The Traphill Fire Department’s 50th anniversary will be observed on Oct. 8. T-shirts celebrating this are being sold on pre-order basis only for $20 each.

Go to the fire department’s Facebook page or send an email to or to order a t-shirt. Include sizes, number of shirts, and contact information for pickup purposes.

The following programs are coming up at Stone Mountain State Park:

• join a ranger at the backpacking parking lot at 2:30 p.m. Friday to learn about basic camping equipment needed in designated backcountry areas;

• join a ranger at the visitor center at 3 p.m. Saturday to learn about inexpensive plastic soft bait options for trout;

• join a ranger at the visitor center at 3 p.m. Sunday to learn about crankbaits for trout and smallmouth bass.

Enjoy good mountain music at the Traphill Branch Library from 1-3 p.m. Saturday. Fishing poles, jigsaw puzzles, ukuleles and even a bird watching kit can be checked out from the library.

Get well wishes go to Betty Ball, who was in the hospital recently.

Condolences go to the family of Rosa Winebarger. She died Sept 15. She was the mother of Dean Winebarger.

Happy birthday to Aaron Francis, Sept 19; Michelle Norman White and Tommy Sparks, Sept 20; Susie Finger and Penny H. Pruitt, Sept 21; Emily Johnson Roberts and Jackson Grant Wagoner, Sept. 22; Wade Lyon and Darrell Nixon, Sept. 23; Dana Hutchison Reynolds, Sept. 24; and Whitney Higgins and Linda Smithey, Sept 25.

Recent wedding anniversaries include Darlene and David Wagner, 16th on Sept. 17 and Matt & Betty Daye, 41st on Sept. 26.

James Pardue will preach at 9 a.m. at Garden Creek Baptist Church in Stone Mountain State Park.

Traphill had a low of 56 on Sept. 14 and a high of 81 on Sept. 12. There was .3 of an inch of rain Sept 11-17.

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