The following land and rights of way transfers were filed Dec. 16 to 23.

Stephanie Kingsbury to Dean Stevens and Virginia Stevens, lots 32 and 33 and parts of lot 30 and 31 in Hillcrest Development.

Carolyn Miller to Teresa Miller, eight acres in Reddies River Township.

Tammy Miles, Randall Miles, Robin Harrelson and David Harrelson to Phillip McGlamery and Myra McGlamery, 9.98 acres and right of way in Stanton Township.

James Vernon and Brenda Vernon to Joseph Hilton and Janis Hilton, tracts 48 and 49 in phase one, section two of Leatherwood Mountains in Elk Township.

James Vernon and Brenda Vernon to Joseph Hilton and Janis Hilton, tracts 50 and 51 in phase one, section two of Leatherwood Mountains in Elk Township.

Silas Wagoner and Betty Wagoner to Jason Wagoner, 9,835 square feet in Mulberry Township.

Maurice Phillips, Alice Phillips, Thomas Phillips and Jane Phillips to Kelly Pipes, two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

Jonathan Tribble and Alison Tribble to Kay Hamby and Lori Bledsoe, two acres in Reddies River Township.

Brenda Rumple, Brendle Rumple and William Rumple to Donald Rumple and Julina, 1.78 acres in New Castle Township.

Connie Clark and Constance Clark to Larry Dix, 9.45 acres in Jobs Cabin Township.

JRDV LLC to Kenneth Wingler and Lisa Wingler, 20.048 acres, rights of way and easements in Elk Township.

Marc Surette, Mark Surette and Joseph Surette to Michael Felts and Dana Felts, 5.392 acres in Brushy Mountain Township.

Melissa Anderson to William Hamilton, 0.667 acres in Lewis Fork Township.

Kay Smith and Aaron Smith to Lisa Strickland, 11.19 acres and rights of way in Brushy Mountain Township.

Sylvia Demaio to Cynthia Thompson, lots 16 and 17 in Hickory Hill Orchards, right of way and easement.

M&M Mowing and Landscaping to Howard Felts and Margaret Felts, .96 of an acre in Walnut Grove Township.

James Faw, exec., Diane Shaw, exec., Judy Faw, exec., J.C. Faw, dec., and John Logsdon, receiver, to VP Wheelersburg, LLC, lot one in Deer Field.

Steven Holder and Amanda Holder to Patty Treadway, two tracts and right of way in Boomer Township.

CHIP Inc. to the Town of Wilkesboro, three tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Jay Eaton, tr., and William French to Barry Barroso and Ieva Barroso, 45 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Linda Wilkes to Cassandra Blackburn, lot 11 in Mining Wine Farm.

Mark Widener and Rebecca Widener to Steven Denny, seven acres in Mulberry Township.

Steven Forrest and Sandra Forrest to Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina, 97.080 acres in Brushy Mountain Township.

Jimmy Bumgarner and Helen Bumgarner to Donnie Dyer and Lisa Dyer, lots 130-133 in Mr. and Mrs. Wade Brown subdivision of Thomas Nichols tract.

Alan Alva to Matthew Winters and Amanda Winters, lots 11-13 in block 120 of Trogdon’s Map of North Wilkesboro.

Debbie Benge to Noah Randleman, 20,708 square feet in New Castle Township.

Stacey Eller to Eric Eller, .740 of an acre in Edwards Township.

Furches Family Evergreens to Town of Wilkesboro, 47.904 acres and easement in Wilkesboro Township.

Donnie Price and Pamela Price to Theodore Edwards and Lesa Edwards, lot 16 in Bar-Mil section one.

Frances Bell to Kimberly Johnson and Donna Smith, one acre in Reddies River Township.

Opal Jones to Timothy Vest and Marsha Vest, lot one in Boulder Ridge.

Lee Smith and Helen Smith to Michael Swift and Donna Swift, tract 44B in Bell Mountain section III and rights of way.

Karen Luffman, exec., and Betty Call, dec., to Stuart Call, seven tracts in Rock Creek Township.

Virginia Hayes to Teresa West, eight-tenths of an acre in Mulberry Township.

