Dacey Triplett

DACEY TRIPLETT was a team manager and statistician for the Blackhawk baseball program during her time at West Wilkes.

Editor’s note: Due to the COVID-19 concerns canceling the high school sports spring seasons, the Wilkes Journal-Patriot reached out to coaches and athletic directors to have their senior spring sports athletes to fill out this form. We’ll be recognizing spring sports seniors throughout the summer.

Name: Dacey Danielle Triplett

School: West Wilkes High School

Sports Played: Managed Baseball and Basketball

Future plans: attending Wilkes Community College to obtain my associates in science. After that, I plan on attending Appalachian State University to major in Nutrition/Dietitian.  

Greatest high school accomplishment: Managing West Wilkes High School’s baseball and women’s basketball teams. While I’ve managed the baseball team, we have won three conference championships in a row and made it to the playoffs all three of those years. I was also a part of the first women’s basketball conference championship in West Wilkes history. I had the privilege to manage these amazing teams for four years and loved every minute of it.

My greatest high school accomplishment outside of sports would have to be winning Ms. West High. I felt extremely honored to have been named this my senior year, and it is a night I will always remember.  

Favorite moment playing high school sports, and why: This is a hard question to answer, because how can I just pick one moment out of all the amazing times I’ve had managing high school sports. There’s no way I can just pick one, but I’ll name a few of my most memorable times.

The first memory that comes to mind would have to be the game against Starmount in the 2018 baseball conference tournament. My boys had done extremely well that year and I wanted nothing more than for them to be able to bring home a conference tournament win as well.

We were playing Starmount in the tournament, and we were down in the last inning. I was sitting in the dugout on my bucket, as usual, but my nerves were shot. I didn’t want it to be over for my boys yet. I can’t remember every detail about the game, but I will always remember Zeb Wilcox’s at bat in that last inning. Zeb came up to bat with runners on. My nerves were shot, and my eyes began to tear up. Deep down though, I knew if anyone could change this game it was Zeb. He launched a ball to left field winning us the ball game. I don’t think I have ever jumped that high in my entire life. I was so happy that tears began to roll down my face. I was so excited that I accidentally stole another team’s bat, which was returned later in the tournament haha. This will be a game I will always remember. That has to be my most memorable moment, but I have more memories with these boys than I can even count, like our Sheetz runs after big wins, blaring music all the way home, and the boys being there for me at all times.

The boys proved this the most when they were there when I found out one of my best friends had died. Last year after winning the conference tournament at East Wilkes, I found out that one of my best friends, Cassie Gilbert, had died in a car accident. The boys knew the whole game, but they decided to wait to tell me.

One of my closest friends on the team broke the news to me. I was so shocked and couldn’t help but cry. The boys were my biggest support and comfort in that moment. They wouldn’t let me out of their sight and three or four of the boys offered to drive me home even though I live way out of the way. That night, I realized that I had something no other person has. I have a team of boys who I get to consider my best friends. The bond I have with them will be one I will always have and they have to be one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me.

I know that was a lot more than just one moment, but with boys as great as mine, I can’t help but to brag on them.

What advice would you give to future athletes coming up in high school sports: My advice to future high school athletes would be don’t take a single moment for granted because you never know when it could be your last. I would have never imagined I could’ve managed my last baseball game at East Surry. I was planning on managing my last game in Raleigh. These four years fly by so fast that you don’t have time to regret but only enjoy every moment.

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