The following land and rights of way transfers were filed Oct. 4-10 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

James Clayton Faw (exec.), Diane Faw Shaw (exec.), Judy D. Faw (exec.), J.C. Faw (dec.) and John M. Logsdon to Nolan Randall Eller and Stephanie S. Eller, lot 67, The Oaks, section three. Township not listed.

James L. Poindexter to Gregory H. Pardue and Ramona T. Pardue, lots one-four, plat book 12, page nine, Traphill Township.

William Scott Martin and Kathy H. Martin to Bruce Cameron Reed and Vivian Sofia Villanueva, 1.003 acres in Edwards Township.

Douglas Ray Stanley and Katrina Dee Stanley to Bruce Cameron Reed and Vivian Sofia Villanueva, 1.003 acres in Edwards Township.

William Salvador Paz Rivas and Raul Rivas (dec.) to Mirna Quintanilla Rivas, lot 22, section B, Westwood Hills. Township not listed.

Gregory Glenn Cardwell and John Benjamin “Jak” Reeves to Tony Johnson, 6.70 acres in North Wilkesboro Township.

Robert F. Long to Robert F Long, Wang Yi Chin and Annie Long, 5.30 acres and right-of-way in Mulberry Township.

Louise Roberts Huffman to Betty Vining and Jason Vining, 2.17 acres in Mulberry Township.

Louise Roberts Huffman to Misty Brown and Billy Brown, lot one, map book 11, page four, Mulberry Township.

Patricia C. Nelson and Jimmy Ray Nelson to Tonya Vestal, 1 acre, easement and right-of-way in Edwards Township.

Doris Ann Smith to Peter Harold Klingsheim and Melissa Ashley Klingsheim, 10 acres in Edwards Township.

Laura Kay Park Dechant and Testamentary Trust under will dated Aug. 13, 1990 to Ronda Renewable Resources LLC, 255 acres in Edwards Township.

Billy Joe Brown to Joseph Sterling Brown, two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

Sharon E. Collins and Jonah F. Collins to Larry Smithey and Darla Smithey, lots seven-nine, T.C. Eller and Opal Eller Estate Division. Township not listed.

Town of Wilkesboro to Larry Baity, lots one-eight, plot number 48, block A, Mountain Park Cemetery. Township not listed.

Lucinda Carl Brown Brown to Brian David Moffitt and Tara Michelle Moffitt, 4.68 acres in Walnut Grove Township.

Max Brian Minton and Kandice W. Minton to Samuel B. Church and Shirley A. Church, 10.28 acres in Wilkesboro Township.

Sallie Simpson to Donnie W. Jessup, 16.52 acres in New Castle Township.

The Carolyn J. Rannacher Revocable Trust and Carolyn J. Rannacher to Jean Paul Mumford and Kristen Mumford, lot 27, Huntington Park II. Township not listed.

Rose Anna Cockerham Bowlin to Rose Anna Cockerham Bowlin and Kevin Mark Bowlin, 30,017-square-feet in Reddies River Township.

Larry B. Sumner and Larry B. Sumner Revocable Trust to Michael H. Everett and Ruth Anne Everett, three tracts in Elk Township.

Tammy M. Desiderio to Jeshua C. Jolly and Lauren G. Jolly, two tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Steven B. Rizoti and Martha R. Rizoti to Steven B. Rizoti, Martha R. Rizoti, Merritt Rhodes Rizoti and Rachel Rizoti, part of lot eight and all lots nine-10, Town and Country Estates, part one. Township not listed.

Buford M. Nichols to Ralph Edgar Minton and Sylvia Ortiz Minton, two tracts and right-of-way in Beaver Creek Township.

Dana R. Burns Jr. and Mary C. Burns to Nhin Van Dang and Nga Thi Ngoc Do, land in Wilkesboro Township. Acreage not listed.

Fred Stikeleather Jr., Dorothy Stikeleather, Jerry Dean Southers and Judy Southers to Alan Wilkie, James Paulie Miller, Judy B. Miller and James Paulie Miller Jr., 5 acres in Walnut Grove Township.

John F. Pieters and Noreen Z. Pieters to Nolan Randall Eller and Stephanie Stamper Eller, lot 66, The Oaks, section three. Township not listed.

Kristal Dellinger (admin.), Betty Ann Church (dec.) and Garrett Lee Dellinger to Amy Michelle Cifaldo, .22 of an acre in North Wilkesboro Township.

William C. Johnson and Kimberly Cox Johnson to Daniel T. Mathis Jr., 2 acres. Township not listed.

Daniel T. Mathis Jr. to William C. Johnson and Kimberly Cox Johnson, 2 acres. Township not listed.

Nancy L. Icenhour to Nancy L. Icenhour, Kathy M. Underwood and Larry W. Underwood, 13.941 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Randy Ray Ledbetter, Karyn Lynn Brooks, Joey Dale Ledbetter and Eleanor Lynne Childress Ledbetter to Joseph Matthew Billings and Ryan Neil Pardue, five tracts in Edwards Township.

Towi A Wi Plantation LLC to Glass Investment Properties LLC, lot 96, Chestnut Mountain Farms. Township not listed.

Wilkes Investment Group Inc. to Patricia L. Purdy and Thomas C. Joines, lot seven, Mountain Dale. Township not listed.

Enno Frank Camenzind III, Kayla Lynn Nix Camenzind and Shirley Camenzind to Jerry Brian Johnson and Christina Fortner Johnson, 1.60 acres in Lovelace Township.

Nancy Hernandez Shatley and Mark Lane Prevette to Amanda K. Caldwell, 4.68 acres in Walnut Grove Township.

John M. Freas and Mary C. Freas Revocable Living Trust, John M. Freas and Mary C. Freas to The Bryan Family Cemetery Trust, .305 of an acre in Traphill Township.

Erick M. Spencer to Bethany Burch, 14.3 acres in Lovelace Township.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Mr. Cooper to Benchmark Properties and Builders LLC, 4.75 acres in New Castle Township.

Eddie Allen Smith and Betty S. Smith to Eddie Allen Smith, Betty S. Smith, Jason Allen Smith and Tina Sue Farmer, 3/4 acre in Mulberry Township.

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