Stealing signs is effort to deny rights

Someone stole the Biden-Harris sign out of my yard. My dog barked and when my husband went out on the porch to see who was coming, there was a car with its headlights pointed at the sign at the end of our driveway. The car left quickly. I went out to check and sure enough the sign was gone.

This was not a singular incident. Biden-Harris signs disappeared all over our county. Wilkes Democratic Party Chairman Kathryn Charles filed a police report after the theft of numerous signs was brought to her attention. She was told that there wasn’t much the police could do about it, unless someone is caught in the act and a license plate number is obtained.

Many of our neighbors, people we like and respect, have Trump signs. As a teacher, I taught many of their children and grandchildren. My husband has remodeled the homes and repaired appliances belonging to some of them. Our neighbors are there for us when we need anything. They are people we are proud to know. They would not take our signs.

We have the right to support the candidates of our choice in an election. No one has the right to tell anyone how they should think. Stealing signs is an effort to steal our words, our opinions, our freedom of speech. No one should support that. To whoever took my sign, it would be very nice to have it back.


McGrady, N.C.

Wilkes County is missing a great opportunity

During this pandemic, most folks are a bit afraid to fly. So, what are they doing? They’re making shorter, drivable trips and spending their money closer to home. Wilkes County is seeing the benefit of this transition and should for the foreseeable future. Wilkes County rental properties are seeing lots of folks coming to enjoy the beauty of our region.

But we are missing out on so much more! As our surrounding counties utilize their countywide occupancy taxes to fund their marketing programs, Wilkes County is stuck with only funding coming from Wilkesboro hotels. These taxes are paid by visitors who come to our community and rent cabins, homes and hotels rooms for vacations. You pay these taxes when you travel to other areas. These are taxes that will help our community compete for travelers and their dollars. These are taxes that will increase employment opportunities and grow our economy. They come from outside our county.

If the Wilkes County commissioners would pass a countywide tax of 6% and the Town of Wilkesboro would increase its tax to 6%, the revenues available to compete with the other counties in our area would more than triple. That would give us three times the funding to grow our travel industry and it would not cost our citizens one penny. Please reach out to our county commissioners and let them know that you support a countywide occupancy tax to help us grow and compete with our neighboring counties.

Dale L. Isom, president, Spectrum Hospitality Management,

Wilkesboro, N.C.

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