Leksa Billings

LEKSA BILLINGS, who had been North Wilkes’ starting goalkeeper since her freshman season, makes a save against North Stokes this past season.

Editor’s note: Due to the COVID-19 concerns canceling the high school sports spring seasons, the Wilkes Journal-Patriot reached out to coaches and athletic directors to have their senior spring sports athletes to fill out this form. We’ll be recognizing spring sports seniors throughout the summer.

Name: Leksa Billings

School: Wilkes Early College High School — for North Wilkes

Sports Played: Girls Soccer

Future plans: Attend a four-year university majoring in chemistry, more specifically in medical chemistry.

Greatest high school accomplishment: Honestly, in my opinion my greatest accomplishment was the ability to be a part of North Wilkes Lady Vikings soccer team, because it was my home away from home in the spring.

Favorite moment playing high school sports, and why: My favorite moment in high school sports was probably our last game of my sophomore season (2018 season), we were playing East Wilkes and started off scoring two goals practically right after the game started, then they caught back up, but eventually we started clicking as a team and won 6-5. After the game everyone ran up to the middle of the field, and when all was said and done, we attempted to dump the bucket of ice on (North Wilkes Head Coach Ed Martin) and he decided to turn it back on us. By far, it was my best memory on the field to end a season.

What advice would you give to future athletes coming up in high school sports: Don’t take the sport you love for granted, you don’t know when your last high school game will be, whether it ends in an injury or an emergency. As a senior, I hope to never see another athlete have to go through the horrible place all the seniors are at right now.

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