The following land and rights of way transfers were filed June 28-July 3 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

James William Hayes and Dorothy C. Hayes to Joseph Daniel Pardue and Wanda M. Pardue, three tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Scott Nafe to Jennifer Wood Hamby, two tracts and easement in North Wilkesboro Township.

Phillip Richard Darnell and Nancy Barker-Darnell to Britney Nichole Darnell-Greene and Michael Glenn Greene, 8.321 acres in Edwards Township.

Betty Rash, Danny Rash, Gary Dean Barnes, Kathy Barnes, Terry Lane Barnes and Shannon Barnes to Tiffany Erin Davis, 4.721 acres in Union Township.

James C. Faw and Sandy H. Faw to Scotty Miller, 4.468 acres and right-of-way in Wilkesboro Township.

Town of North Wilkesboro to Joshua Paul  Allen and Michelle Elisha Allen, lot 11, block 35, Trogdon’s Map of North Wilkesboro.

Joe Carter to Michael Lee Pardue, 2.74 acres and right-of-way in New Castle Township.

Estate of Helen Steiger Kellicut, Helen Steiger Kellicut (dec.), Seward Hale Kellicut III and Shanley Howard Kellicut to Seward Hale Kellicut III, three tracts. Township not listed.

CMH Homes Inc. to Kelly Jean Caro, lot three, Cherry Creek Estates and right-of-way. Township not listed.

D.D. Roten and Juanita Roten to James R. Gaither and Karen S. Gaither, 3.50 acres in Union Township.

Daphine McNeil Bauguss and Tonya C. Goss to Roy E. Brannan and Laura Beth Brannan, two tracts in Lewis Fork Township.

Ransom Farley Call and Amanda Foster Call to David Thomas Query, lots 94-97, F.C. Johnson and Rousseau Heirs Subdivision. Township not listed.

Two Eagles & The Vine LLC and Talia Espresso to J&K Holdings NC LLC, lots 10 and 12, block 26, Winston Land & Improvement Co.’s Map of North Wilkesboro.

Michael Steven Roope, Ricky Allen Roope, Marcia Diane Roope Clifton and Chad Clifton to Craig N. Seely and Joan T. Seely, 24-138/160 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Robert D. Wilks and Valerie G. Wilks to Aleta Joy Mitchell, 1.60 acres in Wilkesboro Township.

John D. Turner to John D. Turner and Lila T. Crotwell, lots 14 and 16, block 41, Trogdon’s Map of North Wilkesboro.

Carol Rose Shumate, Heather Lynn Shumate and Marissa Jane Shumate to Ricardo Ramirez, 1.24 acres and rights-of-way in Wilkesboro Township.

WAW Estates II LLC to Wanda N. Kabutan, lot four, Eastmeadows. Township not listed.

Mountain View Cabins Inc. to Kobie’s Mountain View Cabins Inc., tract 43, Elk Ridge, phase two. Township not listed.

Mountain View Cabins Inc. to Kobie’s Mountain View Cabins Inc., tract 30, Elk Horn, phase three. Township not listed.

Joseph Carl Combs (dec.), David Leon Combs (exec.), Betty Combs, Linda Combs Roten, Fred Roten, Robert Allen Combs Jr. and Wendy Combs to Donnie Joe Dyer and Lisa T. Dyer, 18,750-square-feet in Reddies River Township.

Cereda Stokes Johnson, Willis Stokes (dec.) and Raymond Stokes (dec.) to Cereda Stokes Johnson, .25 of an acre in Wilkesboro Township.

Willow Bay Land Management Company LLC to Edward Gary Julick, lot four, Mt. Carmel Estates. Township not listed.

Danny Glenn Money to Brandon Keith Burchette, 4.52 acres in Edwards Township.

James R. Wilson and Patricia B. Wilson to Jennifer E. Schriber, Richard A. Murnock Jr. and Doreen Murnock, lot 38, Bobcat Mountain, phase four. Township not listed.

Alex Robert Schriber to Jennifer E. Schriber, lot 38, Bobcat Mountain, phase four. Township not listed.

