The following land and rights of way transfers were filed July 1-9 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office:

CMH Homes Inc. to Sheena S. Vickers, lots 42-56, Forester Park and rights-of-way. Township not listed.

D. Steve Cardwell and Sandra P. Cardwell to Tulsi B LLC, 2.20 acres in North Wilkesboro Township.

Clare L. Swicegood and Johnny N. Swicegood (dec.) to Bradford Leland Gibson and Deborah Lynn Gibson, 10.015 acres, easements and rights-of-way in Jobs Cabin Township.

Gwendolyn C. Harris, India Wyatt (dec.) and Gwen C. Harris to Norman Dale Harris, lots 20-23, block no. 14, Riverside Drive section, T.B. Finley Park addition. Township not listed.

Paula J. Isenhour to Raul Garcia and Salome Garcia, .445 of an acre in Wilkesboro Township.

CMH Homes Inc. to Lorrie Whitley, 1.05 acres, water easement and easement.

Sherman T. Cass and Donnie W. Cass to Duane A. Cass and Jacqueline Cass, 14.839 acres in Somers Township.

Rodigro B. Trujillo and Milagros Trujillo to Brandon Mackert, part of lots 24-25, Berry Mountain Estates. Township not listed.

Pamela L. LaRoche, James Chadwick Revocable Living Trust and James Chadwick to Andrew Lee Becker and Terri Lee Becker, three tracts and easements in Union Township.

Burdette Pulver and Myung Hou Pulver to Andrew Plummer and Vickie Plummer, tract 49, Elk Ridge, phase two, right-of-way and easement. Township not listed.

Christopher Scott Hamblen and Kelli R. Hamblen to Dalton Miller and Sabrina Lambert, part of lot 10, block A, Hickory Grove and easement. Township not listed.

Charles Buster Anderson, Philip A. Glass and Wanda Maxine Cardwell to JMC Rentals LLC, lot two, North Wind Estates. Township not listed.

Charles Warren Plowden and Cheryl Ridenour Plowden to Wendy Hendricks, lot 12, Roaring River Preserve. Township not listed.

Larry R. Bohannon Sr. and Sharon A. Bohannon to Daniel E. Gehl and Marcia J. Holmes, lot 39, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts Inc., residential section, phase I, section II and 45 foot unopened street between lots 38 and 39. Township not listed.

Angela N. Manz, Carolyn W. Hicks Irrevocable Trust and Carolyn W. Hicks to Michael J. Lang and Judith A. Jarzombek-Lang, tract 29, Grindstone Ridge, Grandview Development Corp.

Lima Holdings LLC to Scenic Properties LLC, lots one, three, eight and 18, Oak Gables. Township not listed.

Spicoli Enterprises LLC to Gregory Semones and Alyson Semones, lot 28, section C, Westwood Hills. Township not listed.

Cathy Ann Felts Bumgarner and Garey James Bumgarner to Deanna Lee Bumgarner Lovette, Robert Lee Lovette, James Jason Bumgarner and Michelle Lynn Ellis Bumgarner, three tracts in Mulberry Township.

Tommy Ray Wyatt and Lila V. Wyatt to Sandra Benge, 2.024 acres in Mulberry Township.

Michael Ray Whitley, Chrissie Maske Whitley and Jordan Rae Whitley to Martin Thomas Reddy, two tracts in Rock Creek Township.

Jerry A. Lankford to Jennifer Danielle Lankford Osborne and Edwin Coy Greene Osborne, land in Reddies River Township.

Evelyn Owens Norman, Deborah Lawrence Cornett, Larry A. Cornett and Timothy B. Joines to Evelyn Owens Norman, Deborah Lawrence Cornett and Larry A. Cornett, rerecording of 1307/038, two tracts in Traphill and Edwards townships.

Monte Dean Mitchell and Jennifer Miller Mitchell to Dylan Ernesto Cueto and Marlene I. Cueto, three tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

DKNC Plaza LLC to Sandra Hutchens, 24.31 acres and right-of-way in Wilkesboro Township.

Paul J. Maholtz III and Patricia A. Maholtz to Jeffery Robert Church and Cynthia Lehr, lot seven, High Point at Cove Harbor. Township not listed.

Mark A. Transou and Teresa C. Transou to Radim Denk, 3.062 acres and easement in Edwards Township.

Herbert A. Transou, Mark A. Transou and Teresa C. Transou to Radim Denk, two tracts and easement in Edwards Township.

Bobby R. Faw and Sharon J. Faw to Ryan N. Wagoner, tract three, Lena Alexander heirs subdivision. Township not listed.

Ruth E. Anderson to Stephen A. Vickers Sr. and Shelley A. Vickers, 2.56 acres. Township not listed.

Tina Watson (exec.) and Lloyd E. Triplett (dec.) to Bharatkumar D. Patel, .438 of an acre. Township not listed.

Tina Watson (exec.) and Lloyd E. Triplett (dec.) to Bharatkumar D. Patel, .4 of an acre. Township not listed.

