The following land and rights of way transfers were filed Feb. 14-20 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Robert Lee Jones Jr. and Brenda B. Jones to Jessica D. Obney and Kevin N. Obney, tract 19, Pumpkin Ridge and right-of-way. Township not listed.

Bobbie Glass to Thomas Merrit Sargent and Carol Lynn Sargent, 6.21 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Finshire Investment Properties LLC to Brett E. Krenz and Kyrie N. Krenz, lots 16-20, 22, 24 and part of lots 21, 23, 25, block three, T.B. Finley Park Addition to the Town of North Wilkesboro.

Kathy Holbrook Poteate, Kathy H. Bullin and Jeffery D. Poteate to Chase Wood and Lindsey Chase, 8.939 acres in Traphill Township.

Jason Henry Shores and Ola Mae Pruitt to Susie Sidden Pardue, 1.169 acres in Traphill Township.

Tony L. Brewer and Robin D. Brewer to Steve Pearsall and Robin Vine, 4.88 acres and easement in Somers Township.

Michael Holbrook and Lourdes Guadalupe Holbrook to Daryl Richard Hall and Tammy Newman Hall, lot 92, Sutters Ridge. Township not listed.

Mary Gail Nichols Johnson to Terry Matthew Johnson, 1.85 acres in Reddies River Township.

Teresa Bare and Jerry Bare to Terry L. Sherman and Nancy Sherman, lots 16-21 and 118-120, Philmore Rhoades Subdivision. Township not listed.

Derek William Hamby, Ashley G. Hamby, Jodi Hamby Skabo and Christopher P. Skabo to William H. Hamby, 6.3 acres in Boomer Township.

Spanish Oaks Properties LLC to Darin M. Fabiano and Victoria K. Fabiano, lot four, Meadow Woods. Township not listed.

Dale Sidden and Mary Sidden to Dale Sidden, Mary Sidden and Daniel Martin Sidden, four tracts in Walnut Grove Township.

Lindsey Corey Dimmette and Amanda Danielle Dimmette to Randy Allen Roten and Victoria Lovette Roten, .12 of an acre in Mulberry Township.

N.C. Country Land LLC to Ronald D. Johnson, lot six, Meadow Farms. Township not listed.

N.C. Country Land LLC to Tim C. Hilgenstock, lot one, Meadow Farms. Township not listed.

Barry Nelson and Kim Nelson to William Spencer Howell and Gloria Aja Howell, 2.173 acres, rights-of-way and water line easement in Moravian Falls Township.

Ruby Lee Johnson to Dakota Johnson and Angela M. Johnson, 13-3/4 acres in Traphill Township.

Ruby Lee Johnson to Sheila Johnson Cranford and Jamey R. Cranford, three tracts in Traphill Township.

Donald G. Triplett to Susan J. Saunders and Robert G. Saunders, 3.18 acres in Elk Township.

Debra Johnson Evans and Terry Sidden to D and J Goforth Properties LLC, lots one and two, R.H. Shepherd’s Addition to Fairplains. Township not listed.

Dempsey Roger Riddle and April Michelle Riddle to Mary A. Riddle, two tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Lenora J. Quinn and Timothy L. Quinn to Erik M. Lyons and Kaylee Lyons, lot two, Creekside Place. Township not listed.

Keith Johnston and Amanda Johnston to David Luther Yommer and Rhonda Litteral Yommer, tract 92, phase two, section one, Leatherwood Mountains. Township not listed.

Pamela J. Porter and Kimberly D. Lyons to Joshua Perry Kearns and Rachael Ramsey Kearns, 14.55 acres in Brushy Mountain Township.

Jennifer Edwards Ross to Keith W. Johnston and Amanda V. Johnston, tract 17, phase I, section I and tract 95, phase two, section one, Leatherwood Mountains. Township not listed.

DPM Holdings LLC and The Riggs Company to Michael R. Royall and Jennifer B. Royall, lots 18-19, Colonial Heights, phase II. Township not listed.

Jane Y. Pinnix to Abraham Estrada, lots seven-eight, Dale Wood Acres. Township not listed.

Landview Holdings LLC to Maria Aguirre, 1.01 acres in New Castle Township.

Jerry R. Lackey and Janey T. Lackey to Michael R. Cardwell and Jennifer L. Cardwell, 2.554 acres in Wilkesboro Township.

Robert Tilley and Betty Tilley to Anthony Blake Tilley and Amber Tilley, 3.15 acres in Traphill Township.

Dwight Kelly Payne to Michael E. Grose and Justin Scott Grose, four tracts in Beaver Creek Township.

Robert C. Miller and Dale C. Sheets to Robert C. Miller, David A. Miller, Roverta G. Eckstein, Teressa Sue Smith and Amy Lynn Faunce, two tracts in Jobs Cabin and Stony Fork townships, Wilkes and Watauga counties.

Joshua Duncan Rainey to Heather Dawn Benfield, lots six and seven, T.B. Finley Park Addition to the Town of North Wilkesboro.

Rolanda Dawn Mathis to Vincent Christopher Ricci, .63 of an acre in Mulberry Township

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