The following land and rights of way transfers were filed May 17-23 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Vincent Keith Alexander, Ann-Margaret Alexander, James Kevin Alexander and Susan C. Alexander to Jesse Franklin Alexander and Lynn R. Alexander, two tracts, Edwards Township.

Karanai Grace Ravenscroft and Max Douglas Barker to Revival Outreach Center Hillsborough County, Inc., Lot 18 Obed Heights and right of way. Township not listed.

Jerry E. Rhymer and Jean A. Rhymer to Gregory W. Robinson and Michelle D. Robinson, three tracts, Jobs Cabin Township.

Betty White Foster to White Family of North Carolina, LLC, two tracts, Edwards Township.

Garry D. Porter and Cathy G. Porter to Shannon Porter 4.315 acres, Edwards Township.

Danny Ray Call, Douglas Wayne Call, Rita Gail Jarvis, Bobby Jarvis, Ricky Clanton Call, Rebecca “Becky” Moore, Ricky Moore and Brook C. Pearson to Miranda Grace Mahaffey and Jody Kristy Royall 5.82 acres, Lovelace Township.

Mark Edward Blackburn, Robin T. Blackburn and Mark E. Blackburn to Cathy Blackburn Jones and Thomas Edward Jones, 34 acres, Rock Creek Township.

Maria Lowe to Adriana Callente Gonzalez, Lot Four Cherry Grove. Township not listed

MV Boone Properties, LLC to Millers Creek Crossroads, LLC, Lots one-seven H.D. Caudill’s  Subdivision and sewer easement. Township not listed.

Ronnie S. Pardue to Gary W. Pardue, 0.52 of an acre, Edwards Township.

Jonah Milam to Jane Carty Osborne, Lot 11, Tindall Ridge in lieu of foreclosure. Township not listed.

Little Rock Baptist Church, Inc. and  Larry Anderson, trustee to Little Rock Baptist Church, Inc., 9.20 acres, Boomer Township.

Sheila W. Gold and Bill Bryson Harrold, deceased, to Sheila W. Gold, two acres, Rock Creek Township.

Sheila W. Gold and Bill Bryson Harrold, deceased to Sheila W. Gold, three tracts, Rock Creek Township.

Vincent Z. Murray and April M. Murray to Randy S. Deal aqnd Lynn T. Deal, Lot 1123 Canterbury Estates, Section 1. Township not listed.

Edward W. Porter and Judith Barlow Porter to Brian Edward Porter and Wendy Kennedy Porter, Lot 4, Block A, Hunter Hills. Township not listed.

Penny Clark and Michael Clark to Dennis L. Bowman and Greta Bowman,  property in Edwards Township.

Kathy S. Triplett to Martha R. Shew, 1.37 acres, Rock Creek Township.

Martha R. Shew to Kathy S. Triplett, 1.37 acres, Rock Creek Township.

Jacquelyn Kopp Neely and Robert DeLoy Neely to Timothy L. Moose and Lisa K. Moose, 11.341 acres, Traphill Township.

Lisa Duncan to Danielle P. Evans, 1.42 acres, Beaver Creek Township.

Rhonda J. Stein and Christopher J. Woods to Fletcher Merritt Sargent and Carlie Nicole Sargent, two tracts and right of way, Wilkesboro Township.

Angela Hamlet, Darvis Lamar Carlton, Travis Malcolm Carlton, Darvis l. Carlton and Travis M. Carlton to Rebecca Dula, Hugh Parsons, Robert Parsons and Alice Parsons, 30 acres, Boomer Township.

Kevin A. Cain and Heather J. Cain to Timothy C. Byrd and Melissa M. Byrd, Lots 35, 37, 39, 41 , 43, 45, 47, 49 and part of Lots 46, 48 and 50, M.C. Woodie Subdivision, Township

not listed.

Gwendolyn C. Harris, by AIF and Norman Dale Harris, AIF  to Carol J. Gowing, Lots 9 and 10 Holland Woods. Township not listed.

Judy Phillips Bare and Raymond J. Bare to Brian James Bare, 15.08 acres, Boomer Township.

Judy Phillips Bare and Raymond J. Bare to Brian James Bare, two tracts, Boomer  Township.

Katie Dean Anderson Sexton and Ryan Alexander Sexton to Brian James Bare, 5.31 acres and right of way, Boomer Township.

Grant Miller and Leah Miller to Jared Story and Laken Dunlap, Lot 44 Hunter Hills.  Township not listed.

Nancy S. Gambill, deceased, Thomas Gwyn Gambill, executor, Thomas Gwyn Gambill, Kimberly M. Gambill, Scott Gambill and Erin H. Gambill to Grant Robert Miller and Leah Elizabeth Miller, two tracts, Mulberry Township.

Roman George Iwanski and Kathy Marie Iwanski to Jessica Kinnison and Jeffrey Fitzpatrick, Lot 109, Deer Run Phase 6 and right of way. Township not listed.

 Betty B. Satterlee, Johnsie B. Brown and Joseph T. Brown Jr. to Brandy M. Hall,  7.982 acres and right of way, Edwards Township.

Robert Scott Galehouse and Sandra Gentry Galehouse to James Allen Lausch Jr. Lots 127-131, Park Boulevard of the subdivision known as Opportunity Heights. Township not listed.

Tommy L. Bowlin to Bradley I. Meade and Carisa S. Meade, Lot 306 Canterbury Estates, Section Three. Township not listed.

Nancy Carol Sebastian, Susan Sebastian Wood, Christopher Lee Wood, Christopher Andrew Norman Sebastian, Julie Kerley Sebastian, Tammie Sebastian Byrd and Richard Ernest Byrd to Christopher Andrew Norman Sebastian and Julie Kerley Sebastian, 19,279 sq. ft., Rock Creek Township.

Nancy Carol Sebastian, Susan Sebastian Wood, Christopher Wood, Christopher Andrew Norman Sebastian, Julie Kerley Sebastian, Tammie Sebastian Byrd, Richard Ernest Byrd and C. Andrew Norman Sebastian to Tammie Sebastian Byrd and Richard Ernest Byrd,3.85 acres, Rock Creek Township.

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