The Tabor cross country teams have experienced tremendous success to this point in their fall season.

A large reason for this success has been the coaching and training of newly hired head coach Rylan Hincher, a 2015 graduate of North Wilkes High School. Rylan is the son of Kevin and Susanne Hincher of North Wilkesboro.

Hincher is a graduate student at the college in Hillsboro, Kan.

When Hincher came to Tabor in the summer of 2019 as a graduate assistant, the men’s team had dwindled to two scholarship runners, and the women’s team was about to graduate some of their top runners after the season.

The men’s team is currently ranked third in KCAC and consists of 11 members, including seven freshmen, while the women’s team is ranked fourth and has nine runners—four of whom are newcomers.

Tabor was not Hincher’s first choice after finishing his undergraduate degree and running career in 2019 at Montreat College in North Carolina.

He hoped to find somewhere closer to home where he could pursue either athletic training or coaching, but when Tabor hired him, Hincher found himself bound for Kansas.

Hincher admits that his first year away from his family was hard, but he also points out that he has grown tremendously in his walk with Jesus and has matured greatly during his time at Tabor.

One of Hincher’s greatest coaching attributes is his recruiting ability.

When he first heard how small the men’s team was before he came, he said he remembers thinking, “I am going to have to do a lot of recruiting.”

Hincher has not disappointed in this area, as the number of Tabor’s runners nearly doubled in just over a year. Hincher is also confident that this growth will continue. For next year’s roster, he has already signed three women and is close to signing several men.

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