The following land and rights of way transfers were filed Dec. 5-12 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Jimmy Bowlin and Patricia A. Bowlin to Jason T. Bowlin and Marci Michelle Bowlin, lot 11, block A, Three Oaks. Township not listed.

Wanda Geraldine Love to Wanda Geraldine Love, Sandra Love Swaringen and Roger Lee Swaringen, 1.039 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Dwight Douglas Lowe (exec.) and Hazel Mae Miller Lowe (dec.) to Gerald Edward Lowe, land in Moravian Falls Township. Acreage not listed.

Geri Keller and Lilo Keller to Donald L. Potter and Christine Potter, 5.14 acres and right-of-way in Moravian Falls Township.

Ruth R. Billings to Larry Dean Blackburn, lots eight-10, map of A.H. Lovette property. Township not listed.

Renee E. Harrison to Shuford Edward Harrison, six tracts in Reddies River Township.

Bryant Edgar Umana and Jolly Kneeland Nicolazzo to Kenneth Umana, 7,061-square-feet in North Wilkesboro Township.

Kini Hamby and Kimberly Hamby to Timothy Davis and Kailee Davis, two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

Ronald Addaman and Linda G. Addaman to Andy S. Woodlief and Crystal S. Woodlief, 45.69 acres and easement in Jobs Cabin Township.

Jenelle Payne McEwin, Charles Kenneth McEwin, Elizabeth P. Payne, Regenia N. Payne, James M. Deal Jr. (exec.), Patricia Ann Payne (dec.) and Patricia Payne Watkins (dec.) to Andy S. Woodlief and Crystal S. Woodlief, 27.47 acres in Jobs Cabin Township.

Donald Ray Ferguson and Wanda Sheets Byers to Wanda Sheets Byers and Floyd Danny Byers, 5.68 acres and easement in Moravian Falls Township.

Edwin Lane Fasanella and Barbara D. Fasanellla to CMH Homes Inc., 4.067 acres in Edwards Township.

Chris L. Shew, Kathy Reagan (exec.), Artie Bell Key Wyatt (dec.), Ellen Darlene Mastin Lane, Dollie Faw Mastin and Tracy Wall to Tumbling Shoals Properties LLC, five tracts in Reddies River Township.

Bobby G. Ray to Josh M. Nixon and Sarah B. Nixon, lot 169, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts. R.V. Park, section III. Township not listed.

David S. Woodall (admin.), Forrest W. Woodall (dec.), Anita Jordan Woodall and Daniel Brian Woodall Jr. to Ricky Donald Current, two tracts and easements in Somers Township.

Timtohy S. Vierheller and Jeannie Lamy Vierheller to Matthew Alley and Kyndal Alley, 30,252-square-feet and water easement in Boomer Township.

State Employees’ Credit Union to SECU*RE Inc., lot 25, Buck Mountain and water easement.

George Gillian and Brandy Gillian to Rodney Allen Wagoner and Kelly Shannon Wagoner, 2.21 acres. Township not listed.

Abernethy Realty, A General Partnership, Terry C. Abernethy, J.W. Abernethy III, Robert C. Abernethy Sr. and James S. Abernethy to Daniel Vernon Jarvis and Amanda Taylor Jarvis, 1,590-square-feet in Wilkesboro Township.

Daniel Vernon Jarvis and Amanda Taylor Jarvis to Antonio Ledesma Herrera and Estela C. Herrera, two tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Johnny Wayne Wagoner Jr. to Timothy Dean Porter II, 2.20 acres and easements in Edwards Township.

Melissa Ann Prevette and Melissa Ann Dillard to  Adam Kramer Livengood and Maggie Prevette Livengood, .93 of an acre in Mulberry Township.

Wilkes Development Company LLC to Shepherd Real Estate LLC, .032 of an acre. Township not listed.

Duane Alfred Church Sr. and Willa Dean Huffman Church to Margie Mathis, 1/4 acre in Reddies River Township.

Grace N. York to Daniel C. Ward and Charlene Y. Ward, lot two, 1 acre, plat book 11, page 473, Reddies River Township.

Hugh Thomas Bitner to April Dawn Cleary, part of lot two, Purlear Pointe. Township not listed.

Billy Dean Hincher and Inez Hincher to Gary Dean Hincher and Michael Edward Hincher, .79 of an acre and easement in Wilkesboro Township.

Johnny Wayne Huffman and Kathy S. Huffman to Diane B. Reynolds, lot four, Fallview. Township not listed.

William Dwayne Somers and Debra G. Somers to Hoyt D.F. Sparks, 3.81 acres in Somers Township.

Roger Dale McCarty and Tammy McCarty to Tommy Lee Bledsoe, Cody Teague and Annie Teague, 3 acres and right-of-way in Walnut Grove Township.

