The following land and rights of way transfers were filed April 26-May 2 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Wilma R. Muntz, Wes Muntz, Tammy R. Huie, Fannie M. Reece (dec.) and Wayne Reece (dec.) to Thomas Darrell Mahaffey and Carol J. Mahaffey, 8.96 acres in Somers Township.

Thomas Darrell Mahaffey and Carol J. Mahaffey to Miranda G. Mahaffey and Jody K. Royall, 1 acre in Somers Township.

Jerry Eller, Mary Darlene Eller, J. Freeman Eller (dec.) and Faye Eller (dec.) to William Shawn Staley, 10 acres in Union Township.

Carol A. Mitchell and Jerry G. Mitchell to Larry Stephen Jarvis and Margaret C. Jarvis, .27 of an acre in North Wilkesboro Township.

Andrew C. Ayers and Lyndsey B. Ayers to Robert Seibert Maier III, lot 53, Burke Mountain. Township not listed.

Philip E. Taylor and Mildred Taylor to Paul Gerard Burch and Stephanie Rice Burch, two tracts and water easement in Jobs Cabin Township.

Fred E. Harrington Jr. and Karen B. Harrington to Joshua A. Parker and Marie Parker, 15.065 acres and right-of-way in Brushy Mountain Township.

Miranda Dee Broyhill to Ethan B. Wingler, lot 54, block E, Irongate. Township not listed.

Randy D. Blankenship, Teena H. Blankenship and Decie Blankenship (dec.) to Malcolm Scott Hamby and Kimberly Dawn Hamby, 1 acre in Elk Township.

BHL Group LLC and Susan Benoit to Michael A. Colon and Elizabeth M. Canales, 10.54 acres and right-of-way in Elk Township.

Bruce Dwayne Byrd, Jane L. Byrd, Thomas Dwayne Byrd and Mary Elizabeth Crabb Byrd to David Alexander Johnson and Tammy D. Johnson, two tracts in Edwards Township.

Stephen Grant Billings to Jeremy Don Billings, two tracts in Traphill Township.

Stephen Grant Billings to Donald Lee Caudle and Jessica G. Caudle, three tracts in Traphill Township.

Jeffrey Paul Duncan and Vanessa K. Duncan to James Logan Call and Kimberly H.  Call, lot 19, Beaumont Woods. Township not listed.

John Hall Jr., Kathy Hall, Joel Hall, Lee Ann Hall and Susan Hall Edmiston to Stony Creek Land LLC, 89.47 acres in Elk Township.

Doug S. Hamby, Angela Renee Hamby, Josh A. Hamby and Stephanie Hamby to Harlos Silvers and Wendy Silvers, tract 13, Hidden Creek Development and right-of-way. Township not listed.

June Pardue Canter, J.W. Canter Jr. (dec.) and Teresa June Canter to Ronald E. Cohn and Grayson Cohn, .09 of an acre in Wilkesboro Township.

Darrell Lee Thacker Jr. and Vicki Lynn Thacker to Robert L. Grant and Kim E. Grant, 10.192 acres and rights-of-way in Jobs Cabin Township.

Donald Eugene Hudson and William James Shover to Horace Randle Wood and Gina R. Wood, 3.700 acres and easements in Traphill Township.

Randy Lynn Henderson to Jamie Ray Walker, tract three, Range Branch, Grandview Development Corp., water rights and easement. Township not listed.

Doe Mountain Estates Property Owners Association to Rodney Burton Phillips, lot 20, phase one, Doe Mountain Estates and easements. Township not listed.

Jane M. Canter to Richard F. Minton Jr. and Ethel Curry Minton, 24.5 acres. Township not listed.

Annie Ruth Sloop, Savannah Perry Souther, Calvin Souther, Cyrus V. Perry, Ramona Perry Kilby and Robert Keith Perry to James Lee Parker, 2.52 acres in North Wilkesboro Township.

James Brown to William Wayne Wyatt and Suzanne Kay Wyatt, land and right-of-way in Mulberry Township.

