The Wilkes Sheriff’s Office is investigating several recent theft cases, including a large number of tools and other items worth about $18,000 reported taken from a residence on Oakley Ridge Road in the Windy Gap community.

Deputy Jonathan Laws said Albert Clement Smith reported on Sept. 10 that an enclosed trailer, lawn tractor, generator, desktop computer, three credit card machines, two tool chests, three tool boxes, two water tanks (65 gallons and 35 gallons), various power tools and hand tools, clothes and other items were stolen from a residence and a storage trailer.

Joshua Raymond Wood reported on Sept. 9 that his Husqvarna riding mower, valued at $950, was stolen from his residence on N.C. 16 South in Moravian Falls. Deputy Brandon Robinson said Wood stated that he saw the mower for sale on Facebook.

Sherri Dimmette Coe reported on Sept. 13 that her son’s 2004 Nissan Exterra, valued at $4,000, was stolen while he was in the shower. Deputy Jeremy Cardwell reported that the theft occurred at a residence on Bethany Ford Road in Hays.

Michael Earl Johnson reported on Sept. 12 that his wallet, containing $1,000 in cash and credit cards, was stolen from his residence.

Bonnie Everidge Johnson reported on Sept. 9 that she was at the Dollar General store on Rock Creek Road, North Wilkesboro, when someone stole her wallet after she left it on a store counter. The wallet contained $87 in cash.

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