Amy Suzanne Zoffel, Amy Dyer, Carole Brewer Long Testamentary Trust, Carole Brewer Long and James Scott Zoffel to Clifton Marshall Long and Joyce Ann Osborne, two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

R&J Properties Investment & Sales Inc. to Kevin Taylor and Jennifer B. Taylor, lot 39, The Farm section II. Township not listed.

Mitchell D. Page, Dollie W. Page and Family Trust to Mary Bohlen, tract 10, Doe Ridge, phase one. Township not listed.

Jeremy Shane Cheek and Renee Gregory Cheek to Brooke Grey Properties LLC, five tracts and right-of-way in Edwards Township.

Johnny F. Roberts, Ruth Jean Roberts, Charles R. Briggs and John Sanford Roberts (dec.) to Austin Kester, lot two, John S. Roberts plat. Township not listed.

Darren Wayne Staley to Henrietta Miller, 2.13 acres and right-of-way in Reddies River Township.

Charles David Hardison Jr. and Charles David Hardison Jr. Revocable Living Trust to Marian S. Dipietro, 1.74 acres and easement. Township not listed.

Cassandra Kay Dillard, Elizabeth Ann Kilby, Ray Eugene Dillard, Judy R. Smith (admin.) and Sandra R. Dillard (dec.) to Cassandra Kay Dillard, .77 of an acre and rights-of-way in Mulberry Township.

Barbara Jean Harrold to Tommy Ray Harrold and Theresa Rae Harrold Thomas, three parcels and right-of-way in Rock Creek Township.

Check Plus Properties LLC to Kevin G. Houston, 35.31 acres and rights-of-way in Union Township.

Glass Investment Properties LLC to Dennyville Investors LLC, five tracts in Mulberry Township.

Glass Investment Properties LLC to Rajni Patel, Sumitra Patel, Jon Gambill and Heather H. Gambill, two tracts in Mulberry and Union townships.

Rajni Patel, Sumitra Patel, Jon Gambill and Heather Johnson Gambill to CRG Agricultural Properties LLC, 2.10 acres in New Castle Township.

Linda K. Johnson, Joseph G. Johnson, Alan Otto Kilby and Mary Ruth Kilby to Mary Jane Burr, lots 24 and 25 and easement, C.W. Craven Subdivision. Township not listed.

Evelyn Eller and Odell G. Eller to Duke Energy Carolinas LLC, 4.360 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Frank Roger Temple and Evelyn M. Temple to Mathew Scott Linkous, lot 15, Roaring River Farms and right-of-way. Township not listed.

Mary Susan Hughes and William D. Hughes (dec.) to William J. Segret and Teresa A. Segret, tract 39, Hawkrest Subdivision, Leatherwood property. Township not listed.

Barry Lee Pennell, Hattie Virginia Pennell (dec.), Jennifer Kern Pennell, Brenda Pennell Barnes and William Dale Barnes to N.C. Country Land LLC, 32.7 acres in Boomer Township.

Charles Mac Warren and Lisa E. Warren to Jason G. Kennedy and Margaret Kennedy, 16.89 acres and right-of-way in Union Township.

Lloyd Douglas Elder to Stephen L. Day, Lisa S. Johnson Day and Danny Keith Day, .25 of an acre in New Castle Township.

Stephen L. Day, Melody Day, Danny Keith Day, Lisa S. Johnson, Lisa S. Day, Robert Glenn Johnson and Robert S. Johnson to Lloyd Douglas Eller, .25 of an acre in New Castle Township.

Sharon Eller Wyatt to Danny Christopher Wyatt and Melissa Wiles Wyatt, 14,173-square-feet in Reddies River Township.

Lincoln Drew Triplette to Lincoln Drew Triplette and Crystal Michelle Triplette, five tracts and right-of-way in Elk and Reddies River townships.

Jon David Johnston to Eric Schrum and Sherry Schrum, 3.6 acres in Elk Township.

Joe Earl Rhoades and Virginia Jean Rhoades to Diana S. Parrish, 4 acres in Mulberry Township.

Joyce Holbrook and Gary Holbrook (dec.) to Frank H. Mazziotti Jr. and Casey M. Mazziotti, three tracts, Colonial Heights, phase II. Township not listed.

Jeffrey G. Mitchell and Crystal H. Mitchell to Kristen Diana Swaim, lot 14, Gray-Mille. Township not listed.

Beverly Lynn Dixon Nichols to Fredrick Blevins and Dana Blevins, lots one and two, block five, Laurelwood. Township not listed.

Phillip Brian Blankenship and Jessica Current Blankenship to Brinkley C. Jenkins and Ashley L. Yates, lot nine, Rendezvous Meadows and easement. Township not listed.

Unity Missionary Baptist Church, Calvin Lloyd and Bart McGuire to Karen Elizabeth Mays, 4.93 acres in North Wilkesboro Township.

Anthony R. Triplett and Lewis H. Jenkins (dec.) to Mathis Properties LLC, 1.99 acres. Township not listed.

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