The following land and rights of way transfers were filed July 27-30 at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office.

Romeo Mendez Lopez to Jesus Morales, Jose Alfredo Morales Herrera and Ana M. Morales Herrera, 1.941 acres in Mulberry Township.

George G. Robertson, Mary Ann Robertson (dec.) and David P. Robertson to 385 Connell Road, LLC, tract 119, Buck Mountain, phase eight. Township not listed.

Ronald D. McBride and Christine McBride to Christopher Eugene Farmer, 17.435 acres in Mulberry Township.

Robert G. Greene Jr. and Kenneth Walsh (dec.) to Richard D. Scott and Monica L. Scott, 1.61 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

Wilda Owens Lawrence to Roger Swaim, lots 13-16, block A, West View Heights. Township not listed.

Evelyn Owens Norman, Deborah L. Cornett and Larry A. Cornett to Roger Swaim, lots five-eight, block A, West View Heights. Township not listed.

Tar Heel Buildings LLC to Reno Property Group LLC, .226 of an acre, lot A, plat book 12, page 92 and parking easement area #1 and #2. Township not listed.

The Scripter Family Living Trust, Richard C. Scripter and Lynn E. Scripter to Abraham Isaac Estrada and Dora Lam Estrada, lot 12, block one, Sherwood Forest, section two. Township not listed.

Gary E. McGlamery and Betty McGlamery to Regina Lynn Kilby, .42 of an acre in Reddies River Township.

Richard Claude Caudill and Joan Sheets Caudill to Catherine Goodman, lots 20-21, block A, Mountain View Village. Township not listed.

Ricky Donald Current to Fielding Stocksdale and Courtney Stocksdale, two tracts and easements. Township not listed.

Mark Neely and Laura H. Neely to Karin D. Ladd and Timothy Preston Ladd, 1.317 acres in Edwards Township.

Daniel Todd Warren, Sara Knox Warren, Melissa Brunton, Patrick Brunton, Harry J. Warren Jr. (exec.), Betty Jean Warren and Joyce Warren (dec.) to Michael G. Handy and Carla A. Reins, lots 16-20 and 142-146, section II, Ken Acres. Township not listed.

Jerry L. Cheek and Brenda Cheek to Scott Andrew Nicol and Natasha Camille Nicol, lot 12, Longview Bluffs, phase one at Majestic Mountain. Township not listed.

Roger K. Taylor to Christopher J. Bock and Tiffany M. Bock, 1.999 acres in Traphill Township.

Jonathan G. Barnes and Kayla A. Barnes to Bryce William Pettit, two tracts in Wilkesboro Township.

Ervin G. Carlton and Gloria A. Carlton to Steven Kendrick Horton, 4.111 acres in Boomer Township.

William R. Garrett and Cindy Denise Owens to Johnny Glenn Bare and Brittany Ann Lowrance, lot seven, block two, Laurelwood. Township not listed.

Robert Maxwell Butcher and Emily Beard to Austin Dean Gregory and Hayley Jennings Gregory, 4.3 acres in Mulberry Township.

CMH Homes Inc. to Cory L. Williams and Teresa Williams, acreage and township not listed.

David Summerlin and Kimberly Summerlin to Shawn Walsh, 3.04 acres in Reddies River Township.

Barbara C. McNeil to Dana Nichols, lots 14-16, Greenbriar. Township not listed.

Floyd Eugene Roten and Judy Roten to Ronaldo Perez, Lucrecia Ramirez, Haley Perez and Yaneth Perez, .92 of an acre in North Wilkesboro Township.

Clifton G. Hutchison and Margie Hutchison to Derek D. Hutchison, 15 parcels and rights-of-way in Traphill Township.

Clifton G. Hutchison, Margie Hutchison, Derek D. Hutchison and Ashley Brook Hutchison to Clifton G. Hutchison, Margie Hutchison and Derek D. Hutchison, 15 parcels and rights-of-way in Traphill Township.

Phillip Edwin Fuller Jr. and Darlene Shew Fuller to Charles Keith Hartman and Debra Mullis Hartman, 3.76 acres and reserves water easement in Jobs Cabin Township.

Harold G. Carlton to Arthur J. Hummel III and Sarah A. Dutcher, .548 of an acre in Boomer Township.

Nelda Gentry Church to Lisa Anderson Gentry and Pam Gentry Martin, 17,000-square-feet in Reddies River Township.

Jesse Daniel Anderson to Teresa Ann Hincher, 8.33 acres in Brushy Mountain Township.

Stone Mountain LLC to William F. Lawrence and Gloria C. Lawrence, lot 95, Green Mountain Resorts Inc., phase one, section five and rights-of-way. Township not listed.

Allison M. Blevins to Allison Blevins and Sandra M. Swopes, 3 acres and right-of-way in Wilkesboro Township.

Brittany Laken Inscore to CMH Homes Inc., 1.84 acres, right-of-way and easement in Wilkesboro Township.

William Philip Bell to Jamie Hendrix Childress and Cory Elmo Childress, three tracts and right-of-way in Rock Creek Township.

Mary Ellen Jennings and Vaughn Edward Jennings Jr. (dec.) to Eric Millard Beckler and Sandra Darlene Beckler, 109.31 acres in Moravian Falls Township.

William Franklin Cardwell to Dustin R. Crowley and Logan R. Waddell, lot three, phase 1-C, Woodfield Landing Townhomes. Township not listed.

Kristie A. Seal to Jesse Wayne Walker, two tracts and well/water agreement in Edwards Township.

Shirley B. Bell and Ranford C. Bell, Larry J. Brown Sr., Ethel R. Brown, Linda Brown Wagoner, Paul B. Brown, Kathy H. Brown, Kenneth R. Brown Sr., Deborah Brown, Wayne Odell Brown, Ruth Ann Brown, Jeanette B. Swaringen and Daniel S. Swaringen to Timothy L. Skaggs and Sarah M. Skaggs, lot one, map of the C.B. Jr. and Sylvia Brown Subdivision. Township not listed.

Bobby R. Elledge, Lanelle H. Elledge, James Elledge, Peggy Elledge, Josephine Pardue, April Xayavong, Seng Xayavong, Judy Perkins, James Perkins, Chad Stinston, Anna Stinston and Justin Stinston to William C. Dimmette and Shirley D. Dimmette, two tracts in Mulberry Township.

G. Mark Greene and Nikki C. Greene to Thomas S. Calloway II, Tammy A. Calloway and The Thomas S. Calloway II and Tammy A. Calloway Living Trust, three tracts and easements. Township not listed.

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