Thank you, Rotary Club of North Wilkesboro, for making our teens feel loved this Christmas.

The holiday season can be a challenge for some. Instead of sugarplums dancing in their heads, children who have faced abuse and neglect have haunting memories they are working to overcome. That’s the case for the teens who live at the Templeton and Kulynch Cottages at Children’s Hope Alliance in North Wilkesboro.

Fortunately, the greater Wilkesboro community has rallied behind the foster children in the community to help create positive holiday memories.

The North Wilkesboro Rotary Club recently held a Christmas party for these children at First United Methodist Church of North Wilkesboro, including those living at Children’s Hope Alliance.

As someone who has worked many years for an agency that serves children and families, one of the most amazing things about the evening was the sense of acceptance each and every one of the teens from our group homes felt.

Because of circumstances outside of their control, these youths sometimes don’t look particularly friendly, or approachable, but that didn’t stop the wonderful people in this community.

Led by Rotary Club President Teresa Minton, a group of volunteers served a delicious meal, provided fun activities and gave these kids a chance to see and experience the true spirit of the holidays.

I was especially impressed when the Rotarians quickly gathered a gift together for one of our teen boys who had just moved into our group homes that very day. Not wanting him to leave empty-handed, the volunteers made sure he felt their love and acceptance. Thank you to everyone who made our teens feel welcome.



chief development officer,

Children’s Hope Alliance,

Barium Springs, N.C.

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