In what’s quickly becoming a Memorial Day weekend tradition, the racers of the Rebels and Rednecks United Mower Racing Association converged inside Worth Evan Tomlinson Rotary Park on Saturday for an exciting night of racing.

And the 14 classes of races certainly did not disappoint during the RRUMRA’s third points race of the 2019 season.

The stock class started off the evening in exciting fashion as Savannah Thomas and Daniel Richardson raced in the Kid’s Stock division. Richardson led for a majority of the race but Thomas came from behind late to capture the win.

Racing unopposed, Freddie Kendrick won the Junior Stock race.

Things took a scary turn early in the night’s third race — the Stock Twin Flathead division — when racer Nathan Guthrie flipped his mower, which eventually landed on his foot. After lying on the ground for several minutes, Wilkes County paramedics, who were on-site, were able to cart Guthrie off the track. He was diagnosed with a sprained ankle.

When action resumed, Travis Hawkins emerged victorious while Justin Hall placed second and Richard Hall placed third.

After Randy Wagoner captured the checkered flag in the Stock Single Cylinder Flathead race (Josh Loudermelk and Jaime Hall finished second and third, respectively), racing action was halted again due to a popup shower springing up in Wilkes County.

Action was delayed for almost an hour but when racing resumed, Benny Gilbert captured victory in the Stock Overhead Valve division. Jimmy Frazier placed second and Doc Hall took third.

Despite the early stoppages, the remainder of the racing went smoothly for the most part.

Greg Richardson led the way in the Modified Single Flathead race ad Wayne Belcher took second and Justin Wagoner came in third.

A trio of Wagoners occupied the top three spots in the Stock V-Twin as Justin Wagoner took the checkered flag in that division for the third-straight week. Randy Wagoner claimed second place and Jeremiah Wagoner placed third while William King finished fourth.

Just five racers participated in the Modified Overhead Valve as Pete Snow won in that division while Lisa Sayers and Russell Hall took the next two spots.

There were so many participants in the Modified Twin Flathead division that two different heats took place.

Richard Hall took the checkered flag for the first heat while Eric Ward and Justin Hall finished second and third, respectively.

Hawkins picked up his second victory of the night with a win in the second heat. Lee Draughan finished second and Justin Wagoner placed third.

Anthony Loudermilk collected his second top finish of the season in the Modified V-Twin 14-16 while Ward picked up a runner-up finish. Randy Wagoner placed third.

In the Women’s Division, Kristie Bond collected the top finish as Jaime Hall and Pam Sizemore placed second and third, respectively.

Johnny Chappell, who already had two top finishes in the Modified V Twin 18-23 prior to Saturday’s race, added his third-straight first-place finish. Dean Buck claimed second and David Holder took third place.

Russell Hall won the six-racer Legends race while Wayne Thomas came in second. Joe Sizemore took third.

Chappell followed up his Modified V-Twin victory with the checkered flag in the final race of the night — the fast-paced Open Unlimited Division. Holder finished second while Matthew Richardson took third place.

Rebels and Rednecks will return to Wilkesboro on Sept. 14 as part of the Wilkes County Agricultuiral Fair. But before then, action will resume on June 5 when racers will compete at Mount Airy Veterans Memorial Park.

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