David S. Parsons and Phyllis Ann Parsons to James A. Myers and Mariah Ann Wilson, 3 acres in Boomer Township.

Robert Edward Schultz and Penny Schultz to Melvin L. Davis and Sherry J. Davis, 5.69 acres, rights-of-way and water well easement in Jobs Cabin Township.

Teresa Lee Sheets to Amber Faith Owens, 1.95 acres in Union Township.

Terri Testerman, Larry Testerman and Steven McElveen to Dana L. Summers and Tyson G. Summers, two tracts and rights-of-way in Reddies River Township.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC and M&T Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 5.9 acres in Mulberry Township.

Ashley Lawrence Yates to Matthew Weston Trivette and Jennifer Clay Trivette, 1.32 acres and right-of-way in Reddies River Township.

Peggy Bumgarner Lovette and Walter P. Lovette (dec.) to Cassidy Chance Collins, three tracts in Reddies River Township.

Wanda Rumple Kellner and Martin Joseph Kellner to James Dean Newman, Deborah N. Pierce, Tim Pierce, Zachary Newman and Lauren Newman, 41,001-square-feet in Rock Creek Township.

Wanda Rumple Kellner, Martin Joseph Kellner, James Dean Newman, Deborah N. Pierce, Tim Pierce, Zachary Newman, Lauren Newman, Laura Davis, Zack Davis and Logan Newman to Wanda Rumple Kellner, James Dean Newman, Deborah N. Pierce, Tim Pierce, Zachary Newman, Lauren Newman, Laura Davis, Zack Davis and Logan Newman, 41,001-square-feet in Rock Creek Township.

Cindy H. Popkin-Bradley, Robert Allen Bradley, Gregory Scott Popkin, Victoria Fleming Popkin and Timothy R. Williams, tract two, Reddies Fork and easements. Township not listed.

Ted B. Combs and Doris S. Combs to Keith D. Royal Jr. and Devin B. Royal, 3.91 acres in Rock Creek Township.

John C. Hamrick and Robin Daum-Kowalsi to Bryan D. Nord and Melanie Nord, tract 80, Elk Horn, phase seven. Township not listed.

Tony R. Johnson (exec.), Crystal M. Johnson and Frances Christine Roberts (dec.) to Rebecca E Bennett, 24,484-square-feet in Wilkesboro Township.

Bradley Phillip Cordray and Jessica Michele Cordray to Kimberly Green, .89 of an acre in Reddies River Township.

Jimmy C. Hayes and Brenda H. Hayes to Alfredo Garcia Limon and Amalia Carolina Villatoro, lots one-four, Jimmy C. Hayes and Brenda H. Hayes plat. Township not listed.

Kathy N. Harris, Wade Michael Harris, Sandra N. Lytton, Anna Lou Nichols (dec.) and Amy Harris Bottomley to Lisa Pennell Strickland and Joseph Odell Strickland, .38 of an acre and right-of-way in Edwards Township.

Jan Caldwell Harless, Thomas Michael Caldwell and Deanna Caldwell to Jan Caldwell Harless, .25 of an acre in Boomer Township.

Jan Caldwell Harless to Dakota Anderson, three tracts in Boomer Township.

Deana Renee Smith and Kevin L. Smith to Larry R. Whittington and Frances S. Whittington, .15 of an acre in Stanton Township.

Larry R. Whittington and Frances S. Whittington to Skyler Lee Stanley, 2.49 acres and rights-of-way in Stanton Township.

Thomas Cameron Finley and Tamela O. Finley to Stephen D. Hines and Elizabeth Michelle Hines, lot 30, Miller Crossing, phase II. Township not listed.

Robert L. Mooney to Mabel Elizabeth Hunt, 7 acres in Elk Township.

Darrell J. Lowrance and Gail E. Winebarger to Michael Dean Green and Ann Turner Green, 2 acres, easement and water easement in Mulberry Township.

Joseph M. Wilson and Laura B. Wilson to Charles Barry Bush Jr. and Kimberly B. Bush, three tracts in Wilkesboro, Mulberry and North Wilkesboro townships.

Mildred Lou Burcham to Kaitlyn Marie Watkins and Adam Gabriel Brizendine, two tracts in Edwards Township.

Gregory A Kellum and Sharon L. Kellum to Benjamin J. Mockerman and Emily L. Mockerman, lot 402, block VIII, Lynnwoode Addition, section IV. Township not listed.

Jason Sargood and Chantelle Sargood to Alex J. Stovall and Melanie J. Piper, lot 110, Chestnut Mountain Farms. Township not listed.

David Smith and Wilma Frances Smith to Joseph Wood and Deborah Wood, two tracts in Edwards Township.

Tony D. Sparks and Peggy S. Sparks to Richard Keith Sparks and Traci G. Sparks, 10 acres in Somers Township.

Timothy B. Joines (admin. CTA) and Linda Rea Triplett (dec.) to Sara Triplett Hole and Anthony Dale Hole, lots nine-10, block two, Ravenwood Development. Township not listed.

Walter C. Holloway to John S. Willardson, two tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

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