During the pandemic, we have become aware of how nurses, doctors and other workers in hospitals are working long hours and exposing themselves to the danger of COVID-19.  We honor these people and call them heroes.

There are other employees who need to be recognized for their work at this time. In this group are employees in the restaurant and fast food businesses. They are essential workers who are putting themselves at risk. At what used to be full-service restaurants they are carrying food out to customers who may not be masked.

These days, we seem to love fast food more than ever. The vehicles in the drive-through lane circle around the whole building and venture into the street. At the drive-through lane, the worker is encountering customers in open air, but they often are not masked, and the distance involved is not 6 feet.  These employees deserve some recognition, more than a smile and “thank you.”

At some restaurants, if you prepay, you can ask that a tip be put onto the bill. At fast food places, you can give a dollar or two to the employee. If you have enough money to buy a restaurant or fast food meal, then you have enough money to tip these employees. Let’s all show our common humanity.  Tip that food service worker.


Laurel Springs, N.C.

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