The following land and rights of way transfers were filed June 7-20 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Roger A. Hendren to Scott Austin Hendren, two tracts and right-of-way in Brushy Mountain Township.

Angela Wheeler and Margaret S. Holloway (dec.) to James Daniel (J.D.) Holloway III and Jonathon David Holloway, 25 acres and rights-of-way in Traphill Township.

James H. Wingler and Terri D. Wingler to Larry Ray Cleary and Glenda P. Cleary, lot three, Myers and Smith land. Township not listed.

Amanda Dawn Harrold to Jordan B. Berry and Susan M. Berry, 1.341 acres in Edwards Township.

Pamala Key, Danny Key, Alexis Ponce De Leon, Matthias Ponce De Leon, Walter Linquist, Holly Linquist, Robert Eugene Linquist II and Robert E. Linquist Jr. (dec.) to Oak Level Baptist Church Inc., lot one, Garry Carter Property. Township not listed.

Brian James Evans and Natasha Farrington Evans to Robert Absher and Summer Absher, two tracts in Reddies River Township.

Meredith N.  Wingler, Meredith Wingler Martin and Lee Martin to Levi Barker and Katrina Barker, lots 37-41 and 10-12, G.W. Welborn Property. Township not listed.

John L. Frazier Jr. and Ashley Frazier to Zachary S. Jones, lot one, Quail Hollow Estates. Township not listed.

Kristopher James Bell to Lakyn V. Lovette and Justin S. Burke, 32,964-square-feet in Mulberry Township.

Mary Long Saenger (exec.), Paul Mason Titus (dec.) and Thomas W. Saenger to Michael LeMaster and Ashley LeMaster, 5.622 acres in Jobs Cabin Township.

Jason Howard and Lakyn Howard to Justin C. Holbrook and Constance Adams, proposed lot 53, Beaumont. Township not listed.

Joshua Michael Harrison Mac Roley and Shane Lorene Roley to Bartie Leanne Waddell and  Kristopher James Bell, 4 acres in Somers Township.

Dan Kenneth Collins to Gary John Williams and Tammy Upchurch Williams, lot eight, Bell Mountain, section I and right-of-way. Township not listed.

Devola J. Walsh to Sandra W. Church, Kenneth W. Walsh and Randy B. Walsh, two tracts and right-of-way in Wilkesboro Township.

Timothy E. Romine and Sherry D. Romine to William K. Rhodes III and Tara Leigh Rhodes, 5.33 acres and easements in Moravian Falls Township.

James Robert Carlton Jr., Lisa A. Carlton, Stephanie A. Belvin and Stephanie Absher to Timothy E. Romine and Sherry D. Romine, lots one and two, block six, Ravenwood Addition. Township not listed.

Sidney Edward McGrady and Earlene Williams McGrady to Sidney Edward McGrady, Earlene Williams McGrady and Tina Marie Parsons, five parcels in Traphill Township.

Gregg A. Keistler, Laura H. Keistler, R.A. Keistler and Pat G. Keistler to Alvin Chad Hood and Julie Ann Gossett, two parcels, right-of-way and water rights in Jobs Cabin Township.

Matthew Thomas Smith and Holly Victoria Smith to Reuben Paul Smith, 3.27 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Isaac Dwayne Critcher and Brittany Critcher to Christopher D. Cochran and Lakyn D. Rutledge, lot 24, Pine Brook Place, Section II. Township not listed.

Ronnie Bahnson Swaim and Nancy Ann Laws Swaim to Herbert Miller Haynes and Carol Linda Wagoner Haynes, 17.325 acres in Edwards Township.

James Henry Church and Nelta Shepherd Church to Seth Monroe Church, five parcels and rights-of-way in Rock Creek and Mulberry townships.

River Edge LLC to Thomas Kevin Main, three tracts and rights-of-way in Rock Creek Township.

David Carl Church and Barbara Ann Church (dec.) to David Paul Royal and Sharon L. Royal, 3.04 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Graham Marquis Greene and Nikki Charlene Greene to Alison Snider, 58.723 acres in Edwards Township.

Linda R. Spicer to Jody Wallace Church and Alisa Ratliff Church, lot 161, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, RV Park, section III. Township not listed.

Leslie Marie Fields and Graham Fields to Donny D. Shumate and Sybil Kay Shumate, .69 of an acre in Mulberry Township.

Joe D. Floyd and Bonita H. Floyd to Ervin Stephen Pruitt and Debra Hendren Pruitt, three tracts in Brushy Mountain Township.

