Trump shouldn’t be blamed for Capitol attack

Steve Moree’s argument in his letter to the editor (“Responsibility for attack on U.S. Capitol,” Jan. 13) saying the attack on the Capitol was birthed by President Trump is laughable.

If the mainstream news media would actually play President Trump’s actual speech (which they won’t, so much for honesty and accuracy in journalism), Mr. Moree and other people would know that nowhere in that speech did President Trump encourage violence, but instead a peaceful protest. All of his rallies are peaceful by all accounts.

While it is true that there was a fringe mob that broke the law and was violent, which was wrong, this was condemned by the president. It’s wrong for Mr. Moree, the press, Democrats and some Republicans to accuse him of somehow instigating and encouraging the actions of this group.

Where was the FBI, which was warned a day ahead that this group would cause problems at the Capitol? How did these people manage to get into the Capitol by forced entry with virtually no resistance from Capitol Police with someone recording the whole thing on a camera? Sounds a little fishy to me.

As for Mr. Moree’s comment, “No Donald, nobody cheated you out of the election, eighty-one million Americans voted you out.” There were eye witnesses at the polls who signed sworn affidavits about fraudulent activity and were ignored and not given their day in court. So much for democracy and fairness.

In the end, who is to blame and who are the insurrectionists? The mainstream media is much to blame for reasons already mentioned and more. It created rancor and frustration among the American people, as did the Democratic Party by creating falsehoods and lies and never retracting them.

While Mr. Moree has fallen into the distraction and trap of “Hate Trump Mongers,” America is burning. This is much bigger than the president. It is a message sent to the American people by Washington insiders that if you dare to vote for a person who is not one of them and put him/her in office, they will destroy him/her and put you, the American people, in your place.


Wilkesboro, N.C.

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