This is in response to a recent letter in the Wilkes Journal-Patriot with opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine based on misinformation and untruths. Such opinions amaze me. Instead of following science, they follow conspiracy theories and ignorance.

The Pfizer vaccine received full FDA approval and other companies like Moderna applied and will soon likely receive the same. Instead of taking the shots, some people are lining up for monoclonal antibodies and Remdisivir, which are still in the experimental stage and not approved by the FDA. Çan you say hypocrite?

It is my business when I ask if you have been vaccinated because I know how far I have to be from you to stay safe or if have to mask up. The HIPAA law only deals with health information released without knowledge of the patient and not a question from one person to another.

No one is forcing you to get the vaccine. It’s just a recommendation in the middle of a pandemic where the vaccine has been proven to work to keep you from getting seriously ill or dying.

The incentives, not bribes, that were rolled out were for people with vaccine ‘hesitancy,” which is now vaccine refusal. It’s a shame that only 38% of our county has been vaccinated when the shot is free and can save lives. To those who refuse the shot, hope you make it.


Millers Creek, N.C.

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