The following land and rights of way transfers were filed Feb. 21-27 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Lisa D. Adams to Jessica Blankenship and Phillip Blankenship, three tracts and rights-of-way in Reddies River Township.

Blake Edward Kilby to Blake Edward Kilby, Nonnie Edward Kilby and Renee Mendenhall, 1.678 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Sandra Benge Ramos to Jose J. Ramos, lots 27-28, map book one, page 78, Reddies River Township.

Tommy Harold Call to Dorothy Call Hayes, James Dale Call and Jackie Gwyn Call, lot 16, block A, Windy Ridge Acres, section one. Township not listed.

Lavaughn Church Foster to Leena Gail Goulds, Edwina Delores Woodie and Larry Edward Church, 1.75 acres in Reddies River Township.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Paula J. Isenhour, .445 of an acre in Wilkesboro Township.

Pack’s Siding and Windows Inc. to Alison Greer Pack and Amber Elizabeth Pack, part of lots five-eight, L.B. Myers map of subdivision of the C.W. Craven lands. Township not listed.

Alison Greer Pack, Amber Elizabeth Pack and LaDonna Pack to Coleman T. Godwin, part of lots five-eight, L.B. Myers map of subdivision of the C.W. Craven lands. Township not listed.

Roger D. Eades to Roger D. Eades, Robin M. Eades and Rebecca A. Eades, 1.11 acres in Lovelace Township.

Brian Franklin Holloway and Sarah Buchanan Holloway to Maurice S. Eller and Sharon J. Eller, 2.16 acres and right-of-way in Rock Creek Township.

Bonnie Lynn West McNeil, Benny West and Bradley Steven McNeil Jr. to Jonathan Helms and Samantha Suzanne Helms, 1.40 acres and shared well agreement in Beaver Creek Township.

Charles Mac Warren and Lisa E. Warren to Kyle Michaud, 55.57 acres and right-of-way in Union Township.

Wesley Nichols and Polly Nichols to Michael A. Nichols, .50 of an acre in Reddies River Township.

Erica Leigh Marion to CMH Homes Inc., 3.01 acres and right-of-way in Mulberry Township.

David Ellis Irving Jr., Ramona A. Irving (dec.) and Eleanor Irving (dec.) to Edward Greene, tract two division of Lula Hickerson land. Township not listed.

Heidi Greenhouse to Dockie Spencer Watson Jr. and Lisa Michelle Bryant, tract 28, Dugger Ridge, phase two. Township not listed.

Charles W. Johnson and Barbara L. Johnson to Mary Jeanette Hungerford, lots 17 and 18 and part of lots 16 and 19, T.B. Finley Park Addition.

Rachel Sue Wiles to Loury L. Lester III and Stephanie W. Lester, 4.18 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Hobart Ray Leonard, Rebecca C. Leonard, Hobart Leonard Jr. and Barbara Ann Leonard to Cacoosing Solutions Group LLC, 20.139 acres, easements and rights-of-way in Union Township.

Shelby Honeycutt to Stephen Lindh, 10.03 acres and rights-of-way in Mulberry Township.

Rip Rollins and Donna Rollins to Arturo Lopez Varona and Hope Maythonia Lopez, 4 acres. Township not listed.

Vestula A. White (admin.), Cardinal Jerome Alexander (dec.) and Rex White to Justin L. Bumgarner and Aleshia D. Bumgarner, 29,232-square-feet in Wilkesboro Township.

Donald R. Wyant Jr. to Yadkin Legacy LLC, lots one-three, High Point at Cove Harbor. Township not listed.

The Stacy H. Glass Irrevocable Trust, Stacy H. Glass and Catherine Hill to Ethan R. Parlier, 1.462 acres in Somers Township.

Tarheel Land & Cattle Company LLC to David Fuentes-Morales and Erick Joczan Fuentes-Delgado, .300 of an acre in Edwards Township.

Brenda Egan to William Paul Billings, 5 acres in Traphill Township.

Adrianne S. Darnell and Brian M. Darnell to Austin Bare and Kayla Bare, part of lots 73-78, Maple Hills Development. Township not listed.

Michelle Lee Coleman Burleson and Dion Burleson to Arthur Thacker and Christina Thacker, .46 of an acre and right-of-way in Mulberry Township.

Forrest G. Johnson, Rosa Lou Johnson and Jennifer Lynn Johnson to Casey W. Jensen, lot five, Carter Mountain. Township not listed.

Gary B. Miller to Tammie Lee Young, 1.107 acres. Township not listed.

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