The following land and rights of way transfers were filed April 2-5 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Frances E. Childers Bell, Frances Bell and Franklin D. Bell, (dec.) to Donna Bell Smith, 0.42 of an acre, Reddies River Township.

Mary Ann McKee to Gregory L. Stanley, three tracts, Mulberry Township.

Shane F. Brock to CMH Homes Inc., 1.81 acres and right of way, township not listed.

Travis LeFever, Amanda LeFever, Randy LeFever (admr.), Linda Arlene Eller LeFever (dec.), Randy LeFever, Evelyn Lefever,  and Randy A. Lefever (admr.) to Evelyn LeFever and Randy LeFever, 5.25 acres and right of way, Stanton Township.

Leona Sue Sanders and Leona Sanders  to Leona Sue Sanders, Edward Lowe and Julie Lowe, 5.08 acres, Reddies River Township.

Robin Elbe Roten, Robert Roten, Vernon E. Elbe, Richard E. Elbe, Vernon Elbe and Richard Elbe to Robert Edward Elbe, one acre, Reddies River Township.

Robert M. Hayes and Patsy A. Hayes to Ronnie Lyn Hayes, 41.755 acres, Mulberry Township.

Dennis R. Joyce (comr.) and Mary Hayes Golden (dec.) to Donald A. Mullins and Nancy J. Mullins, 1/3 acre, Edwards Toiwnship.

Quentin G. Parker to Calvary Baptist Church, 42.65 acres, Reddies River Township.

Judy Ann Spears Joya and Oscar Joya to Shelby R. Miller, two tracts, Rock Creek Township.

Victor M. Lopez  to J. Jesus Olea-Basilio, Basilio J. Jesus Olea, J. Jesus Olea Basilio and Alicia Chamu Maldonado, part of lots 2,4,6 and 8, Block 65, Trogdon’s Map of North Wilkesboro, township not listed.

Amelia Rowland Nichols (trustee), Amelia Ellen Rowland (trustee), Emily Rowland Roberson (trustee), Emily Ann Rowland (trustee), Testamentary trust under will of Robert Hagan Rowland Sr. dated Aug. 12, 1988, Amelia Rowland Nichols, (exec.),  Amelia Ellen Rowland (exec.), Robert Hagan Rowland Sr. (dec.), Amelia Rowland Nichols, Amelia Ellen Rowland, Gregory Scott Nichols, Emily Rowland Roberson, Emily Ann Rowland, Larry Craig Roberson Jr., Robert Hagan Rowland Jr. (by AIF), Elizabeth Rowland Davis, Elizabeth Pleasant Rowland, Mack Roy Davis II, Amy Rowland Nichols (AIF) and Larry Craig Roberson Jr. to Kenneth S. Rink and Mildred L. Rink, 0.60 of an acre and easement, Reddies River Township.

Mark R. Leake (exec.), Kathleen Everage Gregory (dec.) and Shirley P. Everage to John William Gregory and Letha H. Gregory, one acre, Somers Township.

Joe Earl Rhoades and Virginia Jean Rhoades to Jeffrey Michael Shumate, 1.56 acres, Mulberry Township.

Stephen Edward Garvin Jr., Jaclyn Victoris Garvin, Betty MacFarland Garvin (dec.), and Jaclyn Victoria Garvin to John S. Willardson and Ann P. Willardson, two tracts, Wilkesboro Township.

Tom & Deb Lowe LLC and Lowe  & Bryant LLC to Tom & Deb Lowe LLC, 54.71 acres and right of way, Moravian Falls and Sugar Loaf townships in Wilkes and Alexander counties.

Carrie Cleone Fansler, Karen Dee Butler and Dale Butler to Alden M. Hestikind, lots 28-31 and part of lots 1-4 the Wallace and Deal Estate, township not listed.

Debra J. Drye, Mary L. Jennings (by AIF) and Debra J. Drye (AIF) to Vickie F. Greene, four tracts, Mulberry Township.

James Christopher Yates and Heather C. Yates to Marsha Yates Jennings and Darrell Edward Jennings, 0.74 of an acre and right of way, Reddies River Township.

Leona Sue Sanders, Edward Lowe, Julie Lowe and Leona Sanders to Edward Lowe and Julie Lowe, 5.08 acres, Reddies River Township.

Joseph M. Campbell to Josie J. Case, Lot 3 Shannon Park III, township not listed.

Wendy Friesland  and Wendy F. Roten to William K. Roten, 10.015 acres and right of way, Reddies River Township.

Lona Mae Bullis (by AIF) and Sylvia Mayfield (AIF) to Sylvia Mayfield and Michael Mayfield, two tracts, Boomer Township.

Wade Jones Miller (by AIF) and Kimberly M. Gambill (AIF) to Kimberly M. Gambill, two tracts and easement, Union and Wilkesboro townships.

Linda Katheryn Wilmoth and Linda Kathryn Wilmoth to Randolph A.  Johnson and Naomi C. Johnson, Lot 31 Greenstreet Mountain Resorts RV Park Section I, township not listed.

Anthony M. Collins and Mildred W. Collins to Denise Collins Gambill, land in Edwards Township.

Anthony M. Collins and mildred W. Collins to Mitchell James Collins, land in Edwards Township.

James and Ellagrene Brown Limited Partnership and James N. Brown Gen. Partner to Realty Investment Consultants Inc., 0.62 of an acre, Edwards Township.

Jeffrey S. Ritch and Lane N. Ritch to Jeff S. Wait, Jeffrey S. Wait and Jacqueline L. Wait, two tracts,

Moravian Falls Township.

Robert W. Duncan and Becky F. Duncan to Nathan W. Duncan and Amy Royall Duncan, 13,973 square feet, Wilkesboro Township.

Joseph M. Campbell and Joe Campbell to Dylan G. Paulson, 0.59 of an acre, Wilkesboro Township.

Chad E. Spears, Laura K. Spears, Laura K. Reeves, Chad Spears  and  Laura Kay Spears to William Seth Miller, 15,000 square feet Pine Swamp Township, Ashe County.

Judy Phillips Bare, Raymond Bare, Pamela J. Anderson, Ricky Dean Anderson, Julie S. Johnson, Julie Johnson and Ricky D. Johnson to Julie S. Johnson and Pamela J. Anderson, 1.12 acres, Boomer Township.

Judy Phillips Bare, Raymond Bare, Pamela J. Anderson, Ricky Dean Anderson, Julie S. Johnson, Julie Johnson and Ricky D. Anderson to Judy Phillips Bare, 0.56 of an acre, Boomer Township. 

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