Sixteen couples applied for marriage licenses from the Wilkes Register of Deeds office July 20-24. They are:

•Benjamin Jozabad Beach, Moravian Falls and Katie Michelle Waddell, Moravian Falls;

•Zachary Robert Huffman, North Wilkesboro and Sophie Elizabeth Brinegar, North Wilkesboro;

•Starla Lynn Bentley, Purlear and Bryan Cody Sheppard, Millers Creek;

•Wendell Hoyt King, Statesville and Tammi Michelle Roberts, Statesville;

•Darren Franklin Sigmon, Millers Creek and Rachel Elizabeth Barker, Millers Creek;

•Michael Joseph Hyland, North Wilkesboro and Selina Elaine Attal, North Wilkesboro;

•Michael Cale Groce, North Wilkesboro and Amanda Dawn Rominger, North Wilkesboro;

•Bruce Allen Baugess, Wilkesboro and Libby Annette Church, Wilkesboro;

•Justin Dale Voies, North Wilkesboro and Amanda Marie Kilby, North Wilkesboro;

•Landen JamesDean Byrd, North Wilkesboro and Breanna Lynn Dancy, North Wilkesboro;

•Charles Frank Nolin Thomas, North Wilkesboro and Christin Ashley Absher, North Wilkesboro;

•Alex Grant Moretz, Millers Creek and Katelyn Hope Dice, Millers Creek;

•Dana Hartley Blankley, Hamptonville and Rebekah Joy White, King;

•Victor Olivares Alvarez, Purlear and Maria Guadalupe Ortiz-Castaneda, Purlear;

•Gregory Chase Kimbrell, North Wilkesboro and Tara Lashelle Jarvis, North Wilkesboro.

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