Prep theater cast

Some cast members of “Beauty & the Beast” are pictured.

The Wilkes County High School Theatre Department will be presenting “Beauty & the Beast” Friday, May 14, at 7 p.m., Saturday, May 15 and Sunday, May 16 at 2 p.m. The theatre department is sponsored by N.W. Kiwanis Club and Terrific Kids Program. Concessions will be available at the show, and $5 tickets will be sold at the door. Seating is limited and mask must be worn. Ages 5 years and younger get in free. Shows will be at the Stone Family Center for Performing Arts. The department involves students from all five high schools.

Cast: Falon Carlton (Madame Rondeau), Kilee Clark (Isabel), Evan Zelensky (Prince & Greedo), Paige Wells (Captain), Natalie Roberts (Marguerite), Aiden Roope (Beast), Kourtney Maltba (Wolf & Clock), Georgia Gilliam (Old Woman & Graspo), Chloe Price (Painting & Rose Legend), Stella Wolf (Beauty), Gracie Hall (Helen), Kristen Stone (Princess Marika), Nancy Jimenez (Brutes the Dog).

After refusing the hospitality of his castle to an old woman, a selfish prince becomes a true “beast” until someone will love him for himself. Many years later, a poor widow stumbles onto the castle and innocently plucks a forbidden rose. The Beast sentences her to death, but first allows her to return home and bid farewell to her family. There we meet her two unpleasant daughters, Isabel and Marguerite, and her nasty sons-in-law, Greedo and Graspo. They hear her story and think she’s insane. However her third daughter, Beauty, agrees to go to the castle and stay with the Beast if her mother’s life is spared. When Beast kindly permits Beauty to return home briefly, Graspo and Greedo sneak into the castle, hoping to steal a treasure. In a wildly funny and exciting scene, not only do they fight the Beast, they fight the furniture.

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