The following land and rights of way transfers were filed Aug. 17-21 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Emilie Coffey Waddell to Emilie Coffey Waddell and John Morgan, lot two, block M, College Park Development Corporation. Township not listed.

Mark Allen Casstevens and Angela Pettit Casstevens to Alfred S. Lowrance and Nancy N. Lowrance, lot 122, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, RV Park, section III. Township not listed.

James F. Arnold to Keychain Capital Investments LLC, 3.36 acres in Edwards Township.

Robert Allen Lyon and Lillie Mae Watson Lyon to Tracy Lynn Lyon Holloway, 1.003 acres and water rights in Edwards Township.

Nathan Christopher Handy and Lauren Miller Handy to Timothy J. Delorey and Linda H. Delorey, 1.45 acres in Mulberry Township.

Scott J. Nortz and Tammy E. Nortz to Patrick Nichols and Tara Nichols, tracts 24-25, Hidden Cove and water rights. Township not listed.

Dream Big Land LLC to Justin McNeil, 11.471 acres and rights-of-way in Lewis Fork Township.

Richard M. Royall, Janet E. Royall and Richard M. Royall Living Trust to James N. Gregory and Jessica L. Gregory, 4.67 acres in Traphill Township.

John W. Zacharias and Amanda Joy Autrey to Jennifer Church, Justin Church and Myron Howell, lot four, block A, section one, Cricket Park, section one. Township not listed.

Charles R. Briggs (admin.), Carolyn Joy Johnson (dec.) and Vicky Casstevens to Brenda J. Johnson and Jackie C. Phillips, 1.861 acres and easement in Edwards Township.

Janelle Rhoades, Jeffrey C. Rhoades and William Harvey Dowell (dec.) to Lisa Renee Dowell, 37.01 acres in Walnut Grove Township.

Lisa Renee Dowell and William Harvey Dowell (dec.) to Janelle Rhoades, two tracts and rights-of-way in Rock Creek Township.

James M. Frazier and Annie V. Frazier to Joshua T. Brown and Chelsea B. Brown, 3.518 acres in Edwards Township.

David Lee Myers and Shirley Ann Myers to Terry Clayton Greer, 5.92 acres and right-of-way in Mulberry Township.

J. Ottis Swindle Sr. and Anita J. Swindle to William Brice Beyke and Martha Puckett Beyke, two parcels in Jobs Cabin and Stanton townships.

Hobert Allen Yates and Diane Wyatt Yates to Jamie Roberts and Brittany Roberts, 10.12 acres, right-of-way and easement in Wilkesboro Township.

Bobby J. Pennington to John Stinson and Stephanie Stinson, 1.60 acres and right-of-way in Jobs Cabin Township.

Charles R. Blackburn and Ashley Blackburn to Michael Sherman Love and Tasha Combs Love, two tracts in Rock Creek Township.

Jimmy C. Beckwith and Sherry Beckwith to Tulsi B, LLC, two tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Jimmy C. Beckwith and Sherry Beckwith to Tulsi B, LLC, 1.02 acres and easement in North Wilkesboro Township.

James Ray Cox and Imogene W. Cox to Ronald James Prevette and Lesia Cox Prevette, 1.666 acres. Township not listed.

Shady Rest MHP LLC, Steven L. Capamaggio and Linda J. Capamaggio to Twenty One and Main Real Estate Group LLC, three tracts and rights-of-way in Edwards Township.

Daniel Reise, The Paul Cain Living Trust and Paul Cain to Paige Cawley, 1.66 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Nola Ivalee Laws and Wanda Jeanette Osborne to Robert Host and Sharon Host, 6.89 acres in Boomer Township.

Rex A. Pennell and Rebecca Pennell to Nelson Diaz, lots 14 and 16, block 51, Trogdon’s Map of the Town of North Wilkesboro.

Spanish Oak Properties LLC to Eduardo F. Berrios and Katheryne Martinez Aponte, lot three, Meadow Woods and easement. Township not listed.

Kristen B. Patrick to Daniel G. Brooks and Ann P. Brooks, lot one, Ravenwood, section two, block B. Township not listed.

Richard Royall and Janet E. Royall to James R. Parsons and Sherry Parsons, lot 14, Windwood Estate. Township not listed.

Larry Smith and Demeater Smith to Parris Family Trust, two tracts in Beaver Creek Township.

Bruce A. Meredith and Marcia A. Meredith to Christopher M. Reavis and Dina S. Reavis, four tracts and rights-of-way in Traphill Township.

Paul Winter Burkett and Linda Lee Burkett to Charles Samuel Berg and Maxine Ann Berg, 1.08 acres in Lewis Fork Township.

William Curtis Gaskill and Gail Bodenhamer Gaskill to Bruce J. Brodfuhrer and Terri Jo Brodfuhrer, 1.06 acres and rights-of-way in Reddies River Township.

Kenneth J. Holloway to Jennifer Norman, 1.398 acres in Edwards Township.

John Andrew Crone and Cynthia W. Crone to Richard Tarr and Nancy Tarr, 10,005-square-feet in North Wilkesboro Township.

Sondra E. Eller and Steve M. Eller to Foley Cook Jr. and Amanda Stewart Cook, lots 80, 82, 84, 86, 88 and 90, County Home Property and part of lots F and G, W.F. Gaddy Subdivision. Township not listed.

Phillip Edward Lowe to Louis Daniel Slover II and Beth Hines Foster, 5.376 acres and right-of-way in Boomer Township.

George B. Mast and Gayle F. Mast to William Raymond McCullers and Cassandra Lynn McCullers, tract 33 and part of tract 41, Leatherwood Mountains, phase I, section two, right-of-way and trail easement. Township not listed.

Elean Earp to Derek M. Bowers and Samantha G. Bowers, lots one-three, block B, Rambling Woods. Township not listed.

Robert M. Smith and Carlton E. Clayton to David M. LaCorte and Janet LaCorte, 11.478 acres and right-of-way in Elk Township.

Geraldine Caudill Gentry, Lonnie Gentry (dec.) and Richard Gentry to Donna L. Absher, 2.88 acres in Edwards Township.

J. Ottis Swindle Sr. and Anita J. Swindle to Phillip Mark Younts, .52 of an acre in Lewis Fork Township.

Phillip Mark Younts, Ethel Mae Younts, J. Ottis Swindle Sr. and Anita J. Swindle to J. Ottis Swindle Sr. and Anita J. Swindle, .26 of an acre, part of lot 41, plat book nine, page 263 and right-of-way in Lewis Fork Township.

Mulberry Fields Inc. to Evergreen Missions, 17.702 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Stephen T. Cooney and Heather L. Cooney to Brigette Patrice Matheson, lot 37, The Oaks, section two, revised. Township not listed.

James M. Frazier and Annie V. Frazier to Joshua T. Brown and Chelsea B. Brown, 3.518 acres in Reddies River Township.

N.C. Country Land LLC to William J. Phetterplace and Mary A. Phetterplace, lot two, Meadow Farms and easement. Township not listed.

Gregory Scott Jenkins, Jeanne Jenkins, Richard Lee Jenkins and Lori Jenkins to Michael Dwayne Wood and Krissi Kilby Wood, three tracts in Rock Creek Township.

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