Home construction permits

Permits from the Wilkes Building Inspections Department show an increase in new single-family (SF) home construction in Wilkes County from Jan. 1 to May 6.

The strong residential construction market in Wilkes County was reflected in data shared at a Wilkes Economic Development Corp. board meeting Friday.

Wilkes EDC Board Chairman Brett Cothren said he collected building permit information from the Wilkes County Building Inspections Department showing permits were issued for 50 new single family residences between Jan. 1 and May 6.

This is for all areas of Wilkes County except North Wilkesboro, which has its own building inspectors. Town officia;s say residential construction also is up there.

Cothren said the 50 permits by May 6 compares to 22 permits for single family dwellings in the same period of 2020 and 27 in the same period of 2019.

Average square footage of the 50 homes through May 6 is 2,010. It averaged 2,260 for the same period last year and 1,902 for that period in 2019.

The Wilkes Building Inspections Department issued permits for six modular homes by May 6 this year, compared to five for the same period in 2020 and none for that period in 2019.

Comments were made in the meeting about the remarkably high cost of building materials and about the fact that this doesn’t seem to be slowing construction.

County government officials say an increase in septic system permits reflects a similar trend in new home construction.

Comments were also made about lending rates remaining low, but with indications of higher rates.

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