On behalf of the family and friends of our fallen hero, State Trooper Samuel Bullard, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who showed their support during this most difficult time. We have seen and felt God’s love in many ways through the actions of businesses, organizations, families and individuals who have provided us support in many ways - prayers, flowers, food, time and money to name a few.

To all those who were there along the funeral procession, our hearts were touched as we passed by. We noticed the various ways you paid tribute to our beloved Samuel with prayers, flags, banners and salutes, by standing in attention and by sitting still and sadly watching us pass by. There were bows on fences, some folks waving, some shedding tears. Your world paused for a moment in time as you paid your respects. Several sat on their silent lawn mowers as we passed by. To all the folks who could not be there, we felt God’s love through your thoughts and prayers.

To our extended family — our N.C. State troopers and all the affiliated organizations — words could never adequately express what your support means to us. You told us that we’re now part of your family and, by your actions, we believe. How can we ever show you our heartfelt gratitude? Love, care and respect were evident in every action and word spoken at the memorial service. The caisson, the 21-gun salute, the helicopter fly by and the final radio transmission were all such a befitting tribute to our hero. Even the horses in the caisson seemed to know and we were truly touched. Troopers from practically every state took time to travel here to show their respects. Thank you, Wilkes Community College, for making the memorial service possible by hosting it.

Special thanks to all who serve and protect from Wilkes, Yadkin and Surry counties as we see your actions go above and beyond. This includes the North Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro and other police departments; Wilkes, Surry and Yadkin county sheriff’s offices; Yadkin County Jail employees; prosecution team; and all EMS/first responders, firefighters and U.S. Postal Service employees in Wilkes, Surry and Yadkin. Again, words can never describe the difference you made during such a devastating time in our lives. You responded in various ways with each demonstrating an outpouring of love and respect.  It was inspiring as we saw you turn out for the procession in your vehicles with the flags flying proudly.  It gave us the strength to find hope during an otherwise hopeless time.  

Though our world seemed darker after Samuel’s passing, we must all find the courage to shine our light a little brighter. Samuel would want that. May we walk in the light of the Lord to inspire others with the life we live then spend eternity with our brothers and sisters in Christ as Samuel is.

Thank you again for shining the light in our community to give us the strength we need to shine ours a little brighter.





Wilkes County, N.C.

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