Gary A. Wiles to CMH Homes Inc., lot seven, Mulberry Fields. Township not listed.

Lisa W. Barnett to Katelyn M. Todd, lots 85, 87, 89, 91, 93 and 95, County Home Development. Township not listed.

Victoria S. Widener and Allen C. Moseley to Jeffrey M. Church, 25,203-square-feet. Township not listed.

Robert Scott Galehouse (exec.), Judith A. Brown (dec.), Sandra Gentry Galehouse, William Edward Galehouse, Ruby Lee Galehouse, Debbie L. Hunt and Gordon R. Hunt to Alvis Gene Bowers Jr. and Kevin Scott Cockerham, 1.48 acres in Edwards Township.

Randy A. Dillard and Elizabeth D. Dillard to Dwayne K. Souther and Tonya Souther, 2 acres in Mulberry Township.

Linda Ann Taylor and Linda Ann Triplett Bishop to Crystal S. Wagoner and Harvey Gwyn Wagoner Jr., 34.38 acres in Elk Township.

Marlene M. Dillard and Daniel L. Dillard to  Check Plus Properties LLC, 35.31 acres and rights-of-way in Union Township.

Robert Michael Weddington and Jennifer Morse Weddington to Paul Daniel Tate and Lacie Lyon Tate, .38 of an acre in Edwards Township.

James Henry Church, Nelta Shepherd Church, Seth Monroe Church and Carmen James to James Henry Church, Nelta Shepherd Church and Seth Monroe Church, rerecording of WD 1286/022, five parcels, rights-of-way and water easement in Rock Creek and Mulberry townships.

Marjorie A. Caudill and Eric Donald Caudill to Donna Caudill Oakley and Kevin Jerry Caudill, 27,605-square-feet in Rock Creek Township.

Marjorie A. Caudill, Donna Caudill Oakley, Michael Curtis Oakley, Eric Donald Caudill, Mary Beth Caudill and Kevin Jerry Caudill to Marjorie A. Caudill, Donna Caudill Oakley, Eric Donald Caudill and Kevin Jerry Caudill, 27,605-square-feet in Rock Creek Township.

Ronald Dean Shore and Penelope Meacham Shore to Robyn Poliner Johnson, 1.740 acres and easements in Edwards Township.

Alice L. Robson (admin.), Charles E. Robson (dec.), Benjamin Jacob Robson and Luke Brittain Robson to Alice L. Robson, 10.41 acres in Mulberry Township.

Joshua A. Trask and Jennifer L. Trask to Joshua Michael Gilbeau and Taryn Morris, 2 acres, right-of-way and easement in Moravian Falls Township.

Sheila W. Gold and Bill Bryson Harrold (dec.) to David Edwin Gold and Jennifer Alexander Gold, 2 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Gregory J. Brewer (exec.), Lillie B. Brewer (dec.), Lisa D. Brewer, Tonya Alisa Osborne and Joseph Osborne to Mardoqueo Deys Vasquez, lots 22-45, Wm. F. Everhart Subdivision. Township not listed.

Angela Lynn Couch Zachery, Tracey Leigh Couch Hemric, William Stanley Hemric and Virginia Dare Pennington Couch (dec.) to Merle Joseph Couch Jr. and Michelle Watson Couch, 32,234-square-feet in Edwards Township.

Larry G. South and Sheila P. South to Stacy D. Sluyter, 7,108-square-feet in North Wilkesboro Township.

Margaret Moose Landers to Helen Moose, lot 12, Walnut Grove Subdivision.

Double B Investments LLC to Derek Michael Harless and Kimberly Phipps Harless, 5.991 acres in Somers Township.

Robert Sherrill Dunn, June Frye Dunn, Jerry M. Dunn, Anne Dunn Maness and Debra Lynn Maness to Brian Baumgartner and Melissa Baumgartner, 10.013 acres and right-of-way in Union Township.

Dwight Curtis Johnson and Loretta K. Johnson to John Belt, 19.30 acres in Lovelace Township.

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