lot 14 in Edgewood Valley part one.

Faye Foster, Faye Anderson and Dewey Anderson, deceased, to Ray Church, t–stee, Michael Harless, David Boggs, trustee, and East Side Baptist Church No. 2, lot 11 in Buel Brooks subdivision.

Kevin Snyder and Amanda Snyder to Gary Huskins and Cathy Huskins, 68.113 acres and rights of way in Union Township.

David Jolley and Nancy Jolly to Patty Wolfe, three-tenths of an acre and right if way in Reddies River Township.

Michelle Wasson and Denzil Wasson to Mai Johnston, lot three in block A, section one of Windy Ridge Acres subdivision.

Andrew Tate and Haleigh Tate to David Riffey and Beren Riffey, two tracts.

Pamela Mayberry and Andrew Mayberry to Mandy Cochran, land in Wilkesboro Township.

Johnny Carroll to Kaitlin Carroll, 1.307 acres, easement and water easement in Reddies River Township.

Kenneth McDonald and Deborah McDonald to Alan Shepherd, tract 39 in Elk Horn subdivision phase three.

Cameron Pardue and Abigail Pardue to Pardue Land Holdings LLC, 11.11 acres in New Castle Township.

Norma Anderson to Cathy Roberts, lots 21-24 in block A of Green Valley Estates subdivision.

Sue McRae and Larry McRae, deceased, to Gabriel Cires, Trisha Cires, Alehandro Cires and Giancarlo Cires, 10.893 acres, easement and right of way in Jobs Cabin Township.

Regal Oaks Builders LLC to Ruben Albarracin, lot one in Regal Oaks subdivision.

Edgar Haynes and Callie Haynes, deceased, to Rebecca Nelson, lots seven to nine in Hilltop Acres subdivision.

Robert Lynn to Preston Parsons and Whitney Parsons, 5.87 acres, water easement and rights of way in Union Township.

Sharon Oxford, executor, Etta Idol, deceased, John Idol and Blenda Idol to Richard Curry, 23.91 acres and right of way.

Timothy Elledge to Michael Kerhoulas and Carolina Kerhoulas, lot one in Woodfield Pointe and right of way.

Donald Roberson and Darlene Roberson to Brenda Wood and Thomas Wood, 1.56 acres and right of way in Rock Creek Township.

Lexus Wiles to Bobby Wiles and Tammy Wiles, 1 ½ acres in Traphill Township.

Gary Staley and Sonjia Staley to Chance Freeman, lots 25-30 in Hilltop Acres subdivision.

R&J Properties Investment and Sales Inc. to Jeffrey Greeno and Samantha Greeno, lot 33 in the Farm subdivision.

Sue Hall to Jason Harrold, lot two and part of lot five in subdivision of John Willardson.

Frances Upright to Carl Upright and Anita Upright, 20.407 acres in Edwards Township.

Mary Severt to Luis Marquez, Sandra Marquez and Emanuel Marquez, lot four and water easement in Holly Acres subdivision.

George Anen and Donna Anen to Wlliam Johnston and Janice Johnston, 14.58 acres in Boomer Township.

Richard Benge to Sarah Aldridge and Vanessa Aldridge, lot 13 in block A of R.B. Adams subdivision, known as Northwood Hills.

Steve Smith, Mary Smith and Keith Smith to Leigh Carpenter, .627 of an acre in Edwards Township.

Jamie Foster and Melinda Foster to James Dimmette, one acre in Rock Creek Township.

Donald Ritch and Judy Ritch to Justin Thompson, one acre in Boomer Township.

Mark Nichols, executor, and Shelby Nichols, deceased, to Mark Nichols, Paula Bullock and Stuart Bullock, four tracts in Reddies River Township.

Colby Jaynes, Debra Jaynes, Charles Jaynes and Kathleen Jaynes to Carol Byrd and Joey Byrd, lot four in Moravian Woods subdivision.

Krystle Royal to Tanner Hardy and Elijah Thompson, one acre in Edwards Township.

Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust, LRES Corp., Compu-Link Corp. and Celink AIF to Josias Gonzalez, three tracts and rights of way in Union Township.

Boyden Melton, executor, and Faye Melton, deceased, to Chad Church and Donnelle Church, lot five in Cedar Ridge subdivision.

Johnny Lovette and Kay Lovette to Nathan Church, 9.47 acres in Union Township.

Marshall Jennings and Darrell Jennings to Jonathan Perry, one acre in Reddies River Township.

McFord LLC to Cassidy Cook, .896 of an acre n Edwards Township.

Polly Jones, administrator, and Claude Walker, deceased, to Polly Jones and Timothy Jones 1.14 acres in Wilkesboro Township.

June Harrold and Joyce Dancy to Jared Kilby and April Kilby, 17,430 square feet in Mulberry Township.

Zachary Dixon and Rachel Dixon to Hidden River MHC LLC, 20.55 acres and right of way in North Wilkesboro Township.

Todd Jordan and Chandra Jordan to Stephen Sasser and Jona Lamphier, lots 15 and 16 in block A, lot 29 and part of lot 28 in block B of Lake Hills subdivision.

Stephen Lamm and Mary Lamm to Angelia Wilson, tracts 116 and 121 in phase six of Deer Run subdivision.

Jose Espinoza and Maria Villeda to Matthew Bare and Frexcy Bare, half an acre in Mulberry Township

Carol Ireland, Kevin Quakenbush, Jennifer Quakenbush, Betty Ireland, deceased, Betty Hagar, Jenny Whttington, Jill Green, Janet Fuller, Jackie Huffman, Bradley Huffman, Jerry Howard, Karen Howard, Edith Howard, deceased and Roscoe Hagar to Luisa Holdings LLC, 45.97 acres in New Castle Township.

Jason Hudler and Tabitha Hudler to Ronnie Pinnix, .89 of an acre and sewer easement in Rock Creek Township.

Gary Walsh, deceased, Robert Greene, administrator, Rebecca Visser and Doff Visser to Curtis Walsh and Candy Kilmer-Walsh, 39.75 acres in Edwards Township.

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