The following land and rights of way transfers were filed March 27-April 2 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Alton Dean Phillips to Dina Wilson and Terry Gene Wilson, .154 of an acre in Edwards Township.

Tammy Alberta Laws and Tammy Laws Wyatt to Tammy Laws Wyatt and Ronald Steven Wyatt, 3.5 acres in Edwards Township.

Colin Reilly and Christie Hirsch-Reilly to Brook N. Biddy and Sabrina Anne Biddy, lot 23, Beacon Ridge. Township not listed.

Jacqueline L. Kocar to James E. Brown, 6.48 acres in Boomer Township.

Daniel Mottola and Pamela Mottola to David Woodell and Kim Woodell, lot 77, Buck Mountain, phase six and water easement. Township not listed.

Compass Land and Real Estate Group LLC to David R. Neck and Tara D. Neck, lot eight, Bear Ridge Properties LLC. Township not listed.

Paul Douglas Absher Jr. and Georgia Lynn Absher to Wendy Absher Perry, 1 acre in Reddies River Township.

Richard G. Frost to Diane Beerbower, three tracts, right-of-way and water rights in Traphill Township.

RCMR LLC to Alyssa Cheyenne Richardson, two tracts in Edwards Township.

Maul Dean Williams, Gene Williams, Althea Howell, Ronald Howell, Shirley Carlton, Roy Carlton, Leroy Harris, Carol Harris, Russell Barnes Jr., Patricia Barnes, Gary Barnes, Carol Barnes, Robert Lee Barnes, Robin Barnes, Saretta Redman, Margie McKoy, Dale Barnes, Donna Harper, Stephanie Barnes, Peter Barnes, Rosetta Barnes, Angela Barnes, Arlie Bynum, Eric Bynum, Vincent Barnes, Linda Kay Barnes, Tracy Barnes, Samuel Allen, Hope Smith and Gary Davenport to William J. Hamby, 4.106 acres in Edwards Township.

Richard Holloway and Rickie J. Holloway to Steven J. Bullins and Wendy Bullins, two tracts in Traphill Township.

Spicoli Enterprises LLC to Rachel Carter and Stacy N. Carter, two tracts and water rights in Lovelace Township.

Shauna H. Padgett to Stacey D. St. Edmunds, lot 11, Blairfield. Township not listed.

James Clayton Faw (exec.), Judy D. Faw (exec.), J.C. Faw (dec.), John M. Logsdon and Diane Faw Shaw (exec.) to John Rodney Roselli Jr. and Sharon Greer Roselli, lot 22, Remington Estates, section one. Township not listed.

James Clayton Faw (exec.), Judy D. Faw (exec.), J.C. Faw (dec.), John M. Logsdon and Diane Faw Shaw (exec.) to Paul Brian Miller and Jennifer Rae Rhoades Miller, 3-1/3 acres. Township not listed.

Mary A. Earley to Jorge L. Barahona and Melida Acosta, land in North Wilkesboro Township.

James Clayton Faw (exec.), Diane Faw Shaw (exec.), Judy D. Faw (exec.), J.C. Faw (dec.) and John M. Logsdon to Romeo Mendez Lopez and Juana Del Carmen Santiz Vazquez, 3-3/4 acres. Township not listed.

William Dean Wallace and Florence M. Wallace to Solution Home Buyers LLC, three tracts. Township not listed.

Solution Home Buyers LLC to Graham Clark Wyche and Teresa Carson Wyche, three tracts. Township not listed.

Ryan Millbern and Christina Millbern to Jaime Moore Lane and Christopher Allen Lane, lot 33, The Oaks, section II revised. Township not listed.

Billie Gae Harris Billings, Billie Gae Harris Shumate and Matthew Shumate to Courtney Jenkins and Jacob W. Arnett, 1 acre in Edwards Township.

Linda Wagoner Laws, Sharon Wagoner Lytton, David R. Lytton, Michael Lee Wagoner and Sandra M. Wagoner to Rip Rollins and Donna Rollins, lots 39-42, D.L. Church Subdivision. Township not listed.

Mary Ellen Jennings and Vaughn Edward Jennings Jr. to Wyant Land, Building and Development Co., two tracts and right-of-way in Moravian Falls Township.

Annette Welborn, Edmond Welborn, April Faw and Steven Faw to Patrick Harrold, 1.85 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Judy W. Ashley to Peter G. Daniel, 49.55 acres in Union Township.

Joshua Miller and Jennifer Miller to Mitchell L. Shore, .334 of an acre and easements in Wilkesboro Township.

M. Abigail Ikehara and M. Abigail Ikehara Revocable Trust to James Michael Frazier and Annie V. Frazier, 23.03 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Rose Mary Cheshire to Mary Jane Blankenship, 2.57 acres and rights-of-way in Mulberry Township.

W.T. Stinson LLC to Walter T. Stinson, four tracts in Reddies River Township.

Matthew M. Goodwyn and Heather D. Aldridge Goodwyn to Derrick Johnson and Christian Johnson, lot 24, Remington Estates, section one revised. Township not listed.

James Thomas Cash Jr. and Darlene B. Cash to Gary Milton Synan, tract 61, Buck Mountain, phase five. Township not listed.

Patrick Harrold to Laura McCoy, 1.85 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Bruce Colburn and Nora Sue Colburn to Henry Clay Surber and Kathryn Elizabeth Brown, lot nine and part of lots seven and 11, block 63, Trogdon’s Map of North Wilkesboro.

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