The following land and rights of way transfers were filed July 19-25 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Patricia C. Combs, Patricia E. Cockerham, Terry C. Rhodes and James Curtis Rhodes to Darin K. Lassiter and Beverly A. Lassiter, 14.96 acres in Traphill Township.

Isobel Little Johnson to Kathryn Anne Romanish, lot 18, Moravian Plaza. Township not listed.

Pattie J. Farrington to Randal Howard Johnson, 5.77 acres and right-of-way in Stanton Township.

Douglas Ray Hart, Linda Hart, James Franklin Hart, Mary Jo Hart, Ralph Hart (dec.), Freda Mae Higgins and Gary Dean Hart to James Franklin Hart and Jessica Daisey, 4.69 acres in Lewis Fork Township.

Betty Jo Weaver Johnson, Jeffrey Allen Johnson and Emily Carol Quesinberry Johnson to Jake Nathaniel Niten, 0.513 acres in Edwards Township.

Jonathan P. Stamper to Amy Lynn Call, 1.01 acres, boundary survey for Randy Lee and Shirley H. Call and easement. Township not listed.

Chad A. Sprinkle and Susan L. Sprinkle to Douglas Michael Arsenault and Amanda Rae Arsenault, lots 66-67, Meadowland II. Township not listed.

Cyrus G. Mayberry and Linda S. Cowan to Paul Maurice Siceloff and Lynn Love Siceloff, three tracts in Somers Township.

B. Bailey Liipfert III, Cynthia L. Wilhelm, Joshua B. Hincher Irrevocable Support Trust and Joshua B. Hincher to Josh B. Hincher, lot 13, Woodfield Meadows Revised. Township not listed.

Melissa Thomas and Andrew Thomas to Seth Jordan Walters and Leah Jones Walters, lot 59, block E, Irongate. Township not listed.

Kenneth Norris Eller to Raymond Max Eller and Carolyn Eller, .79 of an acre in Lewis Fork Township.

Brandon Donald McNeill and Elisabeth Royal McNeill to Scott J.  Wooten and Janet M. Wooten, lots 49-50, Briar Creek, section V. Township not listed.

Rip R. Rollins, Donna M. Rollins and Joseph M. Campbell to Nicholas Bumgarner and Amber Bauguess, lot one, block A, Rollingwood. Township not listed.

Clifton Hutchison and Margie Hutchison to Edward M. Martin and Vanessa J. Martin, lot 18, Brewer Mill Estates. Township not listed.

Phyllis Ann Blair Rhodes and Thomas Rhodes to Chad Aaron Sprinkle and Susan Lynn Sprinkle, two tracts, right-of-way and easement in Reddies River Township.

Brenda Jane Trivette to Kendra Byrd, three parcels in Mulberry Township.

Charles Brandon Bower and Amber Calhoun Bower to Cassie Lewis, lot 13, block D, Shannon Park, Part II. Township not listed.

Billy J. Smithey and Peggy L. Smithey to Melissa L. Smithey, 1.06 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Roy Gordon Wenger and Elizabeth Renee Wenger to Joshua Benfield, two tracts and right-of-way in Iredell and Wilkes counties. Townships not listed.

Sandra Brewer, Sandra Gale Welborn and Randell Clayton Brewer to Joy Michelle Parker, Joy Michelle Welborn, Jeffrey Todd Parker, Penny Faye Underwood and Drew Forrest Underwood, land in New Castle Township. Acreage not listed.

Angela Dawn Icenhour Guillen to Richard Chad Curry, two tracts in Lewis Fork Township.

Deborah W. Parsons to Carlos U. Harper and Erica S. Harper, 3 acres and right-of-way in Edwards Township.

Martha Culler Watson and Larry P. Watson to Reinaldo Caraballo and Carol Caraballo, lots 204-206, block III, Lynnwoode Addition, section II. Township not listed.

Donald Milton Phillips and Hope B. Phillips to Carney Family Legacy Trust, 39.89 acres in Edwards Township.

Patsy H. Triplett to Barry Paul Triplett, lot 59, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, R.V. Park, section I. Township not listed.

Barry Paul Triplett and Tonya H. Triplett to William Rex Baity, lot 59, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, R.V. Park, section I. Township not listed.

Claude Smith and Helen G. Smith to Dustin K. Smith and Monica R. Smith, lot one, plat 12, page 130, Walnut Grove Township.

Claude Smith and Helen G. Smith to Lonnie J. Hudler and Tabitha S. Hudler, lot two, plat 12, page 139, Walnut Grove Township.

Roger Dale McCarty and Tammy McCarty to Jackie Lambert and Phillip Lambert, lots three-four, River Bend Estates 1. Township not listed.

Janice Cleary Byrd to Logan Allen Byrd, two tracts in Rock Creek Township.

