The following land transfers were filed Sept. 29-Oct. 5 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

• Michael H. Everett and Ruth Anne Everett to JD5RD LLC, tracts 31 and 32 in Elk Horn, Phase 3.

• NC Country Land LLC to Bradley C. Quinn and Ellen A. Quinn, lots 9-10, Dogwood Mountain.

• Emma Jean Hamblin PR and Sadie Miller Jarvis, dec., to Johnny Lee Kilby and Tonya Renee Kilby, land in Mulberry Township.

• Johnny Kilby and Tonya Church Kilby to Jerry Andrew Dodd III and Ingrid R. Dodd, 0.84 acre in Mulberry Township.

• Donna Hager to Amber Brooke Caudill, two tracts in Brushy Mountain Township.

• Joseph Haney and Courtney Haney to Shiloh Casey and Nelson Abraham Barahona, lots 85 and 87, Block 3-A Finley Park, North Wilkesboro Township.

• Randy E. Laws and Tara Laws to Michael R. Griffin, 0.7 acre in Reddies River Township.

• Michael O’Sullivan, Lisa T. Sullivan, Traci Martin, Traci O’Sullivan, Daniel Martin and T. Martin to Colin L. Martin and Leah H. Martin, Lot 11 and part Lot 10 in Roaring River Preserve.

• Michelle D. Billings and Brad S. Billings to Blooming Wildflower Ventures LLC, 1.342 acres in Edwards Township.

• Hinshaw Street Baptist Church of North Wilkesboro Inc., Gregory B. Johnston, exec., and Coleen Fairchild Hayes, dec., to Barbara Ann Parsons, 0.07 acre in Briar Ridge, Section II.

• Keith Edward Watts, Debbie Vickers Watts, Sidney Gordon Vickers and Catherine Kinchloe Vickers to Margaret Beth Rominger, two tracts in Reddies River Township.

• R&J Properties Investment & Sales Inc. to Edward Allen Phillips and Ann Laurence Phillips, Lot 47, The Farm, Section II.

• Dava Wylene Blevins to Nicky S. Blackburn, 0.204 acre undisclosed location.

• Cynthia N. Parrish, Michael Parrish and Paul E. Norman Jr. to Linda M. O’Neill, 13.76 acres in Traphill Township.

• Mark Alan Church to Peggy Church Waller, 15.75 acres in Union Township.

• Ronald A. Johnson and Brenda K. Johnson to Old Homeplace Farms LLC, lots 38-40, Map 2, Oakwoods Country Club.

• Hunting Creek Properties LLC to Jeffery H. Wooten and Amy N. Bowen, 10 acres in Somers Township.

• Susan M. Davis to Shirley Irene Anderson, 1 acre in Stanton Township.

• Shirley Amanda Lowe and Dale P. Lowe to Donald Ray Johnson, 0.9 acre in Reddies River Township.

• Department of Transportation and State of North Carolina to Gary C. Mathis, 0.22 acre undisclosed location.

• William David Mathis, dec., and Sherry Wiles Hudspeth, exec., to Sherry Wiles Hudspeth, 10.36 acres and 10.03 acres in New Castle Township.

• Susan Graham Conway to Susan Graham Conway and Stephen Michael Conway, Lot 8 Lakeshore Landing.

• Penny Lee Lyon and Cynthia Lyn Passmore to Monty Joel Carter and Teresa C. Carter, 1.47 acres in Edwards Township.

• Jacob D. Sanders and Patricia C. Sanders to Robert Watson Babb and Laura Burroughs Babb, lots 1-8 Roby Pierce.

• Terry Brent Grit and Darlene Pruitt Grit to Jason Allen Tharpe and Rebecca Tharpe, 5 acres in Edwards Township.

• Darrell Scott Teeters, Debra Jennings Teeters, Darwin Shane Teeters and Amy Harris Teeters to James Nicholas Davis and Barret Alexander Davis, 1.874 acres in Somers Township.

• Roger Lee Osborne and Teresa Fay Osborne to Ricky Lee Osborne and Nicole M. James, 1.309 acres in Somers Township.

• Roger Lee Osborne and Teresa Fay Osborne to Ricky Lee Osborne, two tracts in Somers Township.

• Rustyduane Properties LLC to Brockport Land Associates LLC, 4,250 sq. ft. in North Wilkesboro Township.

• Timothy B. Moore and Helen Marie Porter to Segundo Hernandez Jr. and Sandra Colon, Unit F Windridge Condominiums.

• David A. Shaak and Suzette D. Shaak to Joan L. Morrison, Lot 3, David A. Shaak and Suzette D. Shaak Subdivision.

• Sandra Ann Miller to Lisa Wilkinson, 2.49 acres in Brushy Mountain Township.

• Betty Grey Ducker, Edward S. Ducker Jr. and Jo Ann Childress to Claude Childress and Jo Ann Childress, 22.4 acres undisclosed location.

• Robert W. Babb and Laura B. Babb to Nicholas J. Laster and Jessica B. Laster, Lot 61, Ravenwood, Section 4.

