The following land and rights of way transfers were filed Nov. 14-21 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Stephen Michael Mauldin and Meredith Mauldin to Steven A. Evans, lot 18, West Meadow, section one. Township not listed.

Richard T. Chatham III and Maricela L. Chatham to William Scott Pharr and Angela Thomas Pharr, 24.63 acres, plat book 12, page 134, Wilkes and Alleghany counties. Township not listed.

Randy Dale Whitley and Sherry B. Whitley to Kai Sadim Moreb, .21 of an acre and right-of-way in Walnut Grove Township.

Tammy Lynn Hall McGlamery, Danny L. McGlamery, Allan Dale Hall, Bessie Diane Hall, Ethel Reanee Brown and Donald Ray Brown to James Roger Marley Sr., lots six-seven, Jones Subdivision. Township not listed.

Juanita P. Church to Anita B. Garris and Scottie A. Garris, three parcels in Edwards Township.

Ray A. Brawley (dec.) and Billie S. Brawley to Bradley Ray Brawley, tract 32, Grindstone Ridge. Township not listed.

Kimberly Minton Lackey, Kimberly M. Higgins and James Michael Lackey to William Charles Dimmette, 1 acre in Mulberry Township.

Ricky Lee Parsons and Kimberly Parsons to Terry R. Hale Jr., 1.93 acres in Lewis Fork Township.

Donald E. Holden Warren and Elizabeth S. Warren to Devin Giovacchini and Gina S. Giovacchini, tract three, Buck Mountain, phase one. Township not listed.

Nancy Jane Weaver to David Preston Collins and Ruth Latta Collins, lot three, Cabin Cove of West Meadows. Township not listed.

Gracie Properties LLC to David Preston Collins and Ruth Latta Collins, lot two, Cabin Cove of West Meadows. Township not listed.

David Rex Carter, Molly Carter and Mickey B. Carter to Mickey Brandon Carter, grant deed 17,322-square-feet in Edwards Township.

Tony Richard Reeves and Judy L. Reeves to Full Gospel Fellowship Church, 25,571-square-feet in Mulberry Township.

Kathy S. Bell to Full Gospel Fellowship Church, 13,710-square-feet in Mulberry Township.

Steven L. Dowell (exec.), Ila Stuart Dowell (dec.), Retha D. Wyatt, Richard E. Wyatt, Bonita D. Jennings, Jeffrey L. Jennings, Rebecca D. Billings and Derek Z. Billings to Steven L. Dowell, lot three, block four, Riverview Acres. Township not listed.

Steven L. Dowell (exec.), Ila Stuart Dowell (dec.), Retha D. Wyatt, Richard E. Wyatt, Bonita D. Jennings, Jeffrey L. Jennings, Rebecca D. Billings and Derek Z. Billings to Erika Marie Adams, lots one-two, block four, Riverview Acres. Township not listed.

Sherry W. Matherly to Steven R. Stewart and Julia D. Stewart, three tracts in Lewis Fork Township.

Yvonne Pardue, Ronnie Wiles and Yvonne Pardue to Ashley D. Blankenship and Ronald D. Blankenship, acreage and township not listed.

Marilynne L. Bailey to Jaime Vargas Castaneda, 15,000-square-feet, right-of-way and septic easement in North Wilkesboro Township.

Jack D. Greer, Betty Jane Greer and Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to MTGLQ Investors LP, lot 61, block three, Irongate. Township not listed.

June Franklin Myers and Shelby J. Myers to Collin Day and Tracy Norris, .94 of an acre in Wilkesboro Township.

Ronald Johnson and Renieta Kay Johnson to Lauren K. Royal, 2.61 acres in Antioch Township.

Annie R. Metcalf, Annie R. Sebastian and Ralph Clee Metcalf to John Sebastian, lots 12 and 13, block C, Grandview Acres. Township not listed.

Bill Johnson and Rebecca Johnson to Jeffrey Clay Johnson, .25 of an acre in Wilkesboro Township.

Frederick L. Benton and Beverly C. Benton to Bennett Ray Anderson, three tracts, rights-of-way and water rights in Union Township.

Benjamin W. Weathers Jr. to Benjiman Watson and Leanna Ferguson, 2 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

James David Casey Miller to Shaun Read, two tracts in Reddies River Township.

Keith Wolfe and Joan M. Wolfe to Josh Hill and Donna Hill, lot seven, block X addition of Laurelwood. Township not listed.

Valeria C. Castellanos and Humberto Castellanos to Crossfire United Methodist Church Inc., .92 of an acre in Moravian Falls Township.

