The Wilkes Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of the theft of vehicle worth about $35,000 and other items worth about $4,800 on July 31.

The theft occurred on Cloverdale Lane in Wilkesboro and the victims were identified as Curtis A. Jarvis and Goshen Baptist Church. Reported taken were a Toyota 4-Runner, .22-caliber rifle, .22-250-caliber rifle, .280-caliber rifle, crossbow, Ruger P85, Springfield Armory Saint 5.6, 500 rounds of 9mm ammunition, diamond ring, headphones, $162 in cash and other items.

In another case, Russell Gene Faw of Gilliam Road, North Wilkesboro, on July 30 reported the theft of a 12-gauge pump shotgun worth $500.

Lisa Wells of Green Circle Drive, North Wilkesboro, on July 30 reported the theft of Apple iPhone worth $1,100.

Allison Phillips of N.C. 18 North reported to the sheriff’s office on July 28 that two 2-inch flat screen TVs, two camper batteries, camper door and copper wire worth $1,150 were stolen from her residence.

Kenneth Roten of North Wood Street, North Wilkesboro, reported on July 28 that a Honda Rancher four-wheeler, drill set and chain saw worth about $3,750 were stolen from his residence.

Leslie Stokes of Moravian Falls Mobile Home Park on Falls Road reported on July 28 that a Hi-Point semi-automatic pistol worth $300 was stolen from her residence.

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