• River Road Properties Inc. to Tyson Foods Inc., 3.26 acres in Wilkesboro Township.

• Billy Joe Woodie, Jill Minton Woodie, Randy Charles Woodie, Debra Porter Woodie, Patricia Woodie Mazza and Louise Woodie Jolly, dec., to Corinna Eller and William Bradley Eller, two tracts in Boomer Township.

• Timothy Franklin Day, exec., Peggy Pauline Day Creasman, dec., Diana Day, Melody Lynn Rasmussen and Gerald Rasmussen to Scottie D. Piner, two tracts in North Wilkesboro Township.

• Jane H. Treva Neder and Robert G. Neder, dec., to Scott Bauer and Debra Bauer, tracts 12 and 14 in Doe Ridge, Phase 1.

• Stephen William Hampton to John Franklin Miller and Donna Hampton Miller, 27.65 acres in Jobs Cabin Township.

• Jorge Quintal and Paula K. Millers Quintal to Michael T. Rhoades and Kathryn H. Smith, Tract 36, Buck Mountain, Phase 4.

• Marsha Marinn Woodruff, Marinn W. Bledsoe and Christopher Logan Bledsoe to Daniel A. Prevette and Samantha Jane Prevette, Lot 18, Block B, Irongate.

• Charles Alan Absher to Randy Michael Dancy and Roberta Darlene Dancy, 1.7 acres in Rock Creek Township.

• Lorin Motta Sr. and Lorraine C. Motta to Susan Kulick Seitz, Tract 18, Longview Bluff at Majestic Mountain, Phase 1.

• Sheila H. Vaoony to Lance Alan Mastin and Misty H. Mastin, 18,348 sq. ft. in Reddies River Township.

• G. Clarence Joyner, Fonnie C. Joyner, Kevin H. Williams, Sherry Parrish Williams and Nathan T. Williams, dec., to Eric Ian Jahnsen and Kathleen St. Germain Jahnsen, 37.4 acres in Brushy Mountain Township.

• Jamie Benton and Matthew Benton to Clint Johnson and Kelly Johnson, 22,147 sq. ft. in Mulberry Township.

• Salvatore Lucania and Caterina Lucania to Salnur Corp., Lot 17, Brewer Mill Estates.

• Dennis K. Slade and Katherine D. Slade to Dennyville Investors LLC, Lot 151, Sutter’s Ridge.

• Barbara J. Robison to Dennyville Investors LLC, Lot 21, Phase 1, Doe Mountain Estates.

• Juanita W. Laws and Charles P. Laws, dec., to George William Anen Jr. and Donna Jean Anen, 14.58 acres in Boomer Township.

• Beth Worley Bond to Jonathan Thomas Anderson and Nancy T. Anderson, 1 acre in North Wilkesboro Township.

• Mulberry Fields Inc. to Morningstar Fellowship Church, three tracts in Moravian Falls Township.

• Diane May to Morningstar Fellowship Church, 1 acre in Moravian Falls Township.

• James S. May to Morningstar Fellowship Church, two tracts in Moravian Falls Township.

• Equity Trust Co., Sterling Trust, cust., and James Stafford May to Morningstar Fellowship Church, 32.43 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

• Mulberry Fields to Evergreen Missions, 31.224 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

• Mark Church, co-admr., Teresa Church, co-admr., Regina S. Pierce, dec., James Randall Pierce II, Victoria Pierce, Ruth Sloop and James Pierce to Trey Walsh and Jessica Walsh, Lot 36, Section B, Country Club Acres.

• Beroth Oil Co. to Quality Oil Co. LLC, 1.46 acres in undisclosed location.

• Mary Frances M. Willey to Karen D. Simpson, 1.5 acres in Traphill Township.

• Kevin Loflin, Matthew J. Gregory and Allen Wayne York, dec., to Kevin Loflin, Lot 4, Armstrong Acres.

• Mark G. Russell and Jennifer T. Russell to Billie Joyce Shepherd, 0.49 acre in Boomer Township.

• Carolyn B. Wheeling to Constance B. Walsh and Charles Stanley Walsh, lots 53 and 54, Lyman Shepherd Subdivision, C.T. Doughton Tract.

• Constance B. Walsh and Charles Stanley Walsh to Stephen Peters and Kayla Peters, lots 53 and 54, Lyman Shepherd Subdivision, C.T. Doughton Tract.

• Allen M. Nason and Emily H. Nason to Norman F. Manning and Sara E. Tipton, Tract 2 and part Tract 7, revised, Elk Horn Phase 1.

• Vivian F. Hamby and Clarence E. Hamby, dec., to A. Smokie Greene and Annette Greene, two parcels Elk Township.

• Don Stephen Bumgarner and Jeanette W. Bumgarner to Brian David Shook, 4.22 acres Lewis Fork Township.

• John Andrew Hagen and Ryan Johnson Hagen to Nicholas Ryan Jones and Kristy Renee Jones, 4 acres in Union Township.

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