The following land and rights of way transfers were filed Sept. 9-17 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Chad B. Walsh and Marsha Walsh to Estate of Kenneth Walsh and Kenneth Walsh (dec.), 1.61 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Larry Wagoner (admin.), Carl Dean Rose (dec.) and Dean Rose (dec.) to Dustin Rose, two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

Dustin Kyle Rose and Larry Wagoner to John Flowers, two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

Cheryl Byler and Terry Lee Sams (dec.) to Wayne O. Bouchelle and Joyce B. Bouchelle, 2.42 acres in Wilkesboro Township.

Wade Wilson and Heather Wilson to Jamie Walker, acreage and township not listed.

Spanish Oaks Properties LLC to Kenneth W. Peele and Wendy S. Peele, tract 5A, boundary survey for Spanish Oaks Properties LLC and rights-of-way. Township not listed.

Karla B. Fay and Steven R. Fay to Kimberley O’Quinn, Jason Perry O’Quinn Jr. and Kevin Haywood O’Quinn, lot 24, Laurelmor NKA Blue Ridge Mountain Club in Elk Township.

Ethel Absher Byrd, Deanna Tomlinson, Donnie Tomlinson and Richard Taylor to Matthew John Bankson and Elizabeth Ann May Bankson, 5.19 acres and water easement in Lewis Fork Township.

Barry E. Splawn and Tresa M. Splawn to Kager A. Brewer, correction to WD 1289/174, two tracts, easements and rights-of-way in Rock Creek Township.

David Bradley Ferreira and Dawn Wooten Ferreira to BHL Group LLC, tracts 42-44 and part of tracts 45-46, Mars Mountain Estates and right-of-way. Township not listed.

Geneva C. Greene and Bob R. Greene to Nancy E. Benton, 1.181 acres and right-of-way in North Wilkesboro Township.

Tim Wallace and Pamela Dawn Wallace to Wanda Laughlin, lot 10, Sleepy Ridge. Township not listed.

Carolyn Hunter Skeen and James Reid Skeen (dec.) to Larry Thomas Austin and Toni Denise Austin, lot 168, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, R.V. Park, section III. Township not listed.

Ricky Allen Hamm to Randall C. Overcash and Francis Salangsang Overcash, 39,204-square-feet in Rock Creek Township.

Tim Wallace and Pamela Dawn Wallace to James Jason Van Buskirk and Kristina N. Van Buskirk, lots 11, 13-14, Sleepy Ridge.

Joyce Miller to Randy Allen Roten and Victoria Lovette Roten, 2.26 acres in Mulberry Township.

Eddie Barnes and Leslie Barnes to Ronaldo Perez, Haley Perez and Yaneth Perez, 0.257 of an acre in North Wilkesboro Township.

Daniel K. Dills and Rene M. Dills to Mark Allen Casstevens and Angela Pettit Casstevens, lot 122, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, R.V. Park, section III.

David Dearman and Carolyn J. Dearman to David Dearman, Carolyn J.  Dearman and Tamera Dearman Newton, lot five, Sherwood Forest, section two.

J. Victor Leviner and Lucinda F. Leviner to Jennifer Ann Coble, 2.11 acres and right-of-way in Rock Creek Township.

Peggy S. Church, Bruce M. Church, Mark S. Church, Bruce M. Church Family Trust, W. Bryant Church, Bobbie R. Church, Judy D. Faw (co-exec.), Diane Faw Shaw (co-exec.), James Clayton Faw (co-exec.), J.C. Faw (dec.), J.C. Faw Restated 2006 Revocable Trust, Michael Aaron Church, Erica Newton Church, Carrie Lovette Kell, Jason Garrett Kell, J. Gary Vannoy, Sheila H. Vannoy, H.C. Colvard Jr., Brenda C. Colvard and West Park Enterprises to Cooks Inc., 6.29 acres in North Wilkesboro Township.