Rita Frye Helms (exec.), Phyllis Whitney Frye (dec.), Kenneth Helms, Kimberly F. Hunter and Jeffrey Hunter to Kimberly Frye Hunter, 27.52 acres in Walnut Grove Township.

Suncrest Associates LLC to Hometown Impact LLC, 4,901.10-square-feet in North Wilkesboro Township.

James Allan Freeman and Deborah Susan Freeman to Judy E. Foster, 20,469-square-feet in Reddies River Township.

Teria L. Clement and Robert Clement Jr. to Hazel L. Chapman, 2.6 acres in North Wilkesboro Township.

James Logan Call, Kimberly H. Call and Kimberly Michelle Holloway to Joseph Knight and Stephanie Ann Knight, lots 20-21, Sunset Park. Township not listed.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Christopher Scott Bennett, 1.51 acres and easement in Wilkesboro Township.

Betty Jean Carpenter and Louis F. Carpenter to Central Logistics Inc., .45 of an acre in Wilkesboro Township.

Chad E. Spears, Laura K. Spears and Laura K. Reeves to William Seth Miller, 15,000-square-feet in Pine Swamp Township.

Anthony R. Triplett, Wilkes County, Teresa Kay Wingler, Carolyn Wingler Adams and Barney Alvin Adams to Curtis T. Walker and Karen D. Walker, 30 acres in Union Township.

Whitley Rental Properties LLC and David C. Whitley to David C. Whitley, 1.934 acres in Antioch Township.

Jimmie M. Church to Jimmie M. Church, Ricky T. Church and Cynthia Church Brame, two tracts in Reddies River Township.

Sylvia Luffman Pardue to William Key and Glenda Ann Key, 1.665 acres in Edwards Township.

Donald Lee Miller and Kimberly U. Miller to Patrick William Brondos and Beth Renae Brondos, lot six, block one, Ackle Acres. Township not listed.

James William Johnson and Kayla C. Johnson to Ruby Ellis, lots one-three, 13 and part of lots four and 12, Dell Wiles Subdivision. Township not listed.

Betty H. Adams and Barbara H. Murphy to James Wray Murphy Jr., 82 acres in Mulberry Township.

Ourtrust LLC to Steve Evans, lot 20, West Meadow, section one. Township not listed.

Jonathan M. Haynes and Jenny L. Haynes to Kelly Allison and Susan Ashburn, .99 of an acre, rights-of-way and easements in Jobs Cabin Township.

Kenneth Glass to Ralph Clanton, 1.46 acres in Antioch Township.

Sheila H. Vannoy and J. Gary Vannoy to SHV 724 Boone Trail LLC, lots 24-27, block E, revised map of the J.A. Rousseau Development. Township not listed.

Justin C. Church and Leann Church to Derek S. Goddard and Whitney D Goddard, 42.926 acres in Reddies River Township.

Bea Wiles Simmons and Belva Wiles Richardson to Thomas Ray Shores, two tracts in Traphill Township.

Walter Gregory Anderson and Penny Combs Anderson to Danny Joe Johnson and Marilyn Combs Johnson, 1.90 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Ronnie Lee Wiles to Jennifer K. Shumate-Miller and Nathan C. Whitworth, 1.03 acres in Mulberry Township.

Jeffrey V. Salter and Kathryn M. Salter to Nicholas Bailey and Megan Marie Bailey, tract 26, Doe Ridge, phase one and water rights. Township not listed.

Gary B. McWhirter to Donna Darcy and Joseph Adna Harris, .84 of an acre and easement in Union Township.

Robert E. Rizoti and Sue J. Rizoti to Dustin Lee Anderson, two tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Buddy Joe Thomas and Gwendolyn Thomas to Carnivores Compound LLC, two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

Joseph Theodore Thomas to Carnivores Compound LLC, multiple tracts and right-of-way in North Wilkesboro Township.

Holly Jean Edwards to Michael Darin Ellis and Cheri Colleen Ellis, tract 80, Doe Ridge, phase four. Township not listed.

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