The following land and rights of way transfers were filed Jan. 31-Feb. 5 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Christopher Royce Mathis, Karen Hutchinson Mathis, Kayla Mathis Presnell, Travis Franklin Presnell, Kelly Mathis Ward and Cody Wayne Ward to Kelly Mathis Ward and Cody Wayne Ward, two tracts in New Castle Township.

Nan A. Transou, Hal W. Transou and Mary T. Transou to Johna T. Helms, .46 of an acre. Township not listed.

Betty Poinese Curry Moore to Victoria Moore, 1.02 acres in North Wilkesboro Township.

Betty Poinese Curry Moore to Herman B. Moore III, 1-1/2 acres in North Wilkesboro  Township.

Freedom S. Littlewolf and Freedom Staying-Free to Naomi C. Johnson and Randolph A. Johnson, .54 of an acre in Reddies River Township.

Violet Cockerham Smith and David Keith Burnette to Lou Ann Farnham and Douglas Raymond Farnham Sr., lots 15-17, Hinshaw Heights, lots 98-107 inclusive. Township not listed.

Cielo Blue Ridge Inc. and USP Blue Ridge LLC to Kenneth E. Fearn and Sarah H. Fearn, five tracts, Cielo Falls. Township not listed.

Wilkes Senior Village LLC to Wilkesboro Skilled Healthcare Properties LLC, tract D, Wilkes Senior Village LLC and sewer easement. Township not listed.

Michael S. Brooks and Sparey G. Brooks to Javier Enrique Molina Umanzor, lot 10, Roscoe O. Nichols Subdivision. Township not listed.

Burdette Pulver and Myung Pulver to Andrew Plummer and Vickie Plummer, tract 48, Elk Ridge, phase two, right-of-way and well/driveway easement. Township not listed.

Mark Casstevens and Angela Casstevens to Warren Stephen Curling and Betty Alberty, lot 70, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, RV Park, section one. Township not listed.

Spanish Oaks Properties LLC to Matthew N. Merricks and Tonya T. Merricks, tract 5B, boundary survey for Spanish Oaks Properties LLC, rights-of-way and easements. Township not listed.

Kathy Carter Reece and Donald Gray Reece to Kacie Reece Sparks and Joshua Michael Sparks, three parcels. Township not listed.

Judith Shumate, Nancy A. Grimm, Carmen James (admin.) and Jimmy Roger Shumate (dec.) to Andrew L. Gaudet and Michelle I. Gaudet, lot 20, Lithia Ridge, right-of-way and sewer easement. Township not listed.

Freddie L. Gary, Loutonia Gary and Richard D. Danford Jr. to Richard Danford, lot 23, Serenity Bay. Township not listed.

Jason Spears, Karen Spears, Tracy Wagoner and Kristie Wagoner to Stephen Lee Gregory and Aubrey Brittian Wallace, lot 22, Timber Ridge. Township not listed.

Sheila Gordon, Wayne Gordon, Belinda Wendy Shew, Daniel Summers, Shane Summers, Austin Summers, Katherine Webster Summers (dec.), Hubert Bowman Webster and Billie Webster to John Summers, three tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Francis James Boehm and Mary Brown Boehm to North Carolina Lions Inc., lot 81, Sutter’s Ridge. Township not listed.

Philip Edmond Williams and Jennie Kanupp Williams to Thomas Camie Williams and Phillip Richard Williams, 7.32 acres and right-of-way, Reddies River Township.

Acumination LLC to Thomas H. McIvor, lot 109, Chestnut Mountain. Township not listed.

Kay T. Carpenter, Clayton H. Thompson and Suzanna C. Thompson to CMH  Homes Inc., lot 42-56, Forester Park and rights-of-way. Township not listed.

Danny Joe Johnson and Marilyn C. Johnson to Richard Caudill and Joan Caudill, 1.323 acres and right-of-way in Rock Creek Township.

Dawn Anita Szabo to Aidan Thomas Ellsworth, lot 14, Zinzendorf Cove of West Meadows. Township not listed.

Pat Harrold and Clint Harrold (dec.) to Richard Allen Spriggs, 1.17 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Herbert Settle to Tamara Settle Caudle, 1.1 acres. Township not listed.

Herbert Settle to Tamara Settle Caudle, five tracts. Township not listed.

Jane E. Osborne to Paul Potter Jr., 41.91 acres in Brushy Mountain Township.

Timothy B. Joines (admin.) and William Edward Center (dec.) to Melissa Rae Horton, two tracts in Lovelace Township.

Regina Lois Anderson to Andrew Curtis Mathis and Albert Uriah Mathis, 28-1/2 acres in Antioch Township.

Chad Edward Spears and Kayla Brooke Spears to Debra Anne Ward, lot six, block D, Shannon Park, part II. Township not listed.

Julie Bedsaul, Julie Renea Woodruff and Brandon Bedsaul to David Shepherd and Dana Shepherd, .880 of an acre in Traphill Township.

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