Ronald S. Pearson and Revocable Management Trust to Alexander Lee Davis and Misty Dawn Davis, lots 17-29, land of the W.E. Linney heirs. Township not listed.

Emma Jean Carter to Mark Casstevens and Angela Casstevens, lot four, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, R.V. Park, section I. Township not listed.

Allen Swaim and Martha Swaim to Barry F. Darnell and Mary L. Darnell, five tracts and easement in Edwards Township.

Virginia L. Johnson, Virginia C. Johnson and Darcie C. Thompson to Rio R. Bumgardner, 2.76 acres and right-of-way in Wilkesboro Township.

Sabrina Alexander, Mark Alexander, Franklin T. Alexander, John A. Pugh, Michelle Flint and Sarah L. Alexander (dec.) to Sabrina Alexander, 0.34 of an acre in North Wilkesboro Township.

Gary C. Dent and Susan F. Dent to Richard Dale Scott Jr. and Monica I. Scott, lots 21-22, Grace Point Estates. Township not listed.

James Clayton Faw and Sandra H. Faw to James C. Faw and James C. Faw Revocable Trust, two tracts in North Wilkesboro and Wilkesboro townships.

Robert Scott Fuller and Treva Lee Fuller to William Zachary Faircloth and Brinsley Morgan Stewart, three tracts and rights-of-way in Traphill Township.

Sheila Harvey and Sheila Ann Seese to Silver Stone LLC, two parcels in Wilkesboro Township.

Michael Scott Dooley and Larissa Dooley to Mitchael E. Hampton and Carol J. Barineau, 13.81 acres and easements in Moravian Falls Township.

Ace Edward Adams to Michael De La Torre and Eva De La Torre, two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

Brenda F. Hunt and Shirley A. Taylor to Dorothy M. Blackburn, lot two, Village Park, phase I.

Deborah Shepherd Martin, Ernest Pat Martin, Nicole Shepherd Wagoner, Robert Jason Wagoner, Teresa Shepherd Lankford and Rebecca Shepherd Israel to Robert Glenn Bare and Tracy W. Bare, 5.21 acres in Reddies River Township.

Kevin Francis Seisdedos to 438 Dogwood Circle LLC, lot 38, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, R.V. Park, section I. Township not listed.

Heather Blackburn-Sink, Jerry Wayne Sink and Dustin K. Blackburn to Maurice Dean Miller and Brenda K. Miller, 2.54 acres in Mulberry Township.

Joann Anderson Jarvis and William Wayne Jarvis to Susan V. Haskett, lot no. five, Gail and Mae Anderson Family Division. Township not listed.

Donald R. LeGault, Land Trust Agreement known as Trust No. 2721, Mara S. LeGault and Highlands County Property LLC to James L. Wolff, lot 131, Chestnut Mountain Farms. Township not listed.

Randall Dale Shumate and Julie Huie Shumate to Tresha Bathke, 18.34 acres and rights-of-way in Mulberry Township.

James Alton Prevette Sr., Cherryl M. Prevette, James Alton Prevette Jr. and Linda Rae Morter Prevette to Garris Farms LLC, 7 acres in Edwards Township.

Patricia A. Combs and Richard R. Foust to York & York Investments, lot 63, block E, Irongate. Township not listed.

Arnold Dirkson Ewing, Arnold Exum Ewing Living Trust, Arnold Exum Ewing, Walda Josephine K. Ewing Living Trust and Walda Josephine K. Ewing to Kenneth Alan Little and Melinda Arledge Little, lot 19, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts Inc., residential section, phase I, section II. Township not listed.

Brent Jason Minton, Brooke Minton, Brooke C. Douglas and Laura Marie MacNab to Jonathan MacNab, lot nine, Montieth Acres. Township not listed.

Raymond Anderson McDowell and Gina Albano McDowell to Darlene P. Grit and Terry B. Grit, lots 132, 134 and 136, block 3-A, T.B. Finley Park Addition.

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