Top indoor honors

North Wilkes' Keaton Hincher and West Wilkes' Kennedy Collins were named the boys and girls indoor track and field athletes of the year for the 2019-20 season.

Ashe County swept the team championships at the Mountain Valley Athletic Conference indoor track and field meet, but Wilkes County swept the top individual honors this winter.

North Wilkes’ Keaton Hincher and West Wilkes’ Kennedy Collins earned the MVAC’s Boys  and Girls Athlete of the Year honors, respectively, as three of the four high schools were named to the All-MVAC first teams.

On the boys side, North Wilkes led all schools with 13 first-team selections while Wilkes Central had one first-team selection.

Seven county athletes were named to the girls first team, led by Wilkes Central’s five selections. West Wilkes had two selections.

Ashe County led the conference with 13 selections.

Note that some people are listed as both all-conference and honorable mention.

The honorees, with Wilkes players in bold, are as follows:

Boys Indoor Track and Field

Conference Champions – Ashe County

Athlete of the Year – Keaton Hincher – North Wilkes

Coach of the Year – Phil Morrison – Ashe County

All Conference

Josh Hardin – Ashe County                                                      

Terry Hayes – Wilkes Central                                                 

Ethan Pennington – Ashe County                                         

Neal Pate – Ashe County                                                        

Keshaun Tillman – North Wilkes                                          

Keaton Hincher – North Wilkes                                             

Braeden Foster – North Wilkes                                             

Dylan Baldwin – Ashe County                                                

Adam Winebarger – North Wilkes                                         

Michael Bell – North Wilkes                                                    

Trent Trivette – Ashe County                                                  

Dylan Short – Ashe County                                                      

Torin Potter – Ashe County                                                      

Jesse Farrington – North Wilkes                                              

Deandre Corpening – North Wilkes                                        

Russell Vannoy – North Wilkes                                                

Noah Farmer – Ashe County                                                    

Trent Blevins – Ashe County                                                    

Grady Rector – Ashe County                                                    

Reece Wilson – North Wilkes                                                  

Corbin McLean – North Wilkes                                               

Zane Shew – North Wilkes

Evan Sathre – North Wilkes

Cole Edwards – North Wilkes

Issac Miller – Ashe County

Josh Roten – Ashe County

Honorable Mention

Michael Bell – North Wilkes

Trenton Rhodes – East Wilkes

Bryan Francis – Wilkes Central

Joseph Cary – Ashe County

Connor Howell – Ashe County

Dylan Carpenter – Ashe County

John Church – West Wilkes

Terry Hayes – Wilkes Central

Julian Martin – Wilkes Central

Will Wolfe – Wilkes Central

Aiden Bynum – Wilkes Central

Dylan Blackburn – West Wilkes

Rodney Perez-Brasil – West Wilkes

Alexi Ramirez – West Wilkes

Brantley Duncan – West Wilkes

Kaison Wilkens – West Wilkes

William Gregory – West Wilkes

Kenneth Dvoracek – West Wilkes

Brayden Hall – West Wilkes

Brady Cothren – West Wilkes

Girls Indoor Track and Field

Conference Champions – Ashe County

Athlete of the Year – Kennedy Collins – West Wilkes

Coach of the Year – Phil Morrison – Ashe County

All Conference

Kennedy Collins – West Wilkes

Kylee Cheek – Wilkes Central                                                      

Allie Blevins – Ashe County                                                          

Maggie Powers – Ashe County                                                    

Emma Wayne – West Wilkes                                                       

Malorie Eller – Ashe County                                                         

Zoe Schell – Ashe County                                                              

Hannah Oliver – Elkin                                                                    

Melena Howell – Ashe County                                                     

Emma Durr – Ashe County                                                            

Gabriella Harmon – Ashe County

Jernee Ashley – Ashe County                                                        

Claudia Acevedo – Ashe County

Olivia Rush – Wilkes Central                                                          

Sophia Pontzer – Wilkes Central                                                   

Alyssa Barber – Wilkes Central

Malaley Cronk – Ashe County

Abby McClure – Ashe County

Jezik Martin – Ashe County

Adia McCurdy – Wilkes Central

Macie Bowlin – Ashe County                                                    

Honorable Mention

Jezik Martin – Ashe County

Emma Durr – Ashe County

Abby McClure – Ashe County

Claudia Acevedo – Ashe County

Mahaley Cronk – Ashe County

Sherry Billings – Ashe County

Olivia Rush – Wilkes Central

Charity Hutchison – North Wilkes

Reagan Jenkins – North Wilkes

Samantha Bell – North Wilkes

Taylor Wood – North Wilkes

Taylor Stamper – North Wilkes

Jernee Ashley – Ashe County

Taylor Stamper – North Wilkes

Alexi Ramires – West Wilkes

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