Per the dropping off of unwanted cats and dogs addressed in a recent letter to the editor, I am in great sympathy. Someone dropped off a kitten at my house in early June. It looked like a baby red fox and was trying to get into my chicken pen. When I live trapped it, I realized it was a kitten. I did not need another animal but I kept it inside in a crate and let my dogs and the cat get to know each other.

This story turned out well. The cat is growing and healthy and the dogs are being schooled by him, Peabody. I call him “PB” because he is an orange tabby the color of peanut butter.

Not all stories turn out so well. Although I live in a private community, someone last year killed my feist dog, David, in front of my house and in front of his brother, Arthur. No one has come forward.


Purlear, N.C.

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