Madison German

MADISON GERMAN, seen here in 2019, batted .405 with a .585 on-base percentage and three home runs for Wilkes Central her junior season.

Editor’s note: Due to the COVID-19 concerns canceling the remainder of the high school sports spring seasons, the Wilkes Journal-Patriot reached out to coaches and athletic directors to have their senior spring sports athletes to fill out this form. We’ll be recognizing spring sports seniors throughout the summer.

Name: Madison German

School: Wilkes Central High School

Sports Played: volleyball, basketball and softball

Future plans: I plan to attend a four-year university to major in nursing to hopefully one day become a neonatal intensive care nurse.

Greatest high school accomplishment: My greatest high school accomplishment is winning the first-ever Wilkes Central High School playoff game for the sport of volleyball. We made it to the second round of playoffs and in the same year, we won double-digit games, which is also a record breaker for the school.

Favorite moment playing high school sports, and why: My favorite moment playing high school sports is when I hit a home run off my best friend, Kaylin Blankenship. The thing that made this my favorite memory was not only because I hit a home run off of my best friend, but because it was my 17th birthday as well. My team sang “Happy Birthday” to me as I crossed the plate for them to congratulate me.

What advice would you give to future athletes coming up in high school sports: To future athletes coming up in high school sports, I would give them the advice to play every game like it’s your last. My senior year was taken away from me unexpectedly. I didn’t even realize the last game I played was my last. Time flies and the upcoming athletes need to enjoy every moment.

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