The following land and rights of way transfers were filed July 26-Aug. 1 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Jerry Tilley to Michael Quiroga and Lisa Pierra Tresca, lots 11-12 Ridge Crest Development. Township not listed.

Gene D. Bennett to Peter J. Taylor and Tracy M. Taylor, lots 33-34 Creek Hill Estates. Township not listed.

Derek M. Harless and Kimberly Phipps Harless to Steven Brock Dowell and Amber Dowell, part of lots 23-24, White Oak Ridge. Township not listed.

Beth Ann Tyson and Aaron C. Tyson to William Eller and Corinna Eller, land in Boomer Township.

Jennifer J. Harrold and Flynn Douglas Harrold to Calvin R. Hasty, 4.66 acres in Antioch Township.

William Eric Plampin III, by AIF, Linda P. Holtkamp, by AIF, Linda P. Harwell, by AIF, and Fred Holtkamp to Damon Scott Barron, tracts 74-75 Deer Crossing, Phase 5. Township not listed.

David Clarke Jones to William Martin Crymes Jones and Martin Crymes Jones, three tracts Reddies River Township.

Wesley Thomas Loudermelk to Tabitha Dawn Gambill, lot 242 and part of lot 243, Block II, Section II, Lynnwoode Addition. Township not listed.

Harold Johnson, Melba Johnson, Bryan Johnson, Pamela Johnson and Melba S. Johnson to Double BV Investments, LLC, 43,336 square feet and right of way in Antioch Township.

Michael E. Brown, Brenda Brown, Matthew R. Brown, Jacob Brown, Christie Brown Collins, James Brent Collins and Matthew Brown to Matthew R. Brown, lots 6-7 Brown Family Lands. Township not listed.

Ella Jean Blackburn, admr., Bentley Matthew Blackburn, dec. and Bentley Matthew Blackburn to Ella Jean Blackburn and Jamey C. Thomas, 55 acres in Edwards Township.

Ella Jean Blackburn, admr., Bentley Matthew Blackburn, dec. and Bentley Matthew Blackburn to Ella Jean Blackburn and Jamey C. Thomas, three acres in Edwards Township.

Ithyn Gregory Smith to James L. Kincaid and Cheryl Hall, 6.336 acres plat 12 page 142 Edwards Township.

Bert Lee Hill and Mary Anita Hill to Ann B. Tuttle and Grayson Alan Tuttle, 14 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Chastian Eller Layne and Thomas Matthew Layne to Gerald Michael Shumaker, lots 9-10, Block B, Lebanon Park, flowage easement and right of way. Township not listed.

Casey Barrier to Christina M. Dawson and James W. Dawson, 0.435 of an acre in Traphill Township.

Patricia Miller Combs to Matthew Rhoades, 0.44 of an acre in Rock Creek Township.

Virginia L. Johnson, by AIF, and Darcie C. Thompson, AIF, to Charles F. McNeil and Libbie McNeil, 4.5 acres in Lovelace Township.

Glenn W. Van Cleve to Eric W. Schronce, 2.859 acres in Boomer Township.

Patrick Jeff Patterson and Linda Harless Patterson to Linda Harless Patterson, 8.32 acres in Reddies River Township.

Joseph E. Moulton and Linda Sue Moulton to Elijah C. Wood, 7.94 acres in Job’s Cabin Township.

Charles Levi Carter, Talesa Danyell Carter and Charles Carter to Urbana Bautista Hernandez, 0.56 of an acre in Mulberry and Rock Creek Townships.

Russell F. Ferree and Teresa W. Ferree to Flynn Douglas Harrold and Jennifer Johnson Harrold, 2.471 acres and right of way in Wilkesboro Township.

Jonathan P. Gorich, by AIF, Tracie A. Gorich, AIF and Tracie A. Gorich to Pollye Elizabeth Pruitt, part of lot 4 Block 89 Trogdon’s Map of North Wilkesboro. Township not listed.

Robert Lee Young and Lou A. Young to Timothy Mason Church, Unit 2-J Key City Condominiums. Township not listed.

Eilene Wiles and William Carroll Wiles to William Carroll Wiles, Eilene Wiles, Heather Wiles Cheek and Wesley Carroll Wiles, lot 1, Block 4 C.H. Colvard Map of Mountain View. Township not listed.

Luzetta Ann Dotson to Luzetta Ann Dotson, Cynthia Diane Dotson and Samuel William Dotson III, lot 14 and part of lot 15 Oakwoods Country Club. Township not listed.

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to EXR, LLC, 1.30 acres and right of way in Traphill Township.

Denise E. Blume to Kimberley Ann Redding, 1.685 acres in New Castle Township.

Duane L. Morrow, co-trustee, Sharon A. Morrow, co-trustee and the morrow Living Trust, dated Dec. 12, 2012 to Joyce C. Anderson, lot 33 Quail Hollow Estates Section IV. Township not listed.

Carl E. Nelson and Patricia C. Nelson to Daniel C. Bullers, two tracts and easement in Boomer Township.

Connie Poteat Nicks to David Vance Poteat Jr., two tracts in Somers Township.

David Vance Poteat Jr. to Connie Poteat Nicks, 27.077 acres in New Castle Township.

David Vance Poteat Jr., Connie Poteat Nicks and Mildred R. Poteat, dec. to David Vance Poteat Jr. and Connie Poteat Nicks, 10.50 acres in New Castle Township.

Myers Diary Inc. to Zachary H. Myers and Sybil M. Myers, 0.234 of an acre and easement in New Castle Township.

Patricia Cox Smith, trustee, the Testamentary Trust established by the will of Nellie T. Cox, Helen Mae Cox and Nellie T. Cox, dec., to Patricia Cox Smith, trustee, the Testamentary Trust for the Benefit of Helen Mae Cox established by the will of Nellie T. Cox, Nellie T. Cox, dec. and Helen Mae Cox, 3.2 acres in Edwards Township.

Jennifer A. Miller to Jennifer A. Miller and Eugene Thomas Nicks, 2.709 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Pamela D. Darnell, Pamela D. Whittington, Eric R. Whittington and Homer Hill Whittington, dec. to Pamela D. Darnell, Pamela D. Whittington and Eric R. Whittington, 82/100 of an acre in Reddies River Township.

Myers Diary Inc., Landview Holdings, LLC, Robert Dwayne Myers and Barbara S. Myers to Mathis Properties, LLC, multiple tracts in Wilkes and Yadkin counties.

Ray M. Warren Jr. to Vitalogy Management, LLC, nine tracts in Reddies River and North Wilkesboro townships.

David Nate Whaley to Shawn Whaley and Sarah Whaley, tracts 8-9 Wagon Ridge and right of way. Township not listed.

Thomas Shafter Wyatt, by AIF, and Patricia Martin Wyatt, AIF to Patricia Martin Wyatt, two tracts in Lovelace Township. 

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