This is written in response to the letter in the Jan. 27 edition with the headline, “No rights for unborn under Biden administration,” concerning abortion and the rights of LGBTQ, transgender and people of color.

According to results of a study released last year, the Global Gag rule increased abortion rates by 40% rather than reducing them because the funding ban reduced contraception. I don’t understand why anyone would be upset by a foundation based on reproductive health, education and prevention. I also don't understand why people can be so opposed to abortion but say nothing about stem cell research. If you, or someone you love, has ever been vaccinated for chicken pox, rubella or Hepatitis A and some other vaccines, you may want to research how those vaccines came about.

If my 13-year-old child is raped and becomes pregnant, it isn't anyone's concern if her life should change and be ruined even further by becoming a mother or give up a child at that age. Not everyone believes “that is God's Will,” nor do we have to because someone else does. If people are pro-choice, it doesn’t mean they are cheerleaders for abortion.

No one chooses their pigmentation or the fact that they could actually die simply from “fitting the description.” People die at the hands of others who are never brought to justice. And it’s nothing new. I find it almost comical that that the majority of people up in arms about so many racial issues went to mostly all-white high schools, live in mostly white areas and are members of predominately all-white churches with no diversity in their lives whatsoever.

Reach out to others who are nothing like you. God made them, too. You may surprise yourself. The Bible, translated and picked apart as it may be, wasn't written by a bunch of white pilgrims.

It’s fine to have opinions and thoughts, but not when they intrude on the rights of others. Before people voice opinions that intrude on the rights of others, they should first seek out those they don't understand and listen to them, to their experiences and life stories.

No one chooses their sexual preference. If one is concerned about what happens in someone else's bedroom, who has the real issue here? If my daughter falls in love with a woman, why is that a thorn in someone else's side? Why do I march in gay pride parades? Because, if heterosexual rights were in danger, I would also march to fight for equal rights for them. A cop was beaten to death at the Capitol. Where is the outrage? A temper tantrum because their candidate lost. Certainly, not protests about equality and human rights.

I am a very passionate person about the rights of every creature on this Earth and will not silence myself in fear of not being liked by the majority opinion. My intent is to educate and open some hearts and minds, not argue. And like everyone else, I have a lot to learn.


Wilkesboro, N.C.

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