The following land and rights of way transfers were filed July 10-16 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Kimberly Michelle Lipford, Traci Lipford Thomas, Vickie Denise Dixon and Alease Parsons Lipford (dec.) to Kimberly Michelle Lipford, 5-1/2 acres. Township not listed.

Shanna Rose Bell (exec.), Nella Mae Durham Blackburn (dec.) and Jessie Blackburn (dec.) to Anita Mae Durham Tharpe, 40.776 acres in Edwards Township.

Betty Ann Faw Hartley, Bobby Ray Faw and Sharon J. Faw to Bruce J. Wolfe and Bridget G. Wolfe, lot six, block five, section two, Sherwood Forest. Township not listed.

Curtis L. Ramsey Jr., Curtis L. Ramsey and Jennifer S. Ramsey to Aaron Reid Ellis and Nicole Scher Ellis, part of tract seven, phase one, Dancy Mountain and rights-of-way. Township not listed.

RK5 Holdings LLC to Arthur Joseph O’Brien Jr. and Jennifer Marie O’Brien, new lot 28 recombination plat of lots 27 and 28, Parkway Valley Subdivision. Township not listed.

Edward G. Barnes and Leslie S. Barnes to CMH Homes Inc., 11.57 acres in Boomer Township.

Gary Coston and Rene Coston to Matthew D. McGorty and Daniel M. McGorty, 1.0480 acres in Edwards Township.

Jeffery Glenn Livingston to Kelly Sue Collins, lot six, Pilgrim’s Ridge. Township not listed.

Kelly Sue Collins to Festival Properties LLC, lot six, Pilgrim’s Ridge. Township not listed.

Aubie Neal East Jr. to Tina Leannette Lambert, two tracts in Reddies River Township.

Emily Leann Mockerman, Emily Leann Smithey and Benjamin James Mockerman to Mary Lou Atwood, lots 75-82 and 43, section one, subdivision of A.G. Moretz, Gaither Place. Township not listed.

Grace Dean Clark and Nila Johnston to Trent Reeves and Taylor Souther, two tracts in Reddies River Township.

Perfect Fit Properties LLC to Daniel Furches and Morgan Furches, lot 18, Creekside Place. Township not listed.

Wilkes County to Dale Kennedy, .29 of an acre in Traphill Township.

Salvatore Lucania and Caterina Lucania to Joshua C. Hawes and Christine Cardi, lot three, Regal Oaks. Township not listed.

Jerry G. Capamaggio to Elizabeth King, 1.38 acres in Edwards Township.

Mohegan Real Estate LLC to David Ryan Morlando, tract two division of Lula Hickerson land. Township not listed.

Annette M. Welborn and Edmond Ray Welborn Jr. to Harold Dean Morrison, Jeanette P. Morrison and Christopher Morrison, two tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Terry E. Burgess to Charles R. Schmidt, 7 acres and right-of-way in Traphill Township.

Philip B. McGlamery and Ashleigh McGlamery to Jonathan R. Madden and Denise M. Madden, lots 17-21, 26 and part of lot 16, Shatley Heights. Township not listed.

Philip B. McGlamery and Ashleigh McGlamery to Jonathan R. Madden and Denise M. Madden, 4,084-square-feet in Mulberry Township.

The Stanley Family Trust, Robert W. Stanley and Penta L. Stanley to Carol Ann Jenkins and Carolyn Wendy Davis, tract six, Deer Run, phase I. Township not listed.

Betty Myers Parker to Ina J. Parker, lot 12, block 204, Trogdon’s Map of North Wilkesboro.

Ina J. Parker and Ina Vetra Myers (dec.) to Christopher Howell and Amanda Howell, eight tracts, Trogdon’s Map of North Wilkesboro.

James Clayton Faw (exec.), Sandra H. Faw, Diane Faw Shaw (exec.), George M. Shaw, Judy D. Faw (exec.), J.C. Faw (dec.) and J.C. Faw Restated 2006 Revocable Trust to Winklers Mill LLC, .813 of an acre, part of lot two, plat book 11, page 389. Township not listed.

John David Spicer, Mary C. Spicer and Brenda M. Spicer to Brenda M. Spicer, 1.861 acres in Traphill Township.

Norman Dale Harris to Gwendolyn C. Harris, India Wyatt (dec.) and Norman Dale Harris, lots 20-23, block no. 14, Riverside Drive section of the T.B. Finley Park addition to the Town of North Wilkesboro.

Joshua Todd Brown, Chelsea B. Brown, Edward Eugene Brown and Virginia Dare Brown to Thomas Shore Goforth, lots 15-18, C.M. Elledge Subdivision. Township not listed.

Barbara Ann Parsons to Philip McGlamery and Ashleigh McGlamery, 3.136 acres in Mulberry Township.

Roy L. Sparks and Shirley Sparks to Linvel Sparks and Ella Mae Sparks, 4-1/2 acres in Traphill Township.

Janice G. Ashley and Robert E. Ashley (dec.) to ATHG LLC, .93 of an acre in Wilkesboro Township.

Kay Thompson Carpenter, Clayton H. Carpenter Sr. and Suzzanna C. Thompson to David C. Lewczyk and Kimberly J. Lewczyk, 1 acre and right-of-way in North Wilkesboro Township.

Linda S. Barlow to Adrienne O. Hall, lot 12, block A, Windy Ridge Acres. Township not listed.

Vance M. Stine and Vickie L. Stine to Anton Maurice Robinson, tracts 18-19, phase one, section one, Leatherwood Mountains. Township not listed.

Virginia E. Shores, James Dean Shores, Christine A. Gillespie, Darius W. Wilkins and Jennie Wilkins to James Leonard Johnson, two tracts in Traphill Township.

Freddy Ray Sizemore and Nancy Sizemore to Matthew William Curry, 3.77 acres in Brushy Mountain Township.

Vanessa Kay Adams, Vanessa Kay Mitchell Sparks and Roger Carl Adams to William B. Linville and Tammy J. Linville, 18.818 acres in Edwards Township.

William B. Linville and Tammy J. Linville to Billy E. Hinson and Patsy L. Hinson, 18.818 acres in Edwards Township.

Jeff Youngblood, Robin Youngblood and Jeffrey Herman Youngblood to Mara Islas and Joshua Nathaniel Gunter, lot one, phase one, section I, Greenstreet Mountain Resort. Township not listed.

Cheeks Water Works Inc. to 4 Points of N.C. 6 Inc., 1.676 acres in Reddies River Township.

Cheeks Water Works Inc. to 4 Points of N.C. Inc., .70 of an acre in North Wilkesboro Township.

CMH Homes Inc. to Barbara L. Hanchey, 1.22 acres. Township not listed.

Shrinkik Inc. to Goti LLC, land in Wilkesboro Township.

James C. Bumgarner, Thelma Joan W. Bumgarner and Mike A. Bumgarner to Quincy Monroe Brown Jr. and Shirley Anne Brown, 1-2/5 acre in Stanton Township.

Henry Orszula and Judith Orszula to John Bailey Fowler and Melissa Allen Fowler, 1.18 acres and easement in Stanton Township.

Deborah Elledge and Deborah Elledge Adams to Michelle R. McNeil and Randall J. McNeil, .627 of an acre in Rock Creek Township.

Glenda Renea Hudgins to Darshit N. Patel and Ektaben D. Patel, lot 15, Woodfield Meadows. Township not listed.

Bobby R. Faw and Sharon J. Faw to Michael W. Pruitt and Kayla D. Pruitt, 87 acres in Mulberry Township.

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