Thirteen couples applied for marriage licenses from the Wilkes Register of Deeds office Aug. 3-7. They are:

•Marcus Lee Douthitt, Dripping Springs, Texas and Laci Turner Clifton, Dripping Springs, Texas;

•Seth William Greenwood, Inverness, Fla. and Taisha Enid Benitez, Inverness, Fla.;

•Anthony David Reese, Clemmons and Janessa Nicole Patrick, Clemmons;

•Joseph Arnold Souther, Moravian Falls and Virginia Ruth Doss, Moravian Falls;

•Timothy Vaughn Brown, Union Grove and Kara Leigh Forester, Union Grove;

•Clayton Dean Harris, North Wilkesboro and Jennifer Elane Childers, North Wilkesboro;

•Seth James Brown, North Wilkesboro and Alexandria Grace Rhoades, North Wilkesboro;

•Anthony Gregg Foster, Jonesville and Joann Naomi Frazier, Jonesville;

•Joseph Christian Dibabbo Jr., Millers Creek and Yamile Grosz, Millers Creek;

•Joshua Allen Holder, North Wilkesboro and Brandie Jo Combs, Traphill;

•William Cody Johnson, North Wilkesboro and Christian Faith Wood, North Wilkesboro;

•Hagan Richard Shumate, Wilkesboro and Kendall Genene Faw, Wilkesboro;

•Aundrey Skyes, Boomer and Susan Kimberly Hamrick, Boomer.

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