Larry Cleary and Glenda P. Cleary to Impact Collision Inc., 1.44 acre in North Wilkesboro Township.

Royal K. Holland and Judy B. Holland to Royal K. Holland, Judy B. Holland, Melanie H. Walker and Kimberly H. Church, 1 acre in Rock Creek Township.

Mark Casstevens and Angela Casstevens to Pablo D. Marino and Belinda C. Marino, lot 119, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts Inc., R.V. Park, section III. Township not listed.

Christopher Lee Shelton and Robyn Michelle Shelton to Wesley Harrell and Amanda Harrell, lot 116, Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, R.V. Park, section II. Township not listed.

Daniel T. Miller and Jessica Miller to Brandon Lane Lovette, lot 23, section V, Westwood Hills. Township not listed.

Richard Scott Swaim and Elitha Dawn Swaim to Barry Jack Swaim and Linda Adkins Swaim, two tracts in Traphill Township.

James L. Kincaid to Mason Langley and Amanda Jean Carlton, 7.588 acres and easements in Edwards Township.

Troy Nance to Matthew Nance, two parcels and right-of-way in New Castle Township.

Ginger Welch Bentley, Lee C. Bentley and Chad Neil Welch to Donald L. Gentry and Tabatha H. Gentry, .652 of an acre in Rock Creek Township.

Timothy S. Ellis and Sandra L. Cieklinski to Robert Bradley, two tracts in Union Township.

Nancy W. Simpson and Judge Arnold Simpson to Jamie Mitchell Swisher, lot 18, The Sanctuary at Williams Farm. Township not listed.

Vicki Holbrook to Zachary Paull Dixon and Rachel Dixon, lots one-four and part of lot five, block 36, H.C. Landon’s Map of Westover Heights. Township not listed.

Gregg William Rossier and Zhou Yuehong to Jose Acovski and Agnes Acovski, tract one, 100 acres, plat 12, page 59, Boomer Township.

Colena L. Hutchens and Billy E. Hutchens (dec.) to Jerry Huffman, Linda Huffman, Annie Huffman, Opal Hamby and Congo Pentecostal Holiness Church of Wilkesboro, N.C., .45 of an acre in Reddies River Township.

Marjorie C. Norris, Douglas L. Norris and Marjorie C. Norris Living Trust to Mark J. Imbus and Deborah C. Imbus, part of lot 12, Bell Mountain and rigbt-of-way. Township not listed.

Cielo Blue Ridge Inc. and USP Blue Ridge LLC to Benjamin Lee Woodward, tract B recombination plat for Cielo Blue Ridge Inc., Cielo Falls and rights-of-way. Township not listed.

Thomas R. Nist and Nadine P. Nist to Larry R. Bias and Robin L. Bias, part of lot 12, Bell Mountain and easements. Township not listed.

Jason Daniel Brookshire to Dallas B. Welborn, lot two, block B, Sunset Falls. Township not listed.

Terry C. Rhodes, James Curtis Rhodes and Patricia E. Cockerham to Patricia E. Cockerham, 58.3 acres in Traphill Township.

Terry C. Rhodes, James Curtis Rhodes and Patricia E. Cockerham to Terry C. Rhodes and James Curtis Rhodes, 58.3 acres in Traphill Township.

Harold R. Adams and Barbara Adams to Bonita Raquel Marion, .55 of an acre in Rock Creek Township.

Robert Timothy Call, Samantha C. Call and Clara Call to Robert Timothy Call and Clara Call, 18 acres in New Castle Township.

Robert W. Shaver and Thresa A. Shaver to Thresa A. Shaver, Robert W. Shaver and Walter Scott Shaver, 4.99 acres in Union Township.

Robert W. Shaver and Thresa A. Shaver to Thresa A. Shaver, Robert W. Shaver and Walter Scott Shaver, 1.26 acres and right-of-way in Union Township.

Timothy S. Ellis and Sandra L. Cieklinski to Alec Scott Franklin, .71 of an acre and rights-of-way in Rock  Creek Township.

Donnie Lee Blackburn and Robin Blackburn to Eddie Boston Blackburn, 3.3 acres in Edwards Township.

Saundra Hayes to Glen H. Bunker and Mary M. Bunker, two tracts in Reddies River Township.

John Paul Velasco and Angela Velasco to Michael A. Clay and Vicki S. Clay, lot 50, block E, Fox Run. Township not listed.

Annette Elledge, Lisa Wilmoth, Debra Jane Franklin, Ronald Franklin and Barbara Ann Johnson Prevette (dec.) to Roger G. Johnson and Cheryl T. Johnson, 5.08 acres in Walnut Grove Township.

Janice G. Ashley and Robert E. Ashley (dec.) to Tyler Paul Ashley and Easton Paul Ashley, two tracts, rights-of-way and water easement in Wilkesboro Township.

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