Markus Heinken and Diana Heinken to Brett Jacob Armstrong Kulp and Heidi Kulp, tract 52, Majestic Mountain, phase three. Township not listed.

Don K. Snyder to Marla K. Harter and Joe E. Harter, 1.01 acres in Boomer Township.

Carmen James (admin.), Jimmy Roger Shumate (dec.), Judith Shumate and The Jimmy Roger Shumate Revocable Trust to Judith Shumate, tract 20, Lithia Ridge, phase three. Township not listed.

Susan K. Wood to Donald Ray Johnson and Charlotte Annette Johnson, lot five, section one, Swan Creek Landing. Township not listed.

Russell W. Gambill Jr. and Kristi Lynn Gambill to Russell W. Gambill Sr. and Mary D. Everhardt, 30 acres in Union Township.

William Luffman and Joan Luffman to Jason Bentley, 16.534 acres. Township not listed.

Reba Miller Cannon, James Cannon (dec.) and Pansy Miller (dec.) to Pinalbhai Batukbhai Patel and Parul Pinabhai Patel, lots 73-76, section three, Westwood Hills. Township not listed.

Joseph Zuncich and April Morvil to Steven L. Russell, Elizabeth E. Russell and The Russell Family Revocable Trust, 5.47 acres and right-of-way in Moravian Falls Township.

Emma Jean Carter to Mark Casstevens and Angela Casstevens, lot 70, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, R.V. Park, section I. Township not listed.

Tina Renee Dotter and Fredrick Allan Land (dec.) to Tina Renee Dotter, two parcels in Boomer and Wilkesboro townships.

Cathy Love Pozas to Deborah K. Roberts, 2.541 acres and easement in Somers Township.

C. Ray Malott and Teresa A. Malott to Lloyd P. Eaton and Barbara Stout Eaton, lot 47, phase II, Doe Mountain Estates. Township not listed.

Dewey C. Elledge to Paul Winter Burkett and Linda Lee Burkett, tract five, H.E. Elledge Estate. Township not listed.

George Gillian and Brandy Gillian to Candace Kay Blankenship, 2.21 acres in Edwards Township.

Ellen Treasa Miller to Donna Marie McDonald, .526 of an acre in Wilkesboro Township.

Stephen R. Stanley, Jackie H. Stanley and Stanley Living Trust to Dany Dionne and Cheryl A. Dionne, 3.134 acres in Union Township.

Billy Casey and Mildred Casey to Anthony Casey and Brittany J. Casey, .262 of an acre in Traphill Township.

Anthony  Casey and Brittany J. Casey to Julie Hayes Hayes, two tracts, right-of-way and easement in Traphill Township.

Wanda N. Kabutan to John Casey Conway and Eunice Marie Conway, lot four, East Meadows. Township not listed.

Sheila Renay Adams Shew, Johnny Dale Shew and Dakota Thomas Shew to Daniel Clell James Vanover and Amber Elizabeth Wyatt, two tracts. Township not listed.

Oakwoods Properties LLC to State Employees’ Credit Union, lot seven, Brushy Mountain Business Park and mutual easements. Township not listed.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Oklahoma City, Ok. to Jimmy McGlamery, lots 34-40, Fred Myers, Ray Stroud and J.C. Jenkins Subdivision on the Kyle Property. Township not listed.

American IRA LLC, Entrust Carolina LLC, Larry G. Parker IRA and Larry G. Parker to Jonathan Cody Ratliff, Lincoln Thomas Riley Horner and Layla Elaine Horner, 1.2 acres in Elk Township.

Christopher B. Keener and Crystal B. Keener to Jeffrey Duane Walker and Devin Lyall, lots 18-20, block E, Forest Hills. Township not listed.

Gary David Riddle, Viola Jane Riddle, Amanda Jane Sidden, Brian Charles Sidden, Christy Michelle Lambert and Scotty Clinton Lambert to Chad Anthony Hayes and Rebekah Cantrell Hayes, .144 of an acre in Rock Creek Township.

Rebecca Lowe Mullins, William S. Mullins Jr., Thomas Michael Lowe, Debra S. Lowe, Caney Len Lowe Jr. and Marla A. Lowe to Marcus R. Brown, 4.19 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Isaac Slater Call and Darlene A. Call to Marcus R. Brown, 4.19 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Fred O. Wagoner to Tyson G. Summers and Dana Summers, two tracts in Reddies River Township.

Frank Jesse Cooper (exec.) and Florine Craven Foster (dec.) to Randy Keith Bowlin and Tammy E. Bowlin, two tracts on Plat Book 12, page 186 in Reddies River Township.

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