For years, when I taught school, I wondered silently if newly elected school board members were taken somewhere and previously determined in some way, so that when they met as a board, they just echoed whatever the central office staff wanted, whether it made sense or not.

Our county has never understood why if Yadkin, Surry and other surrounding counties called off school for snow, the night before it was expected so parents could plan, Wilkes waited until the next morning to do so. Fast forward to this virus now and they’re at it again.

Everyone is scared. No one wants a sick adult or child, but we have to make common sense decisions. Parents need some type of order to deal with school schedules and employers need to know what to plan on. This present action isn’t any help for anyone. Who thinks up this stuff?

My personal decision would be to hold virtual classes until October, skip the 180-day rule (required days of instruction), get rid of testing and actually teach subject matter for a change.

Since that isn’t happening, what makes the second most sense to do is AA remote BB. Why in the name of common sense does AB remote AB or AB, AB remote make any sense? That puts more cleaning into play and the students would do far better with two straight days of teaching, than to spread it out. Again, what do I know, having been in education for about 40 years.

We have some very good people in the central office who want the best for the students, but we also have some who should have retired years ago, when they couldn’t cut it in the classroom. How many people making these decisions in the central office actually have children of their own? These decisions smack of childless people thinking they know what’s best for children. That does make a difference. Sensible decisions should be made and the AB, AB stinks. I loved teaching, but am so glad I am no longer teaching or have children in the system.

The public elected the school board and they are responsible to the public, not the superintendent. Think!


North Wilkesboro, N.C.

EDITOR’S NOTE: “AA remote BB” means having roughly half (Group A) of a school’s students in classrooms on Mondays and Tuesdays, the other half (Group B) in classrooms on Thursdays and Fridays and both groups learning remotely on Wednesdays. “AB remote AB” is the plan the Wilkes schools are using.  It means having Groups A and B rotating between classroom learning and remote learning each day, but never both in classrooms on the same day. “AB, AB remote” is both groups alternating between remote and classroom learning the first four days of the week and all using remote learning on Fridays.

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