James Brown to William Wayne Wyatt and Suzanne Kay Wyatt, correction, 55 acres in Mulberry Township.

Danny Joe Johnson and Marilyn Combs Johnson to Ellen W. Walker and Terry L. Walker, 1.90 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Randy C. Ellis and Rita Williams Ellis to James E. Dyche and Melanie S. Dyche,  two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

John Osborne and Angela Osborne to Patricia L. Blankenship and Gregory D. Blankenship, 1.80 acres in Elk Township.

Robert Steve Passmore and Linda H. Passmore to Dakota Leann Passmore, 2.92 acres and right-of-way in Wilkesboro Township.

Roy L. Kilby and Marlene P. Kilby to Vision Ventures Investments Inc., 24.061 acres and right-of-way in Edwards Township.

Keith Donald Felts (exec.), Mary Catherine Hubert Felts and Donald L. Felts (dec.) to Derrick Wade Howard and Misty Dawn Howard, 3.24 acres in Wilkesboro Township.

Karen McAdams, Howard H. McAdams Jr., Bonnie Champney, Kim B. Champney and Donna Ezzell to Lauren Burchette Moore and Michael Bradley Moore, 12.649 acres in Edwards Township.

Paul Christian Breden and Louise C. Breden to Trathen Grant Greene and Jessica Renee Greene, 2.26 acres in Jobs Cabin Township.

Warren Maurice Whittington and Marilyn H. Whittington to Amanda Wyatt, lots 58-60, Highland Park. Township not listed.

John E. Simms, Geraldine M. Simms, David J. Simms Sr., Deborah A. Simms, Stephen Isaac Simms and Sandra K. Simms to Carrie L. Hutson and Chad W. Hutson, .998 of an acre in Edwards Township.

Jeffrey Lee Roten and Sherri Lynne Roten (dec.) to Teresa S. Carpenter Croft, two tracts in Union Township.

Bonita G. Stewart to Bonita G. Stewart, Sheree S. Sloop and Donald Edward Stewart, numerous lots in Mount Pleasant. Township not listed.

Bonita G. Stewart to Bonita G. Stewart, Sheree S. Sloop and Donald Edward Stewart, 9.415 acres in Stoney Fork Township, Watauga County.

Mark J. Fulk and Debbie Fulk to April Christy Prevette to Bryan Travis Edwards, 717-square-feet in Edwards Township.

Denise A. Collins to Sharon A. Noyes and David C. Noyes, 34 acres in Elk Township.

Denise A. Collins to Sharon A. Noyes and David C. Noyes, 34.71 acres and easements in Elk Township.

Johnnie Shelton Brown and Linda W. Brown to Johnny Scott Brown and Ashley Nicole Brown Royal, lot eight, Little Mountain Acres. Township not listed.

Julianne Smith Hussey (exec.) and Julia Floyd Smith (dec.) to Julianne Smith Hussey, tract 16, Hidden Creek Development, right-of-way and easement. Township not listed.

Barry C. Melton and Barbara M. Melton to Brandon J. Melton and Heather A. Melton, two tracts in Lewis Fork Township.

James Clayton Faw (exec.), Diane Faw Shaw (exec.), Judy D. Shaw (exec.), J.C. Faw (dec.) and John M. Logsdon to Laura B. Wilson and Joseph M. Wilson, lots 57 and 81, The Oaks, section three. Township not listed.

William Paul Grace and Virginia M. Grace to Cheri Lynne Seidenschmidt, lot 57, Doe Ridge, phase two. Township not listed.

Steven Michael Chiuchiolo and Karen Hopper Chiuchiolo to Cheri Lynne Seidenschmidt, tract 82, Doe Ridge, phase four. Township not listed.

John T. Drye, Debbie H. Drye and The Drye Family Revocable Trust to William R. Tucker and Amy E. Brix, part of lot 46, Bell Mountain, section III and right-of-way. Township not listed.

Patricia Miller Combs to Patricia Miller Combs and Pamela Denise Rhodes, lots 59-71, block three, L.G. Watkins and Ruby Watkins property. Township not listed.

Robin B. Poplin and Randy J. Poplin to The Vaughan Family Trust, 2.003 acres in Edwards Township.

Maevonne Cheek and Linda Tucker to Terry Tucker, Ricky Tucker and Linda Roberts, .51 of an acre. Township not listed.

Fernando Manzo-Colin to Maria D. Limon-Limon, lot 19, Walnut Grove. Township not listed.

Anthony Blake Tilley and Amber Tilley to Phyllis M. Baity and Virginia B. Baity, lot 12, Walnut Ridge, section II. Township not listed.

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