A letter to the editor in the April 7 issue (“Now is time to act and pray for nation”) argued that President Biden and his administration caused more strife and division. I disagree. I need only recall my time at App State during the 2016 election to know that strife and division didn’t start with Biden. I can remember a group of college students walking the campus at night and writing, “privilege is an excuse for minorities’ failures” and “Trump 2016.”

One of my favorite lines is “privilege is not having to think about it.” I spend a lot of time thinking. Lately, I’ve been thinking about a man who used a racial slur in front of me to express his frustration with having to work with Hispanics. The current administration doesn’t acknowledge experiences like this out of hate, but rather that we may try to be better for ourselves and our country.

I am haunted by scenes of children being dropped from a border wall and kids crossing alone. There is no correct answer, but the solutions need to be rooted in compassion. I do believe we need to protect our country, but we can’t lose our humanity in the process. If we have the means and the capability to do so, we should help in whatever way we can.

We can also do our part by continuing social distancing practices and encouraging each other to get vaccinated for COVID-19. 
Bringing our country together, as it was said, does depend on actions of citizens. We must make compassionate choices in our response to our borders and to undocumented immigrants. Our actions should include calling out white supremacy and racism and dismantling the very things that continue them.


North Wilkesboro, N.C.

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