Taylor Harrold

TAYLOR HARROLD, seen here against West Wilkes’ Laura Vining back in 2019, was an All-MVAC honorable mention selection for North Wilkes that season.

Editor’s note: Due to the COVID-19 concerns canceling the high school sports spring seasons, the Wilkes Journal-Patriot reached out to coaches and athletic directors to have their senior spring sports athletes to fill out this form. We’ll be recognizing spring sports seniors throughout the summer.

Name: Taylor Harrold

School: North Wilkes High School

Sports Played: Cross Country, Basketball, and Soccer

Future plans: Attend Wilkes Community College to obtain a degree in Dental Assisting, then transfer to Catawba Valley Community College to obtain a degree in Dental Hygiene.

Greatest high school accomplishment: My greatest High School accomplishment is becoming CNA and CPR certified thanks to my Nursing Fundamentals teacher Mrs. Splawn.

Favorite moment playing high school sports, and why: My favorite moment of playing high school sports is the bus rides with my friends. A lot of team bonding happens on the bus rides; we share a lot of laughs and tears but mostly love for the sports.

What advice would you give to future athletes coming up in high school sports: Always play like it is your last time touching the course, court, field or whatever it may be. Pour your heart into the sport you play. My coach once told me “you should play like you’re never going to get the opportunity again you never know when the game is going to be ripped away from you.” At the time one of my teammates was injured and we were not sure if she was going to be able to make a comeback or not. I think of these words every time I step on the court, course or field whether it is practice or a game. Since it has been taken away, this season my final season, I think about what coach said every day.

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