Lynn Mathis, Elaine Mathis and Derrick Mathis to Derrick Mathis, Regina Mathis, Sherri Cothren and Lane Cothren, 1.47 acres and water easement in Antioch Township.

Kevin Brown and Sheryl Brown to Joseph Barbour and Anita Barbour, lot five in block VI of Ravenwood addition.

Michael Noblett to Joshua Eller and Jodie Harrell, lots four, five and 16 in Mill Brook Acres.

Allen Bouchelle and Deborah Bouchelle to Jonathan Billodeau, one acre and rights of Way in Elk Township.

Judith Christ and Richard Christ to Charles Jones, lot 29 in Greensteet Mountain Resorts RV Park section one.

Timothy Allen and Jessica Allen to Paul Crawford and Amber Crawford, lots 34 and 35 in section II of Deer Trails.

Eric Dahlager, Stanley Dahlager and Janet Dahlger to Keith Leham and Sheila Lehman, 25.237 acres in Keith Lehman and Sheila Lehman plat.

American Advisors Group, AIF, and LRES Corp., AIF, to Robert Goss and Wanda Goss, 1.5 acres. Township not listed.

Howard Felts and Margaret Felts to M&M Mowing and Landscaping LLC, .96 of an acre in Walnut Grove Township.

Robert Harless and Joan Harless to Matthew Eller and Paula Eller, tract 10 in Gwyn Caudill Estate.

Nellie Prebor and Charles Prebor, dec., to Kevin Sentell and Anna Grace Sentell, 1.33 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Nellie Prebor and Charles Prebor, dec., to Sharon Sentell and Elaina Wyatt, 1.33 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Jonathan T. Anderson and Nancy T. Anderson to Le Thi Le, part of lot 22 in section five of Westwood Hills subdivision in Wilkesboro Township.

Jeffrey Thalin and Lisa Thalin to Ronald Williams and Jason Williams, lot 127 in Chestnut Mountain Farms.

Robert Crews to St. Paul’s Parish Episcopal Church Wilkesboro, lots 31 A-C and 31 A-D in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church grounds plat.

Brooks Stafford and Jessica Stafford to Britten Stafford and Ashley Stafford, 3.368 acres and water rights in Moravian Falls Township.

Gregory Bumgarner to Cheston Bumgarner and Summer Branch, 6.20 acres in New Castle Township.

Melissa Smith to Ian Stitt and Lisa Stitt, 30.19 acres in Boomer Township.

Christopher Roberts and Timberli Roberts to Catherine Barber Memorial Shelter, 13,511 square feet in North Wilkesboro Township.

Michael Smith and Linda Smith to John Davis and Patricia Davis, tract 62 of Majestic Mountain phase four.

Van Yperen Family LLC to Chelek LLC, two tracts, right of way and water easement in Moravian Falls and Mulberry Township.

Richard McNutt to BR Development Group LLC, lot 22 in phase one, section two of Blue Ridge Mountain Club (formerly Laurelmor) in Elk Township.

Mattie Stapp to Harold Marley and Crystal Marley, 3.086 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Billy Minton to Pamela Thomas and Scott Thomas, 10.96 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Carol Bundy to Pamela Keenen, two tracts.

Brad Minton and Tracy Minton to Michael Noblett and Kimberly McNeil, lot 21 in Serenity Bay.

Joel Sipe, Debra Sipe, Scottie Smith and Dale Smith to Neill Sipe and Laura Sipe, 13.751 acres in Neill Sipe, Joel Sipe and Scottie Smith plat.

James Diorio, Jim Diorio and Kelly Diorio to Susan Partin, tract three in Big Bend Farms in Edwards Township.

Daniel Jarvis and Amanda Jarvis to Robert Usher and Elizabeth Usher, lot 27 in Meadowland.

Jamie Cheek to Darrell Walker, .988 of an acre in Traphill Township.

Wayne Curry and Shirley Curry to David Kolenda, 4 ½ acres and spring rights in Lovelace Township.

Michael Reinhardt to Kravar Properties LLC, tract 236 in Deer Run phase 17.

Constance Walsh, Charles Walsh and Carolyn Wheeling to Spencer Church and Hannah Eastridge, lots six and seven in C.T. Doughton Farm.

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