This letter is a response to the letter in the Jan. 27 issue, “Trump ‘lit match’ for incident at the Capitol.”

I find it interesting that while Democrats, some Republicans and the mainstream media continue to play the game of blaming former President Trump in regards to the Capitol breach (caused by a fringe element, not peaceful protestors), no one addresses the obvious question: Why was the Capitol virtually unguarded and a mob of agitators able to break into it with no resistance from Capitol police?

We have since learned from exiting Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund that House and Senate security officials rejected multiple requests to call on the National Guard for assistance. In an interview published in The Washington Post, Sund stated that in days leading up to the Capitol breach, his request to have D.C. National Guard be put on standby was denied six times. The Capitol Police is overseen by the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. Now we are getting closer to the truth of where much of the blame is to be laid.

In addition to this, the FBI had been monitoring the activity of the mob that broke into the Capitol and knew about it days before it happened. Both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had been briefed. It appears they did nothing with the information they were given. Before former President Trump ever gave a speech, these people were planning to invade the Capitol. This pretty much debunks the myth that the former president's speech incited all this. Pelosi and McConnell have shifted the blame on former President Trump because it shifts the blame away from them. They were both negligent and greatly responsible for the way the riot played out on Jan. 6.

It’s simply not true that the former president routinely lied, ran his administration like a reality show, that Trump rallies were violent. It’s also not true that most people know the election was legitimate. Those who accuse the former president of disrespect are themselves most disrespectful, and most inaccurate as well. Want to talk about lies? For years, mainstream media perpetuated the Russian Collusion Hoax for the sole purpose of discrediting the president. There was no truth to any of it. It was entirely fabricated. They haven’t had the integrity to recall these lies. That’s why mainstream journalism is dead in America.

The Trump administration accomplished many great things: hundreds of miles of border wall to protect our country, tax cuts benefitting the majority of taxpayers and cutting the corporate tax rate, thus creating millions of jobs and priming the pump of the economy.

The Dow Jones went from 18,000 to 30,000 during the Trump administration, he brought peace in the Middle East through the Abraham Accords and several other Arab Nations with Israel. He was a champion for life and unborn children. These are just some of his accomplishments.

Not everyone agrees that most people think the election was legitimate. Polls show a large percentage of Republicans and some Democrats believe there was fraudulent activity with the election.

The impeachment farce is over. Former President Trump is now a private citizen of the U.S. It’s time to stop playing the blame game. Instead, it’s time to focus on the Biden administration and what it is doing to help America.


Wilkesboro, N.C.

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