In regard to Dave Wolfe’s letter (June 17 issue, “Dems have no achievements”), I must say that to have such a poor opinion of Kathyrn Charles and the Democratic Party of Wilkes, he offers little to no validation. Furthermore, Mr. Wolfe himself created an article riddled with inaccuracies by stating, “This nation had been on the leading edge of race relations until we had eight years of the great divider, President Obama.” He wrongly states, “To say that we have an epidemic of systemic racism is laughable.”

Not only has the United States lagged behind other free, first world nations,  it has consistently fallen under none other than current President Trump.

In truth, the U.S. is more comparable to third world nations than leading the cause as Mr. Wolfe would have you to believe. This is best shown by what is widely considered a conservative publication, The Economist, in its annual Democracy Index. The Economist shows the U.S far behind nations such as Uruguay, Costa Rica, Portugal, Chile, and Mauritius in overall democracy score.

However, the U.S. falls much farther when only considering civil liberties which, likely to Mr. Wolfe’s surprise, includes systemic racism.

The U.S. is behind nations like Estonia, Botswana, Cyprus and Colombia and is tied with Argentina and Brazil.

Would Mr. Wolfe like to reconsider his biased, uninformed rhetoric? I, for one, believe we should demand better than a leader who has left our levels of civil freedoms/liberties to that of third world nations in Latin America and Africa. But, how can we expect better when Fox News would not be able to tell Mr. Wolfe where or if these nations exist?


Wilkesboro, N.C.

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