The 9/11 attacks were from a foreign, anti-American group that fostered hatred for America, Americans and our way of life. The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was birthed by a self-centered, egotistical individual who lives in his own reality show. The president of the United States incited this attack on our country. Divorced from the real world, he created such rhetoric as alternate facts, fake news and fraudulent elections. These careless, reckless and untruthful phrases fanned the flames which burned out of control on Jan. 6 and threatened democracy.

However, there is responsibility on the shoulders of those who fostered Trump’s unchecked self-centeredness. Those who consistently defended his actions are responsible. They share in the broken windows, the ransacking of the U.S. Capitol, and yes, even the bloodshed and needless deaths of five individuals.

Politicians who said that he had learned his lesson must face the reality that he did not, and that they could have changed this sad ending.

No Donald, nobody cheated you out of the election. Eighty-one million Americans voted you out of office. Or, in words you might better understand, “You're fired!”

If these comments provoke more anger than the activities of this Trump-motivated mob, perhaps it’s time for some self-reflection. Have you lost your moral compass? Have you consumed so much of the “Kool Aid” that you justify any action?

I hope that everyone who reads this won’t read it through the lens of a Republican or Democrat, but as an American.


Wilkesboro, N.C.

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